Episode 47 – GoF, 9: Dolumbus

This week we move on with Chapter 9 of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! Join hosts Caleb, Kat, Laura and fan guest Rachel as they discuss “The Dark Mark” on this new episode.

On Episode 47 we discuss…

→ Episode 46 Recap: Elves, Slavery, & POV’s; Winky’s function; Veela’s preference
→ PQOTW Responses
→ Familiar evil VS Magical evil
→ what’s wrong with Ludo?
→ Why Now?
Question of the Week
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  • Daniel Sharp

    Listening now but 2 points. 1.Harry is not as affected by the Veela as Ron because he has strong willpower. This is demonstrated later when he his the only classmate to successfully throw off the Imperious curse. 2. Bagman is “white and strained” because he has been dealing with/cheating the Goblins that he owes money to. We see them later with a sack of (Leprechaun) gold.

  • DolphinPatronus

    I’m listening now & I’m at the point you’re talking about Ron’s focus issues & I’m beginning to think he may have a touch of ADD…& nothing against him because I LOVE Ron but he’s fairly simple minded & I think that plays into him being more pulled in by the vela than Harry.
    As for Bagman I think he’s “strained” over his dealings with the goblins because as you mentioned he seems oblivious to the riot going on around him.

  • Susan Schutjes

    Just adding to the info about Bagman and Death Eaters: Harry saw the Bagman trial in Dumbledore’s pensieve, and Dumbledore tells Harry when they step out, that Ludo was never suspected of dark arts afterwards

  • dramatic_sheep

    Hi All,
    Great episode as usual.
    Just wanted to throw in two cents on the Hogwarts vs. Beauxbatons debate. I think Jo was actually highlighting how the French see us (British) and look down on us. I have lived in France many times (language student) and a lot of the French can actually be quite snotty and look down on you if you don’t speak their language. I also think Jo might be drawing upon her experiences of living in France from when she was an English teacher. A lot of the Parisians can be a bit cold and not very welcoming, I think this is reflected in the scene where Harry & co. run into a Beauxbatons student in the woods.



  • Usman Asaf

    Spoiler alert regarding Bagman, everything is mentioned regarding his presence in the forest and why he says “damn them” in the last chapter of the book. Page 732 of the american edition, George said “Turns out he’s in big trouble with the goblins. Borrowed loads of gold off them. A gang of them cornered him in the woods after the world cup and took all the gold he had, and it still wasn’t enough to cover all his debts.”

    i would hate to be bagman that night; lost a bet to a couple of teenage kids, goblins taking all of his gold and then a riot at the camp site… not having a great night, is he?

  • Gavin

    I know that this isn’t to do with this episode but I think that the leprechauns would beat the veelas! I’m late to the discussion because I haven’t had internet connection for three weeks and I need to show my Irish pride! From Irish lore, it is said that if you take your eyes off of them for a second that they will disappear and leave you crying. I believe that if the veela tried to defeat the leprechauns then they could disappear at will and leave the veelas in despair. The veelas wouldn’t be able to keep up with the mischievous devils. The leprechauns would then be able to appear behind the veelas, pull out their hair and voila, they have won. Despite the fact that they are generally harmless, fairies in Ireland gave the leprechauns powers to escape from humans or animals thus allowing them to vanish into thin air. I also want to say that I am so glad that Ireland won the Quidditch World Cup!

    • You win for this comment!! Yes!

  • thesecretbadger16

    I love doctor who so I am obviously a big fan of David Tennant in this movie. Also Barty Crouch Sr, I can’t take him seriously because he is played by the actor who is in Vicar of Diberly (comedy) so everytime I see him I want to laugh

  • tealsunset

    In Chapter 9 of Goblet of Fire, Bagman is indeed accosted by goblins. In Chapter 24, Bagman is in the Three Broomsticks described as looking “strained again, quite as strained as he had that night in the forest before the Dark Mark appeared.” This is when Hermione points out Ludo in the corner of the bar with some “menacing” goblins. As the commenter Usman mentioned, later we find out he owes the goblins more money, even after they took all he had on him in the woods after the World Cup. Jo Rowling successfully communicates that magic doesn’t cure everything, first of all gambling addictions.