Episode 105 – OotP 27: Bottom of the Well

Come and lay down in the Forbidden Forest for a lesson in divination podcasting. Join hosts Michael, Kat, and Kristen from Hogwarts Radio as they discuss Chapter 27 of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, “The Centaur and The Sneak” with very special guest host, author of the Divergent series, Veronica Roth.

On Episode 105 we discuss…

→ Episode 104 Recap: Social vs. Academic Intelligence; Banned Books & Potter; The piercing stare; A horrible bias; Waste of the Emma Thompson
→ PQOTW Responses
→ Malleable Destiny
→ Mars is bright tonight – again!
→ Patronus personalities
→ A brand new theory?
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  • Snatch The Snitch

    I always assumed that extremely powerful wizards like Voldemort and Dumbledore could do some spells without a wand. Wandless magic certainly exists, but specifically with younger wizards. We see countless examples of this in the books: before Harry knew he was a wizard, Ariana Dumbledore, Lily Potter playing with the flower, Snape apparently making a branch fall and hit Petunia, and I’m sure there are others. Most interesting is the case with Voldemort. When Dumbledore visits him as a child, Riddle explains he can make animals do what he wants them to, and can make people hurt. To me, this seems like pretty focused and controlled magic to be performing without a wand.

    There are some other forms of magic that could be classified as wandless. For one, when a wizard turns into their animagus form it is seemingly at will. Black wouldn’t have been able to escape Azkaban if he needed a wand to transform. When dealing with “Old Magic” like Lily’s protection of Harry and some other older laws Dumbledore mentions, there doesn’t seem to be need for a wand. How about Voldemort being able to fly and wizards being able to apparate? Also, what about creatures like house elves and goblins? They seem to use strong magic without wands. I think Griphook mentions somewhere that goblins are angry with wizards for not sharing their knowledge of wandlore.

    Here’s a quotation from Rowling at An Evening with Harry, Carrie and Garp(August 1st 2006). “I’ve been asked what would happen if a Muggle picked up a magic wand in my world. And the answer would probably be something accidental … possibly quite violent. Because a wand, in my world, is merely a vehicle — a vessel for what lies inside the person.”

    Based on this info, I think it’s safe to assume that a wand is just a tool for focusing, controlling and perfecting magic. Without a wand, wizards obviously still have magical abilities and capabilities. Thats not to say wands don’t have magical abilities and it is solely a wizard; afterall, they choose the wizard, they can change alliegance, and Harry’s wand protected him from Voldemort without Harry having any knowledge as to why. I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility that Dumbledore and Voldemort experimented with wandless magic and were able to become somewhat proficient. They did discover things about magic no others have!!!

    • RoseLumos

      I don’t have anything to add to this conversation except that I was at the Evening with Harry, Carrie, and Garp and it was literally the greatest moment of my life. JKR and I were in the same room (well, it was a very large theater and I was in the nosebleed seats)! Also, Stephen King was there too, so that was amazing.

      • SpinnersEnd

        Stephen King is my second fave (after JKR, of course). And if you haven’t read The Dark Tower Cycle, then you need to.

      • Snatch The Snitch

        I am indeed jealous

    • This is perfection. I have another question to pose to you. You speak of wandless magic… but what about non verbal magic? What are your thoughts on that?

      • Snatch The Snitch

        I agree with everything said in the books about nonverbal magic. We do see it a bunch of times thoughout the series starting in book one, although nothing really significant until book six. A couple of interesting things though: Hagrid seems to be able to use it (conjuring a fire and pig tail in SS) despite being expelled in his 3rd year, and, In OotP, Pomfrey says that Hermione might have been killed if Dolohov wasn’t silenced when casting his jinx at the Ministry. So it’s possible a spell loses it potency when it is nonverbal (this might depend on how powerful the caster is). I also believe most wizards can use basic spells nonverbally, but only very skilled ones can use their repertoire of spells nonverbally.

  • Snatch The Snitch

    Also, I’m glad to hear Veronica’s fav is HBP! There are too few of us.

  • Elvis Gaunt

    Why did Dumbledore not knock Marietta out too. She has already proved herself to be untrustworthy and he let her be privy to his conversation with Professor McGonagall, especially since he let out some important information like Kingsley was on their side.

    • Snatch The Snitch

      He would never harm one of his students. Not even Draco when Dumbledore knew he was trying to kill him. Didn’t Dumbledore also tell Umbridge to get her hands of Marietta when she was trying to get more info out of her?

      • Elvis Gaunt

        Well then, why talk about Kingsley to McGonagall in front of her.

        • Snatch The Snitch

          Not sure. Maybe he figured she could have her memory modified again

        • nikigryff

          Dumbledore always sees the best in people; this was probably an example of his ability to think too well of certain people.

  • loony_lauren

    On the topic of deaf wizards and hearing aids…maybe they could use Fred and George’s Extendable Ears

  • DisKid

    I absolutely *loved* finding out that after being a traitor, Marietta now has the word “sneak” on her face. I especially loved when Jo said, while it wouldn’t be as bad within time, that it was permanent. I would have done this differently than Hermione though and I guess you can decide for yourself which idea is better. I would not have kept it secret that I put a jinx on the parchment. I would have told them….after they all signed it of course! My thoughts were “Hermione, if they didn’t knew a jinx was on there perhaps that would have made kept their mouth shut not wanting that embarrassing mark!” Course maybe not. Maybe some of them would rather take the mark, but then (if it were me) I could give them a smirk saying “I warned you!” Maybe that’s a bit too mean, but that’s how I would have seen fit to do it.

    I was so disappointed that they axed this from the movie. I understand the reasons why, but I wanted to see Marietta and her traitor mark! That’s my favorite thing Hermione does in the book series.

  • angsty_Sirius

    I always felt that Dumbledore was just pretending to be able to get out of Azkaban. I mean sure he is the greatest wizard of his time and at this point in the series there were so many breakouts that it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal anymore, but it kind of still is:
    Sirius was only able to escape 12 years later, although he could have escaped so much earlier, he only managed to escape because he was getting obsessed with the desire for revenge after he found out that revenge was still possible otherwise he’d never managed.
    As for Barty jr., he had to be dragged out of there half dead with his mother being willing to die in his stead.
    And the mass breakout in January also was only possible because Voldemort was behind it and he is the second most powerful wizard (probably…anyway he’s somewhere up there) and he most likely had some sort of deal with the dementors going.

    As for Dumbledore in Azkaban, I think Mr. Weasley is right by saying that that is the last thing they’d want to happen, because there is a lot of guilt he is still feeling, about Ariana, Grindelwald all of that, that he never was able to leave behind. As Harry puts it in DH ‘he was never free’ and that would have kept him in Azkaban. You are not able to just leave because you are unable to escape the cage you create out of your own despair and guilt. Not even Dumbledore is above the Dementors and the depression they represent. I always imagine him in the mindset he’s in when he is drinking the potion in HBP and such a weakened Dumbledore would not be able to escape.

    I also don’t think that the order would be able to help him escape, like they say half of them would risk losing their job and what really could they do? I don’t see how they could do it the way the Deatheaters did it and also the way Barty jr. did it is not really working in this szenario.

  • FeatherSickle7662

    Ok this doesn’t exactly apply to this episode but I had and interesting thought and I wanted to share it with you.

    Ok so we all know that the Dementor’s Kiss when administered sucks out the soul of the person but doesn’t take their life. So what if someone were to make a horcrux out of the person that had previously had their soul sucked out? Would they have been alive? What if the dementor on the train had succeeded in sucking out Harry’ soul, would he have been like a Mini Voldy? Your thoughts?

    • SpinnersEnd

      Would the Dementor have sucked out the piece of Voldemort’s soul and left Harry’s alone? Or taken them both and just have had a little extra meal, like finding extra fries at the bottom of your McDonald’s bag.

      I don’t think someone without a soul could make a Horcrux. No soul = no Horcrux.

      Would a Dementor know that a part of someone’s soul was missing?

    • nikigryff

      Very interesting question, something I have never thought about before! I’m think I’m with @spinenrsend:disqus on this one, I don’t think a horcrux would be possible to make – if you think about it in literal terms, a horcrux anchors the maker’s soul to earth if the body is destroyed; if the soul isn’t there it has nothing to attach itself to.
      p.s I am now imagining a Dementor guarding Azkaban eating their newly purchased Happy Meal and Strawberry milkshake, whilst playing with the free toy inside – – – New Theory: maybe that’s how one escapes Azkaban 😉

    • Roonil Wazlib

      I love these questions! I have often wondered about Harry’s two souls and what would happen if a dementor performed the kiss on him. Is there a one-soul limit on each kiss? I would sort of guess not; the dementor would just end up with an extra treat.
      It seems like it would be possible for a person to make a horcrux using another person’s soulless body as the vessel (rather than a regular object like a locket)–I think that’s what you were asking. Voldemort makes Nagini a horcrux so it’s definitely possible to use a living thing as the vessel. Plus the diary horcrux’s actions (possessing Ginny, doing the whole Chamber of Secrets thing) prove that the bits of soul kind of have minds of their own and are capable of communicating and taking action. I guess the main question is whether a fraction of a soul has the ability (power?) to control a body, or does a body require an ‘entire’ soul in order to function? [To answer my own question] A body doesn’t need a whole soul in order to function b/c, by the end, the bit of soul living in Voldemort’s body is only a fraction of a whole. And that body is not even Voldemort’s original body.
      I’m getting a bit confused haha. But I think my ultimate answer is YES a person could split their soul and put the other bit into the soulless body of a second person [who had been kissed by a dementor] to make a horcrux, and then the horcrux would walk around and do stuff and act like a person.

  • The_Potter_Dude

    I HATE UMBRIDGE! I LOVE THE Dumbledore’s Army!!!

  • RoseLumos

    Recently I realized how much I don’t like Hermione’s otter patronus. I worked at an aquarium that had otters and I always heard from their keepers that they are mean little animals. They are very hard to train and are known to bite the people they work with. They are cute to look at but if you spend time with them you realize what jerks they really can be.

    Also, when discussing what kind of spell Kingsley performed on Marietta, on this reread I assumed that it was the Imperious Curse. Harry sees that Marietta’s eyes “looked oddly blank” and she seems to nod and shake her head without much emotion. After being attacked by Umbridge, she was “neither perturbed by Umbridge’s sudden attack, nor relieved by her release. She was still clutching her robe up to her oddly blank eyes, staring straight ahead of her.” We know that when Harry has the Imperious Curse put on him previously he too describes how his mind feels blank. Moody/Croutch Jr. also describes his time under his father’s Imperious Curse as something similar, as being in a trance. This makes Marietta’s symptoms seem less like a memory curse, in which the outer symptoms are just confusion or eagerly believing a fake memory (depending on the memory charm), and instead like the Imperious Curse in which the cursed are in some form of a foggy trance. I know that any of the Unforgivable Curses are illegal, so I wonder if this was the Imperious Curse and if it was what the ethics are in this case. Is it right to curse a student if, I hate to say it, it is for “the greater good?” I also love Jo’s subtle foreshadowing, as the name Marietta reminds me of a marionette, a type of puppet controlled by wires and strings.

    All around it was a great episode. Kristen, don’t give up on being a storm trouper at Disney! There are plenty of great parts for smaller people (like me!). You can still be “friends” with Mickey Mouse! Also, I have been a little hesitant to read Divergent, but upon discovering that Veronica is a serious Harry Potter fan I will definitely need to check it out now! Fans support each other for life!

    • SpinnersEnd

      I actually think that is a fairly accurate description of Hermione. She’s adorable and smart, but she’s got teeth and will bite when pushed too far (that’s not a slam against her large front teeth, either. Haha). She is stubborn, and while she can be “trained” to step out of her box, her world is dictated by logic and she has a hard time being accepting anything that doesn’t have hard proof.

    • SpinnersEnd

      And seriously, read Divergent. It was great! 🙂

      • RoseLumos

        My friend actually lent me a copy recently so I’m hoping to start it soon.

        • SpinnersEnd

          When you finish it, let me know what you think!

    • HogwartsTimelord

      I like the thought that it was the Imperius Curse, but it is possible the memory charm made her confused about why she was in Dumbledore’s office in the first place? How much does she actually forget about this whole scene?

    • spellephant

      Wow I never realized that about her name! That’s interesting. Jo really is a genius on so many levels.

      I do think it was a memory charm of some sort though, just because Dumbledore says that Kingsley modified her memory. I don’t know if a person necessarily has to be outwardly confused from one, though, maybe just dazed. We see Lockhart and the camping ground muggle from the World Cup acting that way, but Lockhart accidentally erased his long-term memory with a malfunctioning wand, and the muggle man had multiple spells cast on him a day. Or, perhaps they just experienced different kinds of memory modifications. Can you choose what a person loses? For instance, would Kingsley have to erase months worth of Marietta’s memories to get rid of the DA memories, or could he target those particular memories and get rid of them? It reminds me of the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, where the characters undergo a memory erasing treatment that tracks down the memories of their failed relationship and gets rid of all traces of it in their minds.

      Also, in regard to what the hosts said about no one noticing Kingsley’s spellcasting but Harry, I think the reasoning behind that is twofold. For one thing, Dumbledore was talking at the time, drawing everybody’s attention onto him so that Kingsley could cast it without being noticed. I think Harry must have been standing closer to him than the others, and that’s why he heard it when no one else did. That, and Fudge and the ministry employees currently believe that Kingsley is on their side, so Fudge probably wouldn’t be actively looking for signs of his betrayal or scrutinizing his every move, like he does with Dumbledore.

    • That is a very interesting theory, about Marietta. You have a lot of good facts backing you up, but I still don’t think that Kingsley would use an unforgivable curse on a student, when modifying her memory so as to make her forget would be so much easier. However, the more I think about what you said, the more likely I seem to think it is. You just gave me a LOT to think about. I’m not sure how I feel about this… :/

  • TAKE THE DEATH EATERS BOWLING TAKE THEM BOWLING! *singing to the tune of Camper Von Beethoven* (ok obscure musical reference complete)

    On the Patronus topic you seem to have forgotten that Jack Russell Terriers are used in hunting & since they are good swimmers are often used to chase otters.

  • Silverdoe25

    Kat, do yourself a favor and listen (or re-listen) to JKR’s interview on PotterCast. That was where she bestowed the name John on Dawlish. It was quite a heartfelt moment.

  • Roonil Wazlib

    I just have to say that I am so incredibly tired of hearing the hosts of this show slut-shaming Ginny Weasley every time she comes up in conversation. The “jokes” that you have made over and over about how many people she dates are not funny, clever, original, or insightful. They are completely unnecessary and frankly are hurtful. Next time you want to talk about Ginny, think about how cool it is that we get to see this young woman taking control of her life. She knows what she wants in a partner and maybe most importantly, she has the confidence and strength to ditch her partner as soon as they stop treating her well. In my opinion these traits are to be admired, and I certainly wish that I had been more like her when I was a teen. I sincerely hope never to hear the hosts of this podcast engage in slut-shaming ever again. I would’ve thought that people who are so invested in analyzing a book series would be more aware that LANGUAGE MATTERS. Even what we say in passing or in jest plays an important role in shaping our culture–and your words can still be hurtful regardless of your intentions.

    • Michael Harle

      Since you addressed the hosts personally, and since I am the one who made the joke, I’m happy to respond to this.

      Slut-shaming Ginny is not at all what was intended by the joke. While someone *could* make a perfectly valid argument that Ginny’s patronus does, in fact, represent her restless nature with those she’s dated, I don’t seriously subscribe to the theory. It was meant purely in jest in relation to the previous week’s conversation. As I’ve brought up on past episodes (including that discussion from the previous week), in-line with what you said about her admirable qualities, I actually believe that Ginny is the individual who has the most logical and realistic set of dates compared to the other characters. And this conversation will most certainly come up again in Half-Blood when her brothers begin questioning her dating behavior (in a wildly inappropriate manner).

      I actually think, on many occasions, Rowling lets Ginny down in the way she’s portrayed; I love reading Potter via a feminist lens and from various discussions, lectures and conversations, I’ve gleaned that even Rowling made mistakes in this respect. Unfortunately, because Ginny’s not a main interest to Harry until (in my opinion) too late in the series, her behavior is hard to examine from a reader’s perspective because we share Harry’s limited, gender-biased view and, in the end, very little information is given about her (and her reputation from the films does nothing to help that).

      I hope it has come across that I and the other hosts are doing our best to actually boost some of the secondary characters up from the roles they’re commonly seen to play in the series, including the females. Much praise has gone to characters like Hermione, Luna and in these last weeks to the especially maligned Cho (who *I* have always strongly felt has been unfairly treated based on notably sexist arguments, arguments that are frequently boosted in the fandom by Harry’s point of view), and I have no doubt Ginny will soon be joining that pantheon; we’ve already highlighted a few of her great moments that have come up in this book and once we near the end of Order and get into Half-Blood, she has some additionally great moments with more meat on them to analyze.

      I do apologize that the joke came off that way; it was not meant in such a negative context.

      • Roonil Wazlib

        Hi Michael, thanks for taking the time to respond to me. I think your comment on the show this week really got to me because it was following up on the slut-shaming “jokes” that happened in last week’s episode. Two weeks in a row–on top of many other small moments throughout the podcast’s history–just really makes it feel like a pattern (and all the hosts are complicit in that, not just you obviously). I just don’t think that the number of people that Ginny (or anyone!) dates should ever be a punchline. I’m sure that your heart is in the right place and that none of the hosts meant for those jokes to be slut-shamey, BUT I also honestly don’t know how those jokes could’ve come off any other way. What did you guys think you were saying? Why did you all think those jokes were funny? (Those are rhetorical questions–please don’t answer them.) Anyways, I guess in the future I just hope that all the hosts consider more carefully what they are actually saying, even when it’s something not particularly serious.
        Again, thanks Michael for taking the time to consider my comment and respond. Looking forward to listening to and participating in many more conversations about Ginny and all the other awesome witches in the series 🙂

    • RoseLumos

      What’s funny is that Ginny has always been one of my favorite characters. When I would get into discussions with my friends, I was surprised how many Ginny haters there are in the world. I think part of it is based on the movies since Bonnie Wright doesn’t have much screen time and the romance scenes in the movies (especially in HBP) are strangely written and paced. This might be a little of my fan fiction mind but I imagine Ginny as a really great and strong female character “off stage” as well as after the series ends. So, in many ways, I agree with you. I just think that since we don’t really see as much of her as other characters people tend to write her off. I think it is great that we see a girl who isn’t afraid to stand up for what she likes. While it is easy to say that Ginny dates around a lot, I think it is important to note that she seems to always be the one to break it off with the boy, and for good reasons. Michael Corner is dumped for having a poor attitude after a Quidditch game and Dean Thomas is dumped for being to clingy and for treating her too much like a girl. I feel like most girls would try to “fix” a boy while Ginny decides she has better things to do besides deal with immature guys. Besides, on all these talks of Ginny’s multiple relationships, lets remember that she is in the equivalent of high school – I work at a high school and I have seen some kids in more relationships since we started in August than Ginny has in her entire Hogwarts career. While I don’t exactly think the hosts were slut-shaming (and I do love Michael’s response here) I know that there are other HP fans who hate Ginny. My advice to them is to do what Ginny does – get over it and move on, on her own terms.

      • Roonil Wazlib

        Love your comment, RoseLumos. I think Ginny is such a great character and I will always go to bat for her (obviously haha). We get to see a kind of strength in her that just isn’t present in any other character–and that’s so important!

      • Snatch The Snitch

        I agree, I’ve always been a big fan of Ginny. People need to remember that it’s the eqiuvalent of high school, and sometimes people go through many relationships. In addition, Ginny ended up being loyal to Harry ever since they got together. How many people can say they stayed with their high school gf/bf for that long?

        • Exactly. I think it’s just because she is one of the only minor (up to a point) characters whose romantic life is the subject of discussion, so people forget that at least 80% of the school is doing the same thing. I didn’t take the hosts jokes as slut-shaming, or even derogatory in any way. I just thought it was a connection between her Patronus, and her character. People tend to go through a lot of relationships before they find “the one”. I never would have seen the hosts comments in a different light, if I hadn’t read this. Great comment, Snatch! I totally agree!

          • Snatch The Snitch

            Thanks! I didn’t find the comments offense or think the host’s would do that intentionally either; I just think it needed to be pointed out for those that do slam her for this reason.

          • Me too! I wasn’t implying that you did, just to clarify. But I think you worded my feelings perfectly!

  • PuffNProud

    How much fun was that to hear Veronica Roth on the show?! Hufflepuff Power! Totally great show. One of the things I really appreciated about the Divergent series is Veronica’s chutzpah [spoiler alert] in actually ending the journey for her protagonist, something many other authors are loathe to do.

  • GobblingFire

    Regarding Dumbledore getting out of Askbhan your forgetting about his secret weapon Fawlkes…. Just to throw another ingredient into the mixing pot ref Dumbledore not teaching Harry. Do you think that maybe the whole Snape and Harry doing Occlumency (not sure of spelling sorry) lessons badly was actually planned. Dumbledore obviously knew that Snape was good at it and could teach it but also that there would be a conflict between him and Harry. Did he calculate that the relationship would progress enough that Harry would learn enough to ‘survive’ but also that he would see enough (that through Snape could be reported back to Dumbledore) to give clues to what Voldermort is doing? ‘For the greater good’

    Also regarding your Florean Fortescue theory didnt Harry (in TPOA i think?) do his homework outside his ice cream palour in Diagon Alley and seems to have a surprising knack for history of magic helping Harry alot with his homework

    • BlameitontheNargles

      I love the Florean is a Headmaster theory! That is all. And the image you conjured up for me in relation to Dumbledore calling on Fawkes to escape reminds me of the scene in the movie Two Towers where Gandalf calls the great eagle to him etc…

      • UmbridgeRage

        He can’t be a headmaster unless he is super old, older than Bafilda Bagshot even.

  • Hufflepug

    I love how Veronica mentioned the connection between Harry Potter and Macbeth because I’ve been thinking about that for a long time. I have a strong feeling that Jo based the prophecy on that, especially since I think she said somewhere (maybe in the Pottercast interview?) that she loves Shakespeare. It’s interesting how choosing to follow the prophecy limited the fate of not only Voldemort but also Harry. Because Harry technically had a choice, but what is a Gryffindor like him to do but fight if he knows he has some sort of power to destroy him!

  • Hufflepug

    The magic behind the “sneak” jinx is interesting because it’s very specific. The caster has to specify which word the pimples should spell, where they should show up on the face, and under what conditions they should appear. I wonder what the incantation or wand motion would be like for a spell with so many aspects. It might be like combining together several existing spells and dictating “sneak” at some point in it. Either way it sounds super complex! I’m surprised there’s no class in spell writing at Hogwarts because it sounds like a hard but useful skill.

  • nikigryff

    The ‘where did dumbeldore go’ question has been on my mind since I first read this book!!!! Darn Rowling. It may or may not be on my ‘list of questions to ask JK Rowling’ note on my phone….

    • Silverdoe25

      I’ve got a list like that, too! My daughter’s biggest unanswered question is coming up later in OotP.

    • Snatch The Snitch

      I bet his first stop was Honeydukes to get some Lemon Drops

      • nikigryff

        And then practicing the lasted knitting paterns?!

    • RoseLumos

      On the bright side, if he was in London he would never get lost since he has that handy scar that looks like a map of the underground!

  • BlameitontheNargles

    I’d like to also note that Umbridge in the chasing scene seemed to know where the students may already be hiding. Was this because her premeditated attack had a specific strategy to it? Predicting the moves of her opponent as if in a game of chess?
    I feel like this is such an important moment in her character, as it’s our first insight on how her mind thinks, and I think a more personal insight on why she is a definite Slytherin.

  • spellephant

    Since Caleb wasn’t on this episode, I feel like I need to step up and give McGonagall the shout-out she deserves. She boldly calls out the Ministry for their shady dealings with criminals, is hilariously sarcastic with Umbridge, and declares that she will fight Fudge and his team of Aurors alongside Dumbledore. Her Gryffindor is just roaring away here. You cannot deny–McGonagall’s got style!

  • On Trelawney and her drinking, I’m sad they didn’t put this in a movie. In a way it took away from the character and how she is feeling. Being drunk and her drinking shows how much sadness she has and that she doesn’t know what to do because to her she is losing everything. When someone drinks like that then they are trying to drown their sorrows in the bottle. Coming from a recovering alcoholic (that’s me) Trelawney and her drinking shows how much sadness she has because she obviously likes to teach and be at Hogwarts, after all it is her home of 16 years. For me, when I would drink I was doing so to drown out, quite literally, my emotions and problems. I drank because it helped me cope and get through even though in the end it took over my life. Anyways, my point is that I’m sad that Trelawney’s drinking wasn’t shown because it shows more than just someone who is drunk and the typical drunk person.

    Love the show!

  • skgai

    I’ve never known how to assess Rowling’s choices for Patronuses for the students because her defintion of the animals are really all that matters. Say traditionally its believed that pigs are filthy and someone who has a pig patronus is a messy or sloppy person, but Rowling chooses to take the definition that pigs are in fact extremely clean using the dirt to keep away harmful insects. It’s impossible to know unless Rowling spells it out for each animal. So unless she says why I don’t really know how to appreciate any of the patronuses.

    Also, I don’t think the hosts were using Patronuses correctly. They don’t reflect the person. According to Pottermore:

    The Patronus, asserted Spangle, represents that which is hidden, unknown but necessary within the personality. ‘For it is evident,’ he writes, in his masterwork ‘Charms of Defence and Deterrence’:

    ‘… that a human confronted with inhuman evil, such as the Dementor, must draw upon resources he or she may never have needed, and the Patronus is the awakened secret self that lies dormant until needed, but which must now be brought to light…’

    Here, says Spangle, is the explanation for the appearance of Patronuses in forms that their casters might not expect, for which they have never felt a particular affinity, or (in rare cases) even recognise.

    So you can’t say Hermione reflects the otter’s traits, but perhaps deep within she has those traits, but for various reasons she hasn’t let them out yet.

  • skgai

    The Florian Fortescue riddle has already been (somewhat) answered! In the Pottercast JK Rowling explains:

    MA: Yeah. (ma and JN laugh) For like a day. (ma and JKR laugh) (JKR: Yeah.) We’ll make some butterbeer, take a picture, and (laughs) it’ll be done. I had to ask you. It’s a little thing. It’s just been on my mind. What happened to Florean Fortescue?

    JKR: He was killed.

    JN: Aw.

    JKR: Yeah, I know. (MA: Ice cream man!) I didn’t want that to happen. Bizarrely, my best friend, after I named Florean Fortescue, she went and met, and is soon to marry, a guy called Florean, which is very bizarre because it’s not a very common (SU: No.) name, is it? (JN laughs) Because of him, I was very attached to Florean Fortescue. But, yeah, he died. He died.

    MA: Why? He was an ice cream man. What happened?

    JKR: The Scottish Book (SU: Yeah.) will reveal, (ma laughs) there was more to that then subsequently made it into the books. It was one of those little subplots that had to be sacrificed because it was not really leading anywhere, but I did have a subplot planned for Florean, (SU: Wow.) and it was to do with the Elder Wand, so I will definitely put that into the Encyclopedia.

  • I wholeheartedly believe that Dumbledore could have gotten out of Azkaban if he wanted to. Maybe that’s a bit of my childhood hero worship of him coming through, but I don’t think he was exaggerating when he said that. We never see the half of what he is capable of.

    • Snatch The Snitch

      Definitely, I mean Dumbledore even invented some spells! He, Voldemort, and maybe Grindelwald delved deeper into magic than perhaps anyone. I’d love to read about Dumbledore’s battle with Grindelwald and see how amazing their wandsmanship is. Come on Pottermore!!!!!

  • Susan

    After listening to last week’s episode, I got really curious about Veronica Roth’s Divergent series. So today, after a three day reading marathon, I finished all three books and I loved it! Anyone who likes Hunger games, or reading series that continously makes you question “the truth”, would be well-advised to read it too. And maybe get a bit more sleep than I did :-). Thank you, Alohomora, for introducing me to another great read!

  • The Half Blood Princess

    This isn’t related to the chapter, but there was a couple of parts of the divergent books that reminded me of parts of Harry Potter, such as the factions and David’s backstory.

  • Sooooo

    Not a popular opinion but I’ve always felt really sorry for Marietta. I think that the amount of blame she receives for handing over the DA is completely unwarranted. We need to remember that she’s a fifteen year old child and as Cho tells us, she’s been under a lot of pressure from her mother at home who work for the ministry. We don’t know anything about her home situation but seeing as Cho specifically mentions pressure from her mother and not parents, it’s very possible that her father’s not around and they rely solely on her mother’s income- even if he is around this is still possible, we really don’t know.
    What we DO know is that Marietta is a very loyal person. Last year, Cho had her popular, athletic boyfriend and a gaggle of friends. This year said boyfriend is dead. Cho is very depressed and all her friends have left her. All except Marietta. Marietta who stood by her friend when she couldn’t have been much fun.
    Marietta chose loyalty to her family over loyalty to an illegal organisation that she never even wanted to join. But that doesn’t make her a bad person or a bad friend.

    One person this event DOES reflect horribly on however is Hermione. I think the fact that the people in this series use wands really desensitises us to the violence. Hermione attacked another child and permanently scarred her face.

    This will be something that effects Marietta for the rest of her life. Who would want to date her;what employer would want to employ her when even her physical appearance marks her as untrustworthy?

    I really don’t think it a mistake that up until this book, no student in the school has suffered any permanent physical injury. Hermione’s actions, to me, parallel Umbridge’s scaring of Harry.