DH1 movie watch ep 174

Episode 174 – DH1 Movie Watch: Single Manly Tear

It’s a full house as all seven hosts – Eric, Caleb, Kat, Alison, Rosie, Michael, and Kristen – take listener calls as they discuss Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part One! This is a very different type of show for us, being just over halfway through Hallows, so this experience was a very fun one! So sit back and relax, as we take a bit of a break from reading to sit down with our popcorn for our global movie watch.

On Episode 174 we discuss…

→ Facts, Figures, & Awards
→ The best adaptation so far?
→ Staying true to the book lovers
→ Assessing the new cast members and stellar performances
→ The subtle emotion of the score
→ Changes, eliminations, and omissions
→ Why is the focus on Hermione so often?
→ Was Godric’s Hollow all we wanted it to be?
→ Dobby’s death, divided
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  • Thanks for putting this 2 HOUR EPISODE up. So funny :)

  • SocksAreImportant

    What’s funny is how much longer the discussion of this movie was compared to the last movie. You get caught up in talking about all the good stuff with this one. :)

  • ILoveLunaLoveGood

    Im rewatching it now and will catch up with the show after.
    Few thoughts.
    My least favourite films were the 4th, 5th and 6th (I actually didnt even watch all of it until the previous rewatch) beccaues they failed to get across alot of the nuance and feeling of the book. There were so many subplots overlooked, so many changes which didnt add to the telling of the story and I always imagine the main plots being hard to follow if u hadnt read the books before.

    I enjoyed this one in the cinema when I saw it because it finally stepped up. The actors did a much better job, the story telling was much more coherent and the atmosphere from the book was recreated well. The cringiest part is the dance scene lol (im sure it comes up in the discussion?) but in the end its all part of the “change” in atmosphere after Ron’s departure and it does transfer that feeling well from the book. Which is one thing this film does very well, any of the minor changes etc dont affect the thrust of the tone or feel of the book. The opening scene when Hermione wipes the memories of her parents is incredibly poignant on screen and while its not overlooked in the book the visual gives a much needed layer to Hermione’s character. I do miss the Dursley’s departure which was deleted sadly. But overall

    • SocksAreImportant

      It seemed pretty split on the dance scene. Some find it to be cringey and others find it to be a sweet friendship moment between Harry and Hermione. I agree that this movie is a step above the previous ones. i think this mostly has to do with the freedom to not have scenes rushed or worrying about getting everything in on time. Ron’s departure scene is one of my favorites if not my favorite book to screen adaptations. I get the same feelings watching it as I do reading it. The added scene with Hermione and her parents was such a great addition. I am kind of sad that they took out the Dursely’s departure scene but I enjoy the opening with the trio as it is.

  • ILoveLunaLoveGood

    quick question how does film cannon explain Snape knowing where Hermione was?

    • HowAmIGoingToTranslateThis

      I can’t remember any scene referencing that, so I’d guess it’s a plot hole in the movie.

    • I remember wondering that, too. haha

    • ThatTimeRemusWaddiwasiedVoldy

      Frankly, I wonder how film canon explains about 75% of everything that happens. I just can’t imagine only seeing the movies and thinking “oh wow what a brilliant story”. Nope… *sigh*

  • ILoveLunaLoveGood

    Can you imagine Sansa Stark as Ginny? 😀

    • No. Mostly since I have no idea what you’re talking about.

      • ILoveLunaLoveGood

        Sophie Turner as Ginny…

  • ThatTimeRemusWaddiwasiedVoldy

    I’m bummed I wasn’t able to stick around for the discussion, but this was my first movie watch and it was so fun! My friend was watching with me and she loved getting to see everyone’s comments. I’ve been telling her to listen to the podcast so I think we’ve got an Alohomora! convert now. Better late than never.

  • MartinMiggs

    for me Part 1 was disappointing. They decided to split the book into 2 movies so they didn’t have to cut things so I was going into the movie thinking it would be spectacular and oh they cut the Dumbledore storyline significantly oh they cut out the fact Tonks and Remus are married

  • Silverdoe25

    I’m so sad I had to miss this movie watch and discussion. I’ll add my 2 cent here on 2 movie topics. I wish very much that they would have included at least some of Ron hysterically screaming “Hermione!!!” from the basement of Malfoy Manor. Rupert would most certainly been able to show that anguish. My other comment is on the dancing scene. Although I generally agree with the hosts’ remarks on it, I do feel as though Harry opened a door ever so slightly to Hermione as the dance moved from fun to slower and closer. Harry even puts his head on Hermione’s shoulder. But I always loved how when Hermione moves closer, she puts her hand on Harry’s shoulder, and then rests her head on her own hand. It was very subtle, but I thought it wordlessly communicated that her feelings were for Ron. I thought it was just beautiful.

  • AurorPhoenix

    I enjoyed the episode and wish I could have been in the chat with everyone else.

    I will say hats off to Eric for bringing up one of the points I have been saying since the beginning. That is that Ron in this movie was definitely back to Ron of the first two movies! He had so many moments in both those movies that made him just as strong as Harry and Hermione on screen. Especially in Chamber when they were actually forced by the book to focus on Ron and Harry with the Ford Anglia and Aragog scenes rather than putting him in the background (litterally doing so at the end of HBP). Like Eric, I think if David Heyman directed Chamber he would have had Ron petrified so he could have more Har-mione time. . . Just kidding.

    Also, I would have to say I agree with Michael on the Dobby addition. I’ll say that I, personally, was cutting onions when Dobby died. But, if I related the Dobby addition to other experiences I have had where I didn’t read the books (maybe Ollie in GoT?) but followed the movie/show. I would see the call back as “oh yeah, I remember that elf, he was in the 2nd one where he. . . ” and then he dies, and I would go, well that’s really tough, but i’m glad he could help. Only because the only previous remembrance I have of him is movie 2 where I was, for the most part, annoyed with him because he was keeping Harry, and me as a viewer, from returning to Hogwarts.

  • I’m bummed that I didn’t get to watch with you guys.

  • ThatTimeRemusWaddiwasiedVoldy

    In other news… Did you all see that the Sorting and wands are back on Pottermore? This gives me hope that we might get a patronus test soon, fingers crossed.

  • Jessmq90

    One of the many things I feel should have been put into the film was Harry telling Pettigrew that he owes his life to Harry, and that basically stopped him in his tracks , allowing them the escape, while Pettigrew’s enchanted hand choked him to death. I thought it was a very pivitol moment between Harry and Pettigrew, I think that subconsciously Pettigrew really didn’t want to kill his friend’s son, who had indeed saved his life when he was going to be killed by Sirius and Lupin.