Episode 231: DH 34 Revisit – We’re All Just Stardust

The time has come for Harry to die but his last moments are not wasted. From passing the torch, to reflecting over his years at Hogwarts, to being surrounded by the fallen he loves most, he does not face his final foe alone. Join hosts Beth, Katy, Michael and guest host Sherry, as they shed some tears over “The Forest Again,” chapter 34 of Deathly Hallows.

Episode 229: HBP 11 Revisit – Hermione Does Not Approve

It’s the day of the Quidditch tryouts, but despite all of the excitement in the air, even breakfast isn’t fun anymore as Voldemort quietly returns to power. Don’t worry, though! Hermione’s got everything covered. Join hosts Alison, Beth, Michael and guest host Rita, as they get some much needed assistance from “Hermione’s Helping Hand,” chapter 11 of Half-Blood Prince.

Episode 225: PoA 10 Revisit – They Don’t Make Them Like This at Hogwarts

Broken broomsticks, Maps, parchment, secret passages, and secrets abound as Harry leaves the safety of Hogwarts Castle behind for an afternoon in Hogsmeade. Join hosts Kat, Kristen, and Alison, with MuggleNet staffer Katy as they “solemnly swear” they they are up to no good and descend down the one-eyed witch’s hump in chapter 10 of Prisoner of Azkaban, “The Marauder’s Map.”