Episode 228: Nineteen Days Later – What a Mess

It’s been nineteen years since Voldemort and Harry’s showdown shook the wizarding world. After a war like that, how much can magic really fix? Join Alison, Beth, Michael and guest hosts Jon and Shauna as they try to piece together what happened Nineteen Days Later in the immediate aftermath of the Battle of Hogwarts.

On Episode 228 we discuss…

→ MuggleNet Live! Nineteen Years Later Recap
→ Harry’s new house
→ Ron’s Wizard Wheezes
→ “OMG, my parents! They’re in Australia!”
→ Boring staircases
→ Colin Creevey’s ghost
→ The latest from Potterwatch
→ Expecto Patronum Maxima!
→ Slytherin’s second chance
→ Counselors and statues

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On this recap we discuss…

→ Movie misfires
→ #KrumLove?
→ Put upon Percy
→ Societal pressures
→ Will boys be boys?

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  • At least two of the ghosts — the Grey Lady and the Bloody Baron — were around at the time Hogwarts was built or shortly thereafter, so they may well have information about the secrets of its construction and therefore be able to help with repairs after the battle.

    • Michael Harle

      I’m guessing the Bloody Baron isn’t opening up to anyone anytime soon. On the other hand, do we think that maybe Helena’s become a little more talkative and candid after her encounter with Harry?

      • Maybe not. But I guess she’d want Hogwarts to be restored, so she might make an exception this once.

      • Alison

        Perhaps Helena would talk to Harry and Luna, as she knows them, and maybe they could pass on that knowledge to others.

        • Lisa

          I thought the Helena and Luna friendship was a movie-ism? I know Luna helps Harry find the diadem in the book too but I don’t remember exactly what she does. She tells him about it but does she introduce him to Helena?

          • I think you’re right. If I remember correctly, in the book Harry asks Nearly Headless Nick who the ghost of Ravenclaw tower is, and after Nick points her out to him he talks to Helena alone, without introduction.

          • Huffleclaw

            Yes, Luna took the place of Nick in the movie. The only living being we saw The Grey Lady interact with in the books was Harry. Otherwise she is a bit of a loner.

  • ousley

    I’ve been on a bit of a commenting hiatus due to working way too much overtime lately (& studying for the GRE & Psych GRE) – but I’m definitely setting aside time to listen & comment tomorrow. Excited that one of my topics was picked!

  • SpinnersEnd

    I LOVE hearing you all talk about 19 Years Later! I had such a great time when I was there. It was so exciting to get to meet people and person and be surrounded by people who were as unabashedly excited as I was.

    I got a private wand experience at Olivanders and I had chills the entire time It was the coolest! I got a photo with Oliver Wood, my life long crush. It was all so fantastic!

    Thanks to everyone who put all the hard work into this event to make it something so very special and exciting!

    Michael, I’m pretty sure I’m one of the girls that ran up said hi and then ran away. #awkward. But thanks for the Wizard card!

    • DisKid

      Which card did you get??

      • SpinnersEnd

        I got Queen Maeve 🙂

    • Katy – Slughorn’s Trophy Wife

      It really was amazing, wasn’t it?? So glad you had a good time! 😀

  • SpinnersEnd

    Not only does the Trio have to try to navigate their relationships and get to know the other person, they would have needed to get to know themselves again. They spent the formative years of their lives fighting Voldemort. From the time they were eleven years old, they were putting themselves in danger and fighting evil.

    For Harry especially, it would take a great deal of time for them to figure out who they are without the shadow of the Dark Lord hanging over them.

    • Katy – Slughorn’s Trophy Wife

      “I’ve been In the revenge business for so long, now that it’s over I don’t know what to do with the rest of my life.”
      – Inigo Montoya

      I’ve solved it! Harry should become a pirate!

      • SpinnersEnd

        This exactly!

  • the head girl

    Just popping in before I finish listening to say HI and THANK YOU to you guys for Nineteen Years Later! I had such a wonderful time getting to see all of you – Michael, I was the one in the star maxi dress with the sparkly headband who took Perpetua Fancourt’s wizard card.

    The highlight of the night for me was getting to meet Chris Rankin and tell him that Percy was my favorite character. (He said NO HE’S NOT. So I had to fight Chris Rankin. ;))

    It was such a special, wonderful night and I’m so glad I got to go! Thanks again to all of you for your hard work!

    • Katy – Slughorn’s Trophy Wife

      So many more listeners were there than I anticipated! I wish I could have met you all!

      • the head girl

        I wish I could have met you, too! We’ll have to be sure to hang out next time.

        • Katy – Slughorn’s Trophy Wife

          Definitely 🙂

  • Lord_Trolldemort

    Hello all! I just wanted to say that it was INCREDIBLE seeing all of you at 19 Years Later. The entire event was incredible. By the way, if anyone saw someone walking around dressed up as Tom Riddle, red eyes and all, that was me. I was lucky enough to get to do the Wand Experience with Christian Coulson *fans self*. Either way I wrote about my entire experience here: https://riddlemostpowerful.tumblr.com/post/165493433794/so-i-hung-out-with-christian-coulson#notes

    Also, I wanted to say, MICHAEL! We totally hung out for a tiny bit, I teased you as Tom Riddle (and complimented your blue hair, and you threatened to throw my diary into a toilet. HAHAH), and you gave me Herpo the Foul’s wizard card. Next time I see you, we need to get a picture together in our costumes. 😀

    • DisKid

      Herpo the Foul is perfect for a Tom Riddle impersonator!

      • Lord_Trolldemort

        Thank you! I definitely thought so too! I’d love to post up a picture of it, but I only think I can do that here. Lol.

        • DisKid

          Lol It’s ok! It looks exactly like it did in the games so I’ve seen it 🙂

    • ThatTimeRemusWaddiwasiedVoldy

      That was you! I saw you quickly in passing a couple of times, and caught a glimpse of those eyes. I wanted to say something but I didn’t get around to it, you looked great though!

    • Katy – Slughorn’s Trophy Wife

      Somehow I completely missed seeing you at the event but saw you in a video (was that yours, Michael?) as we were getting off the train and I was like, “OMG! Who was that Tom Riddle and why did I not meet her?? She was amazing!” Great job on the costume (and persona!) and your experience hanging out with Christian and Sean is SO COOL!! I’m thrilled that you had such a good time 🙂

  • MyGeeknessIsA-Quivering

    Hey Micheal, it’s Mary Kate from MuggleNet Live! It was so much fun riding the Hogwarts Express with you and hanging out for part of the night! After listening for five years and being to shy to comment on here, I have finally worked up my courage to make an account for here and to audition!

    I have to say, I LOVED MuggleNet live and getting to meet a bunch of you guys in person! I live about an hour and a half from Orlando and go to Universal quite a bit, but it is absolutely so much better to go to events like this one, where everyone is just excited as me about being there!

    Though, I do have to say, since my mom (good job remembering her name) and I just saw Cursed Child a few months ago, it was a little bit frustrating (especially for my mom) to hear so many people dissing the play. I understand the dislike for it… my mom, not so much.

    Thanks to everyone who put in a ton of work putting together the FANTASTIC event! I hope there will be more events like it in the future!

    • Katy – Slughorn’s Trophy Wife

      The park is completely different when it’s full of Potterheads, isn’t it?? I’m so glad you had a great time!

  • ousley

    The description of Harry as “wanting to be alone but also wanting to be around other people” is pretty much what having some forms of chronic depression and anxiety feels like. Mix that in with his continuously worsening PTSD from the end of every school year (which it’s still great that Voldemort at least lets them mostly finish their educations before his plan of attack is ready) and he’s going to be an emotional wreck. And there’s times where that mood can flip pretty quickly from “I want to be around people” to “get me the heck outta here I can’t handle all this interaction I just need my space.” You really can’t control that switch but it sure messes with your head when it hits. His mood following the battle is going to make OOTP ALL CAPS HARRY look like a calm, rational, and gentle fellow. And you really can’t blame him for that because that’s just how the brain reacts to those kinds of feelings and experiences.

    If Harry & Ginny had to be around anyone else at all in their living space (whether it be the Burrow, or a place with R&H), I imagine that sound muffling spell from the Half Blood Prince would have gotten a lot of use! I do like the idea of Harry staying at Hogwarts for a while afterwards since that feels most like home to him – I feel like Ginny, Ron, and Hermione would have wanted to stay there with him as well for moral support. It’s big enough that they can get out the way if he needs his private brooding time but they’d be right there for him if he needs the company of someone who really understands.

    • MartinMiggs

      Harry has grown a lot since OotP. No doubt he would have issues but he’s no longer a moody teenager. Also, having Souldemort (the horcrux) and all that crap he had to deal with in his 5th year played some part in ALL CAPS HARRY.

      • Katy – Slughorn’s Trophy Wife

        I just had to LOL at “Souldemort” 😀 That’s amazing…haha

  • ousley

    Hermione definitely wouldn’t want Ron Emotional Teaspoon Weasley around when she has to get super emotional reintroducing herself to her parents and explaining the whole situation.

    “This guy here who is stupid awkward and ruining the moment? Yeah I’m gonna marry him by the way.”

    • Emily

      Agreed! I really do think she would’ve gone alone, despite Ron and Harry offering to accompany her. I also love the idea that she sent Crookshanks along with her parents.

      I think Hermione would’ve waited a month or two to find her parents, though. She was undoubtedly worried about them, but I also think she 1) would have wanted to make ABSOLUTELY SURE that it was safe to bring them back to the UK before undoing all her complicated memory enchantments that had been keeping them safe all year, and 2) she would have wanted to be present for the funerals and rebuilding efforts that were occurring in the immediate aftermath. I think she would’ve wanted to let the dust settle a little bit before making the trip to Australia.

      • HowAmIGoingToTranslateThis

        When the Grangers returned, where did they go? What happened to their home while they were away?
        Did they want to be more involved with Hermione’s life in the magical world after learning what their daughter lived through?
        neverending questions.

  • Emily

    I’ll come back to make an actual contribution to the discussion shortly, but in the meantime I want to echo everyone else who has said what a great time Mugglenet Live was!

    The best part for me was just BEING in Diagon Alley with other dedicated fans. It made the experience that much more immersive. Michael’s reading of the epilogue was really special and a definite highlight of the evening. As fun as the parks and rides and merchandise and actor panels are, the reason any of that exists is because of the books. We were all brought together by our love of this series, so hearing the epilogue outside of King’s Cross on September 1st 2017 was one of those profound, heartbursting fandom moments that I won’t soon forget.

    Michael, we met briefly and you gave me a Jocunda Sykes card!


    • Katy – Slughorn’s Trophy Wife

      “We were all brought together by our love of this series, so hearing the epilogue outside of King’s Cross on September 1st 2017 was one of those profound, heartbursting fandom moments that I won’t soon forget.”

      Hear hear!

  • Emily

    I’ve given a lot of consideration to the post-Deathly Hallows timeline, so I was very excited for this episode’s discussion! Over the years, I’ve developed some fairly elaborate personal headcanons/timelines regarding both the immediate aftermath of the Battle of Hogwarts and years beyond to fit around the definitive information we have from Jo. Prepare for a novel.

    I imagine the first month or two would have been a blur of funerals and rebuilding. I’d like to think that at some point Harry, Ron, and Hermione sat down with Ginny (and likely others: Neville? Luna? George? Dean?) and just tell them everything – or at least the “highlights” of what they’d been through in the last year – and that Ginny and Co. would give their perspectives on what life had been like at Hogwarts and the larger wizarding world during Deathly Hallows. You discuss the glaring lack of magical mental health services in the episode, so I’d like to think that these characters were at least able to talk to each other and find some degree of comfort just in the act of sharing their experiences.

    I have a particular interest in George and what his path would have been immediately following the Battle. I imagine he would’ve stayed at the Burrow at least until Fred’s funeral, but that he would have returned to the joke shop and living in the flat that he and Fred had shared almost alarmingly soon after this. I think his desire not to let Fred down – knowing that Fred would have absolutely insisted that George carry on without him, that he would have insisted now more than ever that people could use a reason to laugh and smile – would, however slightly, have outweighed his desire to crawl into bed and never climb out. So he would go back to work almost immediately, for Fred, drawing on that Gryffindor bravery to get him through each day. But I also think being/living alone for the first time in his life would be exceptionally difficult for him, so I think he would’ve offered Ron a job and a place to live, and though Ron ultimately takes the job at the Ministry for at least a couple years, he does move in with George and help with joke shop business when he’s not off Auror-ing. In fact, I imagine George would insist on Ron sharing the flat, saying it would be silly to leave the now-spare room that had once belonged to Fred frozen in time for George’s own sake, when it would be so much more convenient for Ron to take the space. But it would undoubtedly be hard for George to see Fred’s room to be taken over, for his papers, sweet wrappers and various debris to be removed from their rightful places strewn about his floor. Annnnnd now that I’m weeping, let’s move on…

  • Emily

    Someone asked this on Twitter as well, but being a Ravenclaw, I wonder how end of year exams (specifically OWLs and NEWTs) were handled.

    I’m not quite sure what they would’ve done for OWL students, but I imagine anyone that was in their seventh year during the Battle of Hogwarts would have gotten a free pass regarding NEWT scores from any future potential employers. Like, can you imagine St. Mungo’s turning potential future-Healers away because they didn’t have their NEWT in Potions after spending the last year in a school that was being run by Death Eaters? I think an exception would have been made considering the extenuating circumstances, and entry into these positions would’ve been based on students’ past performance (OWL scores, for instance), as well as need.

    The OWL kids, though, I don’t know. Maybe they just had all the fifth years and sixth years take exams together the following spring? That seems reasonable.

    • Rosmerta’s Turquoise Shoes

      I believe in the muggle world, if students are unable to complete the end of year exams, results in mock tests would be used so perhaps that is what happened. I always thought it was odd that Hogwarts cancelled exams in previous years!

  • Rosmerta’s Turquoise Shoes

    Is there a podcast question Michael or did I miss it?

    • Huffleclaw

      Only for Chapter Revisits!

      • Rosmerta’s Turquoise Shoes

        Thank you!

  • Huffleclaw

    Wow guys! I loved this episode. I was a little skeptical when I saw the discussion topic, but you hit a grand slam of an episode!
    I was fascinated to hear the discussion about who might have become a ghost after the Battle of Hogwarts. I feel like two groups would have been more likely to be ghosts – student fighters and Death Eaters. I think Death Eaters who perished in the battle would have a tendency to become ghosts because many of them probably expected to win. I live in Georgia, a state that has its fair share of ghost stories and hauntings, and so many of the ghosts we purportedly have come from the Civil War era. Due to the breakage of families and the loss of life on both sides the Civil War is rapt for ghosts and other unsettled spirits. I wonder if the Battle of Hogwarts would be the same. Since in the Harry Potter world ghosts are wizards who choose not to move on those who lost the battle would be more likely to fear the afterlife due to the failings they experienced at their death. Plus, with buddies like Voldemort, you’d imagine they would want to find a way to live forever!
    The second category of higher probability of ghosts, in my guess, is student fighters. Nearly-Headless Nick tells Harry that he made a foolish choice to become a ghost, it stands to reason that there is a certain level of naivete involved if one makes that choice. I don’t want to imply that students like Colin Creevey are foolish, but certainly they would be more apt to make a rash decision at the moment of death. As teenagers their reasoning skills are not as strong (as anyone who has ever been a teenager can attest!) as the adults who fought. So perhaps even in death teenagers and children make rash decisions, especially if trauma is involved, and are more prone to become ghosts.
    I believe it is Hermione who tells Harry Hogwarts is one of the most haunted buildings in Britain – I don’t doubt several more moved in in the nineteen days since the battle.
    Of course, that begs the question – did Crabbe, who fit both categories, become a ghost? Further, if there are a lot of mean spirited Death Eater ghosts – would the ministry step in and have them move so as to not overwhelm the school with malevolence?

    • Huffleclaw

      Also, thank you for coming back! I was getting Alohomora withdrawal!

    • frumpybutsupersmart

      To add to this point, I would like to mention Myrtle – a student who died completely unexpectedly, and became a ghost because of her resentment at being bullied by Olive Hornby. While the students who stayed were most likely part of the DA, and they did understand the risks to an extent, they weren’t necessarily old enough to *really* think they would die, and may not have been prepared for it.

    • ThatTimeRemusWaddiwasiedVoldy

      Yay, a fellow Georgian! I like this connection between places that have seen war and the ghost stories that arise in those locations. Georgia is certainly rife with those. And whether or not one believes in ghosts, there are some places that you can go to and just thinking too much about the things that happened there creates an almost palpable sense of misery and death about the place. They just feel… off? Thinking of Hogwarts feeling that way to the students afterwards is so sad, but it’s probably pretty likely that it did, especially if it were inhabited by some new ghosts.

      As to the malevolent ghosts question, I wonder if dead DEs would even want to haunt Hogwarts. It’s the place where they and their leader were defeated, I’m not sure their ego could take hanging around there for eternity. Although maybe some would see haunting and terrorizing the students as a form of retribution, which is honestly quite awful to think about. I imagine the Ministry would step in, but I don’t know how much control they would have. Have we ever heard how exactly the Ministry got Myrtle to stop haunting Olive and go back to Hogwarts? I feel like they just kind of commanded her to and she obeyed. Would it be that easy with DE ghosts? Also, I wonder if Hogwarts itself wouldn’t have some way of preventing them from inhabiting the castle. None of the ghosts that are already there are truly malevolent. Myrtle and Peeves are mostly just inconvenient and annoying (and Peeves is a poltergeist anyway, so he’s different} The Bloody Baron is scary looking, but doesn’t go around trying to actively haunt the students. Maybe malevolent ghosts would be relegated to the Forbidden Forest, because that place is already creepy and dangerous, a few ghosts thrown in won’t change much. Or maybe the Shreiking Shack would be made to actually live up to it’s reputation.

      • Katy – Slughorn’s Trophy Wife

        “Or maybe the Shreiking Shack would be made to actually live up to it’s reputation.”

        Oooo I like this! But I’m also super sad at the idea of some students returning as ghosts 🙁 Though, the way Myrtle described it, it seems like she came back almost immediately. She says how it took them hours to find her (clearly she wasn’t used to being a ghost yet and being able to, you know, leave the bathroom…lol). So I feel like, if any students or DEs were going to come back as ghosts, we would have seen them before the book’s end. And I think the students fighting were prepared for the idea that they might not make it (as much as one can be at that age), whereas Myrtle was caught completely unawares.

  • DisKid

    I’m afraid I’m going to have to shut down the theory that Crookshanks went with Hermione’s parents. We do see Crookshanks in Deathly Hallows. He is curling up at Hermione’s feet while the trio is sitting down and preparing for the wedding. Seeing as they had to leave right away with the death eaters wedding crash, I think it can be safely assumed Crookshanks stayed at the burrow with the Weasley family as he was already there. We also do see Pigwidgeon in Ron’s bedroom when Harry is celebrating turning 17. He’s in his cage fluttering around when Harry uses magic to send Ron’s things flying around the room. I think it can be assumed, as he was also already there, that he stayed at the burrow with the Weasley’s too. After all, why would they leave if they were already there and left behind when the trio had to high tail it out of there? So I never felt like that was an unanswered question. I felt like it was safe to assume they stayed there as it’s confirmed they’re already there.

    On my thoughts of the immediate aftermath of the war ending; I imagine the Slytherin house, and anyone involved in it, was not treated too kindly. I compare it to WWII and the treatment of Germans after the war was over. Even members of the Hitler Youth, while most were not prosecuted as so many were just kids, that doesn’t mean they were treated too nicely afterwards. Even the ones who legitimately did not agree with it and were forced to join were shunned and treated quite badly by others. Even the adults who should know better than to group everybody all into one category acted this way. For a long time afterwards, if you were German, you were automatically untrustworthy which lead to unfair treatment. I can’t imagine it was too different with the Slytherin house. I do wonder if, once Hogwarts was fixed up and they were talking about what to do for the next school year, there was a heated discussion behind the scenes over not only whether or not to let former Slytherins who seemed to support Voldemort back in; but also whether or not to even have the Slytherin house at all. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were Hogwarts staff members that felt strongly about doing away with the Slytherin house period. I can only imagine how many students, when the scars were still fresh from the war, wanted to go home immediately after being sorted into Slytherin house. I also wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few cases of parents very angry that their kid was a Slytherin and either turned on their kids or pulled them out of Hogwarts preferring to home-school them than for them to be in Slytherin.

    And on Mugglenet Live, Michael I did hear some of your reading of the epilogue! But I had a goal for the Escape from Gringotts ride to ride it as many times as possible, so I left it before you were done unfortunately. What I heard was great though! I showed off that awesome wizard card you gave me to my best friend. Love it!

    I’ll also say my favorite costume that I saw at Mugglenet Live was Moaning Myrtle. Props to the girl who came as her for picking somebody nobody else was going to pick! I remember your costume better than anyones!

    • Alison

      Nooooo, my theory has been ruined! Guess it’s time for me to reread DH though!

      • DisKid

        I’m sorry!! It was an easy theory to come up with though as that’s really the only time we see Crookshanks in the whole book! Easy to miss

    • Katy – Slughorn’s Trophy Wife

      Those are good points about Slytherin house. Hmm…I’m going to have to think on that one.

  • frumpybutsupersmart

    What an awesome discussion! Before I get into anything, I just wanted to say that I spent my 19 Years Later reading the epilogue in real time. I started reading it at about 7:54 in the evening (I read it really slowly to savour it) so as the clock ticked over to 8pm (11am in the UK), the train was sliding away from the platform. It was beautiful. Then I tweeted, and that was about it.

    Referring to the politics of the magical world, I wanted to point out that the actual magical population is much, much less than that of the muggle world. Witches and wizards live all over the UK, but numbers-wise, they have about as many people as a medium-sized country town. There are simply not enough magical folk to have proper political parties (otherwise almost every adult wizard and witch would be a politician), and I think the population in general doesn’t really care all that much who is in power, as long as everything is running smoothly. There would always be outliers, but as Hagrid says in PS, it’s pretty much live and let live.

  • AurorPhoenix

    Loved this topic and definitely would be up to hearing more topics to fill the gap between Voldy-fetti and Cursed Child. I first started thinking about this when a Mugglenet blogger started a “19” series (think her name was Lizzie). That series goes into 19 minutes later, 19 days later, 19 weeks later, and then 19 months later. Not saying you all should do the same, but the blogger brings up some good points and it was fun to read.

    Also, it’s cool seeing the progression of what she believes is focused on in each of those periods of time!

    On another note, I’m kind of conflicted where Harry would have stayed as well. 19 days following everything, I feel he may have been a bit of a nomad while he attended funerals, helped with clean-up, etc. Crashing with Hagrid or Hogsmead for a while, heading to the burrow for Fred’s funeral. Then maybe making Grimmauld Place his first home at least for a little or with Ginny post marriage until the kids started coming and they needed a bigger place.

    • I always imagined Harry moving into Grimmauld Place after the dust had settled from clean-up, funerals, etc. and making that his family home with Ginny and their children (after a thorough cleaning and redecorating). I don’t think they would’ve needed a bigger place if Grimmauld was able to house the entire Weasley family and other various members of the Order of the Phoenix even with some rooms out of commission due to doxy infestations and boggarts during OotP.

  • MyGeeknessIsA-Quivering

    On the topic of statues and memorials, I always imagined there would be two main memorials: one in Hogwarts and one in the Ministry of Magic.

    The one in Hogwarts would be specifically for the Battle of Hogwarts and include the names of all of the Fallen Fifty, but show house unity. So the podium would have the names engraved on it, and something above, like the four students described in the episode, would be atop it. I think it would be likely that the original plan for the memorial would only show Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff due to the amount of hatred at that time that would likely surround Slytherin and the Death Eaters from that house, and because a lot of people would think that they hadn’t fought or had fought on Voldemort’s side. However, Harry would probably fight for Slytherin to be included to, given how his views on the house changed during the battle. I would also hope that some of the Slytherins who came back to fight would be vocal about their house being included as well.

    The one in the Ministry of Magic would be a replacement for the Magic is Might statue and would be more for the Wizarding War in general. I think it would be similar to the war memorials that are in Washington DC and have the names of everyone who was killed by Voldemort and his followers during the war. Perhaps there could even be two of these memorials, one for Voldemort’s first rise to power and one for his second time, or maybe both wars could be included in the one memorial, as so many of the people of the first war are tied to the people in the second.

    • the head girl

      This is what I was thinking, too – mostly the memorial in the Ministry. I imagined it as being made of white marble with the names engraved in it, right in the Atrium. I like the idea of having it in such a public place as a constant reminder of what was lost.

      • DoraNympha

        Yes! White marble with the names of the victims on it. Also, there’s the question of what it would depict: I don’t think anything like the previous figurative ones would be perfect but I was thinking of the Spire memorial in Dublin. Previously, it was Nelson’s column but after its destruction, anyone or anything figurative would have been political one way or another, so they erected a Monument of Light, no war heroes or freedom fighters depicted or anything on it, because that was for the best. I’d like to think the memorial in the Ministry is white marble with the names on it, simple, with a wand pointing upwards with a soft, ever-glowing light as if in a salute of grief and respect. No cheesy and dishonest witch-wizard-centaur-goblin-elf hierarchy, no wizards above Muggles statues, just a wand with the light that was found after the darkness.

        *edit: is Pettigrew’s name on it?

        • the head girl

          There’s a memorial at my university for a tragedy there and the perpetrator does not have a stone there. One was placed for the perpetrator and removed, and the official memorial doesn’t have one. That makes me think that no, Peter probably wouldn’t be on there. I don’t think even Harry would fight for his name.

          • DoraNympha

            I hope it’s not there. But then again, Harry made sure the Malfoys weren’t sent to prison so who knows?

          • Katy – Slughorn’s Trophy Wife

            I don’t think Peter’s momentary hesitation would erase the fact that he offered up Harry’s parents to the Dark Lord. I can’t imagine Harry ever forgiving him for that.

  • Lord_Trolldemort

    Loved the episode, as usual! I wanted to suggest that, if anyone did end up becoming a ghost, perhaps it was because they had no idea they were dead. I’m just speculating here, but since many of the children who died were killed so suddenly and so violently, it’s possible that the trauma and the confusion keeps them tied to this world.

    I know that ghosts in this world tend to be rather experienced and self aware (aka Nearly Headless Nick, the Bloody Baron…), but these are also very young individuals and probably very new ghosts. Just as Myrtle seems to be stuck in a continuous cycle of the habits that tie her to this world (fascination with death, moping and chasing after cute boys), it’s possible that there are new student ghosts that do exactly the same.

  • I want to defend my comment about Krum giving Hermione her moment. Would Hermione have been so impressive to other students if she went to the ball with Neville? Even if she went with Ron, Ron isn’t much cooler than Neville. I think Hermione would have totally gone all out with whoever took her to the ball and she still would have enjoyed herself immensely. But the impact that she has on the rest of the students would not have been the same if her date wasn’t the wizarding world-wide famous Viktor Krum.

    Yes, her makeover was impressive and unexpected, but the man who took her to the ball also brought a bit of glory to her as well. Hermione was the one that the celebrity chose. Not Pansi, not Fleur, not any other girl. The celebrity chose Hermione and that elevated her experience more than any other date could have.

    • DisKid

      I actually do agree with you that the fact that celebrity Viktor Krum asked Hermione to be his date was a big deal. If it had been somebody like Neville, people would have just thought “Oh well perfect fit, two geeks.” Whereas a celebrity who could, almost, have his pick of any girl he wanted and he picks Hermione who was never thought of as the prettiest girl; now that is something that definitely helped with giving her a moment.

    • SnapesManyButtons

      I agree, too. It takes nothing away from Hermione to say that having the most sought-after date to the Yule Ball gave her a fairy tale moment. Sure, with another date she would have looked just as lovely and people would have noticed, but having Krum take her sent a message to those who thought all a girl had to be to interest him was be pretty and available. Hermione was her frumpy, bookish self when he asked her. He didn’t expect or demand that she would transform herself into a beauty. He appreciated her for who she was, and even if Hermione didn’t “need” the validation, it had to feel good. [Personal story: When I was a freshman Music major there was a senior who all the girls had a crush on. He was handsome, talented and genuinely nice. One day we were all going to the professor’s house for a small party and girls were hovering around hoping to ride with him. Well, he looked right at me and asked me if I’d like a ride. To this day I remember how that felt. It was just a ride, nothing came of it and I think he just asked because he knew I wouldn’t read more into it than he meant. But that tiny moment still makes me smile.]

  • Silverdoe25

    Colin Creevey snuck back from where – HOME? He was a Muggleborn!

    • He had been evacuated to Hogsmeade along with the other underage Hogwarts students before the battle.

      There’s a bit of inconsistency there, because I would have expected Muggleborns to be excluded from Hogwarts during that year, but obviously they weren’t.

    • DoraNympha

      He was a member of the DA, he came with the others. He was told to leave once they started organizing themselves but then snuck back after all.

    • Alison

      Maybe he snuck back to Hogwarts earlier in the year? Or perhaps that night? I believe Lee Jordan put out the call, didn’t he? Or the DA coins? Or does it say that Muggleborns that were registered could attend (as in, the students that were already there, but not new students?). A great question I’ve never thought of!

      • Silverdoe25

        It must have been from the DA coins. There is no way he could have been at school all year with the Muggleborn Registration Act.

  • DoraNympha

    Thanks for the shoutout! ^^ And it’s so amazing to listen to all the stories from Sept 1! <3

    I guess the only way towards Percy Love is through a fair bit of Percy Hate first, lest it's apologism. He made some bad choices but he was 1000% understandable most of the time when other characters aren't even trying. So I'm going to be a sour adult now and be on his side lol.

    But hey, yes, let's talk about Percy in the aftermath of the battle! I mean, I'd like to think Kingsley knew about the family feud and his work and stuff and they really could use all the helping hands they could get to rebuild the country, so I want to think Kingsley offered Percy the chance to make himself important (for real now, not like when he's so "essential" that his boss can't even get his name right). However, I'd like to think that, for once, he politely turned down the immediate offer and said he wanted to be with his family for now. Oddly, his family would be pushing him to take Kingsley up on the offer but he would refuse, for now if not forever, and just be there with his family, catching up on everything that's been happening.

    I mean, as bad as it is to think about it, someone had to get their things, including Fred's, back to the Burrow from Muriel's, someone had to make sure Molly was eating, someone had to make sure George was never left alone unless he was asking for it, etc. Percy's a real independent adult now, I think he would be the complete opposite of the entitled boy he was in the everyday things, like, Molly might complain she had nothing to do because Percy would have cleaned the dishes before she could stand from the kitchen table, that sorta thing.

    Kingsley's cool, though, he would have remembered not to be a jerk and put Percy through the same things the previous Ministers did – in fact, ironically as he is such a trustworthy character, I'd like to think that after Percy's character development it was Kingsley that had to gain his trust. Like, really prove to Percy that he was not another corrupt leader, that he wasn't offering him positions to use him, etc. Percy doesn't know him, really, if you think about it: Kingsley is the Auror MISleading the Sirius Black investigation to him, he had no reason to fall for that deep voice that evokes trust in everyone after all the things he had seen for other "trustworthy" and respectable people. And Kinsgley wasn't elected.

    I'd also like to think he proved a valuable asset at sorting out the mess once he went back to the Ministry. He himself was probably questioned, if not in a court, then just in a general inquiry. I bet he would sit down with his receits ready and start talking and by the time he finished, they would have arrested three more Ministry officials, given out a handful of arrest warrants to previously unsuspected persons who contributed to war crimes, sent out people to find victims of war in hiding who may not have got the memo that the war was over, etc. When the inquirer asks if he'd like to add anything, he just requests his flat be cleared properly of surveillance magic because he can't remember what it's like to sleep without feeling like the Bureau of Information's trying to figure out where Harry Potter is by the way he's snoring. (Which is plausible, I know not one person who knew their flats were bugged even in the '80s because officials were listening to them using the typewriter to decipher whether they were writing anti-socialist leaflefts – and this was just because they were involved in promoting a yoga group that seemed like a western fad and an opportunity to spread western ideas or something. Yeah, people do that in war and cold war. Percy Weasley would have been watched 24/7.)

    I want to think Arthur also found a moment to apologise. We didn't get that one in the book. We should have.

    I don't think he would get the chance in the chaos to explain himself, though. Even if he did, one conversation is not enough for these things, so I'd like to think bits and pieces about what he was and wasn't doing at/for the Ministry during the war surfaced over the next months and years. I think he would just casually mention destroying a few Muggle-born files he could get his hands on but not being able to do much more or something like that. I'm not saying he was some hero who used a quill instead of a wand but I don't think he contributed to the atrocities the Death Eaters did through the Ministry. These would probably just come up over the Christmas table, everyone would be horrified by a couple of things Percy had witnessed, then they would awkwardly move on to pulling crackers or he would go on to talk about the real, important, essential things AT LAST, such as regulating broom handle thickness.

  • DoraNympha

    I’d like to think that, miraculously, somehow, the swamp stayed intact. The perfect memorial for Fred.

    • If the swamp didn’t survive the Battle of Hogwarts, I quit.

  • ThatTimeRemusWaddiwasiedVoldy

    Mugglenet Live was such a blast you guys! I had a great time and met some lovely people. For anyone who saw me but I didn’t get to talk to, I was the one running around with purple hair in my “dragon skin” aurors outfit that I made out of duct tape lol One of my favorite moments, I was having a nice chat about the audiobooks with the lady across from me at dinner, and was pleasantly surprised when Rosie jumped into the conversation, as I hadn’t noticed she’d been sitting next to us. Loved getting to meet you Michael, sorry you missed going on stage with Celestina 🙁 I also got to meet up for lunch with Aurelia, which was so nice after all our work together on collecting all the podcasts questions for Jo. And Felicia (one of our transcribing editors) Eric and Kathryn were all there so it was awesome getting to meet them in person. I suceeded in getting my copy of QTTA signed by Sean Biggerstaff, plus the bonus of getting a nice note from Rosie in it and Rohan was excited to sign under Wimbourne Wasps, since that’s where he was from. The night was such a blur, I could have stayed for another 3 hours. I also highly recommend getting the Lavender Earl Grey and Clotted Cream ice creams together, so tasty!

    • ThatTimeRemusWaddiwasiedVoldy

      Also, BIG thanks to Kat for holding on to my phone after I lost it, I had already busted it up pretty good earlier in the day and was bummed to lose it as well. I was thrilled that someone found it!

  • HowAmIGoingToTranslateThis

    More than fifty people died in the battle at Hogwarts, considering the size of the magical community in Britain and how interconnected they are, I guess about half of all families must have lost at least one of their own. Add to that the poor souls who were trapped in the lake in the cave, who are also in need of a safe final resting place, and May 1998 becomes the month of funerals and mourning. There is relief about a threat gone, and hope for a more peaceful future.

    If we take it as canon that the seven books are Harry’s biography, then Chamber of Secrets was published a couple of weeks after the Battle of Hogwarts.

  • The mention of the Hogwarts stairs made me consider the movie stairs vs the book stairs.

    The movie gives us this grand room with staircases that levitate and change positions.

    How do you read the staircases in the books? I never read them how they are shown in the movies. I’ve always seen them as more enclosed, individual staircases that will lead to a certain floor one day, but a different floor the next day!

    • Yes! The staircases swinging around is a complete movie-ism. I interpret them like you do – some staircases that lead to different floors on different days, as it says in the book.

    • DoraNympha

      I think there might be parts of the school where you can see overarching stairs like that but not necessarily one great tower with all moving stairs up and down as far as your eyes can see. I think you’re right, there might be connecting staircases that lead to a slightly different end from one day to the next. Secret stairs I’ve always thought were also shortcuts, magical, you feel like you only walked for a short flight of stairs but you end up on the other side of the castle. The Ravenclaw stairscase is also described as dizzying, I think that ought to have been much tighter than seen in the movie. I really hated the long grand staircase in DH2, though: never before had we seen that and it was very un-Hogwarts-ish if that makes sense. Though not supported in the books, my favourite interpretation was in PoA, where the staircase leads to a landing right in front of the Fat Lady. (Though where the guarding trolls would have fit, I don’t know!)

    • ThatTimeRemusWaddiwasiedVoldy

      Yes! I thought of the staircases pretty much how you did. Like some days there would be a staircase to a certain level in one location but later on you might just find a solid wall there and have to look elsewhere for that particular staircase. So potentially the entire layout of the castle would be ever changing. Which kind of makes the Maurauders Map that much more impressive.

  • DoraNympha

    I’d like to think that it took a couple of months for the dust to settle but then the Weasleys and friends had a nice seaside party at Shell Cottage, just a summer get-together, drinking butterbeer on the beach, laughing in the open air again, being young, and talking until sunrise.

    • This is a lovely notion.

  • RavenPuff

    Listening finally! I was home 🙁 but enjoyed sitting in my weasley sweater and Hufflepuff scarf with my Hufflepuff egg ornament I made and reading aloud to my husband who has never read em, so we’re reading em together. We’re in Goblet right now.

  • DoraNympha

    I don’t know, I don’t really like the idea of George and Angelina (or really anyone) bonding over grief. I’d like to think that happened years and years later! It’s a lot less weird that way. (Also, how long did Fred and Angelina even date? Was it just the one date, did it last a few weeks more? Did they have an on-and-off thing as long as Fred lived???)

    • I’m the kind of person that happily accepts whatever comes out of JKR’s mouth/pen/Twitter feed as canon, but George/Angelina was a pairing I resisted for a solid five years before coming to accept it. We have no idea what Fred and Angelina’s relationship was like, other than the fact they went to the Yule Ball together, but when reading the books I never interpreted that to mean they were instantly boyfriend and girlfriend. I kind of just assumed they had gone as friends. And by the time of Bill and Fleur’s wedding, Fred and George are eyeing Fleur’s cousins and vanishing from the party with them, which makes me think neither of them had any particular romantic attachments at that moment. It wasn’t until Jo referred to Angelina as Fred’s “ex” in the Year in the Life documentary that I considered they could have ever been boyfriend/girlfriend.

      In order for my headcanon that Fred II is older than Albus and Rose to work, I have George and Angelina getting together about five years after the Battle of Hogwarts. Unfortunately, I think it was inevitable that they bonded somewhat over their grief, but I don’t think this was the sole basis of their relationship. That said, I picture them having an unconventional/alternative marriage structure in some way or another. And I kind of feel bad that everyone thinks their relationship must be unhealthy or inappropriate because of the circumstances. Is it so impossible that over time their friendship strengthened and then developed into a romantic partnership?

      • DoraNympha

        My thoughts exactly on the confusion about Fred and Angelina. I was so puzzled at Jo calling her Fred’s ex in that documentary. Had to rearrange my life, my existence, travel to another dimension in a spaceship to find solace, and then fly back down to earth just to spend years asking “What– they, like, dated after that???” At any rate, I don’t think they lasted more than a couple of weeks. Fred was too busy chasing after Bagman, his money, the joke shop, pranks, and Angelina did not seem like a girlfriend when she was so mad at the team the following year that Harry was worried Wood had died and she was channeling his spirit.

        Jo does this all the time: writing couples who bond over shared grief. It’s alright, but there are multiple examples and George and Angelina happen to fit this too. Albeit, I’d kind of put their kids and marriage a bit later. Ten years, say. Serves everyone right too: just when everyone else’s kids would be starting to grow up, George and Angelina would have two evident troublemakers that no one can control. I want to think Percy also had his daughters juuuuust before George and Angelina had their children. Except instead of sucking the sense of humour out of Lucy and Molly, lil Fred and Roxanne would have given them tips for pranks to pull at home. The next day, Percy arrives at his meeting with MACUSA ambassadors in robes crawling with Pygmy Puffs he just can’t get rid of. The Howler he sends to George by lunch time can be heard across Diagon Alley.

        (Also, it IS a bit messed up how we call him Fred II when he’s really not. Fred was/would have been his uncle, not his predecessor! Hence me calling him Lil Fred.)

        • I use Fred II for clarity in discussion settings like this, but in my head I just call him Freddie. 🙂

          • DoraNympha

            Freddie’s the best yes! Wonder where the Roxanne came from. It may be just a name they liked but maybe Angelina has a relative? Either way, I think Wood probably peed himself from excitement at the thought of all that Quidditch talent handed down to posterity. (That is, if his memory’s not fuzzy after all those Bludgers by that time probably.)

          • I hope it’s just a name they liked since almost EVERY OTHER CHILD is named after someone else.

  • DoraNympha

    I’d still like to know when the last time was that Percy had joked, you know. What is that like? What was it about? When? What???

    Did he have a massive amount of survivor’s guilt, btw? On a scale of “pff that’s irrational” to “never ever even coming close to joking again”, how bad was it? Who told George what had actually happened? Who brought Fred’s body down to the Great Hall? Asking all the pleasant questions.

    • The more I reflect on it, the more it seems like no one could have survived the Battle of Hogwarts without massive psychological damage.

      How could Percy NOT have a massive amount of survivor’s guilt?! I think he would have to be the one to tell George the details, since he was the one their with Fred when he died. He would’ve helped carry Fred down to the Great Hall, perhaps with Arthur, or Charlie or Bill?

      It’s questions like this that make me love the epilogue in all it’s wrapped-up-with-a-bow, happily-ever-after perfection. It may not have been the most realistic way to end the story, but I don’t think I could have handled it not knowing that everyone became okay, in the end. ALL WAS WELL, DAMMIT.

      • DoraNympha

        How COULD it have all been well??? I mean yeah, I like it too but GOSHDARNIT it probably wasn’t. 🙁

        Maybe Percy was too much of a sobbing mess? Ron could have said, Hermione, when they came back from the Shack. On the first readings, I was still confusing things and remembered Wood helping carry his body but that’s just because we see him in the grounds doing that. That probably wasn’t pleasant either, since they were friends. :S

        However, now that we’ve delved into some of the gritty details, as an attempt to be more cheerful, how about I bring forth my theory once again, now that it’s relevant to the episode, that George would have returned to the shop to find a rogue colony of wild Pygmy Puffs? Let’s say he and Fred had left in a rush and some PPs were left behind. Once they ran out of their usual foods, they would have had only an array of magical sweets and potions to live on. This could have resulted in all sorts of mutations over time. Added to that a Lord of the Flies-esque self-organization where they would end up with a Pygmy Chief, dance around fireworks before hunting Diagon Alley rats, and terrorize the animals in Magical Menagerie. Death Eaters come to search the shop? These little devils would have built a perfectly orchestrated Home Alone style trap for them. Maybe they would even have learned how to roast those rats they caught over fires previously used for heating up cauldrons.
        Confused but amused, George has absolutely no clue what to do when he comes home to this but this is the first time he laughs since before the Battle.

  • Keeping the pleasant questions rolling, how do you think witches and wizards care for their dead?

    The only magical funeral we see is Dumbledore’s, which is probably a bit beyond the norm for the average witch or wizard. Are there magical morticians, or do family’s care for their dead at home and tend to all the arrangements themselves? I lean towards the latter option, considering that the “funeral industry” didn’t really become a thing until the 20th century, I imagine witches and wizards would hold to older traditions. Maybe a few days of viewings in the home so that people could come pay their respects, then a burial. Seems like it would be easy enough to cast spells that would preserve the bodies at least long enough for them to be seen.

    Do you think it would be the norm, too, for families to dig graves by hand (without magic) like Harry does for Dobby in DH? Where are wizards buried? We see James and Lily’s graves alongside many other known wizards in Godric’s Hollow, but was that an exclusively magical cemetery or do you think they were mixed in with Muggles from the village?

    Again, I can’t help but focus specifically on the Weasley family in the aftermath of the Battle. I can’t imagine them doing anything other than taking Fred home with him and preparing him for burial at the Burrow, having him laid out in the family room and George barely being able to leave his side until the funeral’s done. I’m sure the family would’ve wanted to help rebuild Hogwarts, but I can’t see them staying/going back to help until they’d tended to Fred. I like to think that they started a family plot not far from the paddock where the kids used to play Quidditch in the summers, so that Fred remains present for family gatherings, is easy to visit, etc. Can you imagine him being buried anywhere else? And can’t you just see the next generation playing Quidditch out there, and James throws the Quaffle way too hard and it goes flying and bounces off of Fred’s headstone and the kids are all just like, “…sorry, Uncle Fred!”

  • My personal head canon for Harry’s actions immediately following the battle are that he seeks out the Dursleys and informs them of what happened since he last saw them, as well as forgiving them. He will probably never get over the abuse he suffered at their hands, but I think that at this point Harry has been through so much that he wants to hold on to anybody and anything that he can. I think the Dursleys are finally accepting of him, proud even, and even though their relationship will never be peachy, they apologize to him.
    After that, Harry returns to Godrics’ Hollow, commissioning a memorial similar to the Potter memorial for the Dumbledore family. He also rebuilds his childhood home, and turns it into a museum to serve as a reminder of the horrors of the war as well as to send a message for what hate can do to people. I then think he buys himself a small house in Godrics’ Hollow, and has Teddy stay over some weekends to visit, and after Ginny’s graduation she moves in with him. Maybe Ron crashes on the couch sometimes.

  • Phat Albus

    What was I doing for 19 years later?

    I was literally at Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross Station, crossing the threshold…then I finally got my letter to Hogwarts….

    • Rowling should have considered this when writing the last book. There should have been a passage in mentioning a larger crowd of muggles than usual.

      We muggles must make it very hard for Hogwarts to run the Hogwarts Express each year. I wonder if they will change the date or change the mode of transportation. There is certainly a higher risk on September 1st

      • Phat Albus

        I dunno why they don’t just let everyone go via floo powder or have government officials disapparate students directly to the platform

      • ThatTimeRemusWaddiwasiedVoldy

        They probably just use Platform 6 & 3/4 now.

  • Colin Creevey is also the hardest death for me. I think alot of it has to do with Dennis and just the idea of brothers in general. My brothers have always been my best friends and Colin and Dennis, being so close in age, are probably best friends as well. The way they both shared such equal enthusiasm for the wizarding world is so incredible and touching and to know that little Dennis, who fell in the lake, lost his brother in the battle is really tough to stomach.

    But I don’t know why this is harder to stomach than Fred’s death. Fred had so many more siblings and friends and reasons to be sad for his death, yet Collin’s is worse for me. Strange.

    • Katy – Slughorn’s Trophy Wife

      Colin’s is hardest on me for several reasons…
      – He shouldn’t have even been there due to his young age.
      – His young age.
      – Did I mention he was young?
      – HE WAS A BABY!!! MY BOY!!!!!!!!!!

      Plus, he left his brother without a sibling (as far as we know, they didn’t have any others). His Muggle parents couldn’t even attempt to protect him as I’m sure they would’ve tried to do if they’d been there. He just never came home. He idolized Harry and wanted to be just like him…hence why he stayed to fight. And he didn’t seem to have a group of friends who cared about him much. He was in the DA with Dennis, yes, but did any of the other members interact with him outside meetings? It seems to me they treated him like Pigwidgeon…a noisy nuisance. And I think that’s why Harry would feel the most guilt about his death. He knows he should have treated him better than he did.

      At least Fred was of age, was a skilled wizard, and had a fighting chance. He was always fighting alongside others, but I get the picture that Colin was fighting all alone. There is some solace in knowing that Fred was mourned by so many, along with us. But who was mourning Colin that day?

      (And let’s not forget that the actor who played Colin was THE CUTEST LITTLE BUTTON OF A KID AND I JUST WANT TO HUG HIM!!)

      • Oh also, he gave his life up, not just for the world, but also for Harry. This kid was Harry’s biggest fan, and Harry never cared much for him. I guess that adds to the sad element. Harry isn’t very good to the people who love him… (like Dobby too!)

  • Vladimort Putin

    Two things I’m thinking about when it comes to the postwar period in the wizarding world. (Also, apologies if anyone else has said these things first. I don’t have the time to look through 90+ comments at the moment.)

    The first is with Pensieves and memories. It turns out that, magical or not, our memories aren’t as good as we think they are. They can be influenced by time, emotions, and even persuasion from others. So “eye witnesses” aren’t always the best evidence in cases. I wonder, then, even if a wizard didn’t deliberately alter their memory like Slughorn, would the Pensieve show what they think happened, or would it show the real thing? Small example. Let’s say a wizard saw another wizard levitating a blue car and throwing it at some Muggles. But after a few days, they could swear they saw a red car being thrown, not a blue one. Would the Pensieve show it as a blue car or a red car? And if the Pensieve shows it as a red car, how much can we trust it to show the truth all the time? I still wonder how it can show all that background information that the person whose memory it’s using wasn’t present for (e.g., if the person was inside the whole time, how could they see the people passing by outside).

    In regards to people like Runcorn, who weren’t Death Eaters, but weren’t really resisting them either. I kind of wonder if the situation might be similar to something that happened in history only half a century earlier. In postwar Germany, a lot of Nazis and Nazi supporters got off more or less scot-free. Things like the Nuremburg Trials were mainly concerned with the biggest, most prominent Nazis who hadn’t already died or successfully fled to another country. Plenty of others were able to go back to their lives as normal rather quickly, even as they worked alongside the very people they had persecuted not so long ago. I highly recommend watching the German film, “Im Labyrinth des Schweigens” (“Labyrinth of Lies”) if you want to see what I’m talking about. Anyway, to get back to Potter, I can’t help but think that maybe something similar happened, especially given how small the wizard population is. They may have decided, “Well, these folks weren’t /technically/ Death Eaters, so they’re not /really/ Voldemort supporters. They could have just been folding to peer pressure. And, gee, they really know how to run these offices, so maybe we should just keep them around to get things flowing smoothly again. As long as they behave now, it doesn’t matter, right?” Honestly, as much as I wouldn’t want to see this happening in real life, a part of me sort of wants it to have happened in the Potter story, because it would be a great reflection of real life and would be interesting from a story perspective. (And it would show that the wizarding community isn’t a perfect world, free of “problematic” issues, even after Harry won. And, no, I’m not taking the Play That Must Not Be Named into consideration.)

    Rebuilding after a war, especially a civil war (which I think it’s fair to call in this case) is never clean cut, no matter what the grade school, government approved history books like to make us think. And think about what sort of potential this could have in future years. Maybe some disgruntled wizards start feeling annoyed and pushed aside by the new society, and start to get a bit too nostalgic about Voldy’s time in power. Mutterings about how much “better” things were back then start to build, secret meetings happen, people who seemed like decent folks start to get swayed by the honey and lies that are being spread. Just imagine if Harry found himself facing off against a coworker and friend, or maybe one of his own kids, who’s been pulled into this new threat. Personally, I don’t want to pull That Certain Play into this, but if you did want to, think of how much better this could have been. This is a potential route that could have been used, and you wouldn’t have needed Deus ex Time turners or a Voldy cameo for it. Delphi, whether she was actually Voldy’s offspring or not, could have become a new and real threat. And just imagine if Scorpius was on the good side (wanting to avoid falling into Draco’s mistakes) and Albus fell into the Augurey’s forces! (As I’m typing this, I’m thinking of them as grown ups, maybe just out of Hogwarts at the youngest.) Imagine Harry having to face arresting his own son to protect Muggles, Muggle-borns, etc! I swear I didn’t start this comment with this idea in mind, but now that it’s come to me and I’m typing it out, I can’t stop thinking about it. But I’ll end this comment here before I turn this into a brand new play.

    Thanks for the great episode, and I can’t wait for the next one! 🙂

  • ThatTimeRemusWaddiwasiedVoldy

    As far as Ron and Harry not going back to school, I’ve imagined that it was the sort of situation where Hermione just assumed they’d all be returning but Harry and Ron avoided mentioning it to her for as long as they could, just to save themselves the lectures from her, as they’d expect her to try and convince them otherwise. But I also think that once they’d told her they didn’t intend to go back, she wouldn’t actually have fought them on it. I think she would be entirely understanding, given everything they’ve been through, plus the fact that she knows they don’t have much interest in academia anyway. I do think it would totally be like Ron and Harry to avoid that conversation though.

  • ThatTimeRemusWaddiwasiedVoldy

    I would think The Daily Prophet probably came under fire along with the Ministry through whatever actions Kingsley took to clean house. I wonder if any new laws were passed that would have pertained to Ministry involvement with the press, so as to prevent the Ministry from being able to lean on the paper or using it to promote the Ministry’s own narrative.

    It also seems to me like public opinion holds a lot more sway with the ministry in terms of who gets elected, than it does with our Muggle elections, where candidates often have the power of their party behind them before they even are on the publics radar as a possibility. Since there seems to be no strict division of parties each pushing their own candidate, it does seem like popular opinion among the citizens carries more weight in terms of someone even being considered in the running. Also, as in the real world, it is interesting how closely tied potential candidates are to whatever is going on with the current state of affairs. In a post-war climate, when the goverment is still rooting out Death Eaters and similar criminals, and dealing with its own internal corruption. It makes sense that an Auror who also happened to be in the Order, working outside the Ministry’s rhetoric to take down Voldy, would be a popular choice. We see much of the same with Scrimgeour, and in Crouch Sr’s rise to power. He only failed to secure the position once he was deemed to be taking too hard of a line, what with the sentencing of his own son and how that whole thing tainted his reputation, as well as his “by whatever means necessary” stance on behalf of the Aurors, at the expense of justice being fairly served. So it makes me wonder what the big issues are in the Wizarding world when there isn’t some dark wizard terrorizing the country. What kinds of platforms would candidates run on under “normal” circumstances and what issues would matter to a significant portion of the wizarding population? Do they have to continually fight for things like continued funding for Hogwarts or St. Mungo’s? Do things like civil rights for other magical beings/beasts become more prominant?

  • ThatTimeRemusWaddiwasiedVoldy

    My last thought- I don’t know if many of those who died in the battle would have came back as ghosts, but I do think there would be potential for the creation of another poltergeist. If we think of Peeves as this sort of manifestation of the emotional and behavioral chaos that comes with having hundreds of adolescents housed together, then I feel like an event this traumatic and far-reaching could create another such manifestation. This poltergeist wouldn’t necessarilly be like Peeves though. I think it would be a sad poltergeist, due to all the loss felt by the student body, but I also think, given that so much of that loss comes from those who sacrificed themselves in an effort to protect others, that this manifestation would also have elements of guardianship. So it would be a harmless poltergeist, who at first might seem creepy and depressing, but would help students in need. Perhaps it would defend a student from bullies, or would seek to comfort those going through a rough patch. Or even simple things like helping first years find their way to classes. I think it would embody the ideals that all those who died fighting against Voldemort held, and while being a reminder of the loss and devastation of the battle, would also be a source of comfort and protection for generations to come.