Episode 62 – GoF 24: Cosmic Payback

This week hosts Kat, Eric, Michael, and guest Jeanna Marie from Hogwarts Radio, rip apart Rita Skeeter and her mean, ill-mannered scoop. It’s a long one folks (pun intended). You’ll get the joke later. We promise.

On Episode 62 we discuss…

→ Episode 61 Recap: Ginny vs. Cho; Beetle bug; Sorting stereotypes; Jo & Jane; Poll results
→ PQOTW Responses
→ Is Hagrid being protected by the Ministry? Or Dumbledore?
→ The scoop Rita missed
→ ”Giant” misconceptions
Question of the Week
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  • Olivia Underwood

    That advice scene in GoF with Cedric and Harry was awkward, and in a way, in my fanfic mind I imagined Cedric was in fact a closet gay and was actually crushing on Harry (that’s my imagination flying around)

  • DolphinPatronus

    I forget who commented that Prof. Grubbly-Plank traveled quickly if she wasn’t living at Hogwarts. It is still possible she doesn’t live at Hogwarts anymore. Just because you can’t apparate within Hogwarts grounds doesn’t mean you can’t apparate NEAR Hogwarts.

    • Bill White

      In OOTP, it is said when umbridge is checking up on care of magical creatures before hagrid returns that she is a temporary sub but umbridge says “you” seem to know what you are doing which makes hermoine fume b/c the implication is that she is against hagrid

      • DolphinPatronus

        Yes I know but during the episode one of the hosts commented that is she wasn’t living at Hogwarts she got there very fast. That’s what I’m refering to.

  • Honeydukes Empire

    Also, Grubbly-Plank could have flooed to Hogwarts. I know that in “Half-Blood Prince” the kids came back to Hogwarts from holiday break by flooing to McGonagall’s office.

  • DolphinPatronus

    In addition to my previous suggestion & Honeydukes Empire’s it is entirely possible Grubbly-Plank lives in Hogsmead. Which as we know based on the students getting to go there is pretty close to the school.

  • Elvis Gaunt

    You missed an important point this episode too, guys. Dumbledore mentions his brother and the goats. This is the first time we hear anything about his family. I remember it was quite intriguing the first time I read it. For one thing, Dumbledore up to this point seemed like this ascetic without any family ties or attachments, just working for the right. And then he says Aberforth could possibly not read. How could the greatest wizard of our time have an illiterate brother?

    • Olivia Underwood

      In his notes on “The Tale of the Three Brothers” in “The Tales of Beedle the Bard”, Dumbledore mentions Aberforth and his preference of the story ‘Grumble the Grubby Goat’. I think Aberforth probably had a fetish for goats…. Wasn’t his patronus a goat as well? I think it’s an eye-opener into his character as he’s absent for the majority of the books.

      Here’s the passages.

      Dumbledore’s notes on The Tale of the Three Brothers

      This story made a profound impression on me as a boy. I heard it first from my mother, and it soon became the tale I requested more often than any other at bedtime. This frequently led to arguments with my younger bother, Aberforth, whose favourite story was ‘Grumble the Grubby Goat’.

      From DH

      ‘I still say I saw a stag Patronus!’ shouted the first Death Eater.
      ‘Stag?’ roared the barman. ‘It’s a goat, idiot!’

      • Elvis Gaunt

        Yes, when Harry goes to the Hogshead in his 5th year for the first DA meeting, it is mentioned that the place has a mild smell of goats about it.

    • Dan Sharp

      It seems rather unlikely that Alberforth was illiterate since we know he finished 7 years of Hogwarts education. Not sure if Jo realized at the time how important he would be to the later story. Another anti-OGM?

  • Susan Schutjes

    Regarding the unicorns: there are myths in Europe which state that male have trouble catching unicorns, but a maiden can catch one, because it will approach this maiden (a girl who is still a virgin) and lay its head in her lap. Then, the unicorn may be caught.

    • Subjective Unicorn

      I don’t know if you have noticed, but in western European legends (mostly spread by Romans) unicorns portrayed with goat like hoofs and goat like features, later their portrayal transforms onto a creature mostly horse like. I don’t remember Jo describing a unicorn precisely in the books and was just wondering what kind of image she would take as a unicorn the medieval one or the contemporary one.

  • Subjective Unicorn

    Cedric’s clue shows him as a true hufflepuff, he did not want to take a shortcut by telling what the next task is, but he wanted Harry to find out for himself.With his hint he just pointed harry to the right direction, but the work harry has to do himself. To me it shows a true hufflepuff trait – hard working and fair

  • Subjective Unicorn

    About Rita Skeeter
    While listening to the previous episode I have noticed a clue from Jo about Rita Skeeter being a bug. During the Yule ball at dinner, Percy shows up and starts telling Harry about his promotion, during the flow of the “speech” about Mr.Crouch he says “that revolting Skeeter woman buzzing around”. This was a mini clue in a style Agatha Cristie’s crime novel, which i think can be noticed mostly after the reveal of mystery or during the reread when one knows “whodunit”.

    • Elvis Gaunt

      That revolting Skeeter woman was indeed buzzing around at that very moment.

      • Subjective Unicorn

        :) if Percy only had known that

  • the head girl

    I take issue with the idea that Parvati and Lavender are “weak” characters just because they like “girlie” stuff. In terms of actual character development, they may not be as fleshed out as the Golden Trio or the Weasley family, for instance, but they still have distinct personalities and clear likes and dislikes.

    As for lacking courage or strength just because they’re concerned with boys and clothes, remember that the Sorting Hat did place them in Gryffindor for a reason, and not just because their nails would look totally fetch painted in red and gold (which they probably do). The Hat saw the potential for them to be brave and daring as much as it did Hermione or Ginny, and the Hat’s predictions do pan out at the Battle of Hogwarts: though we don’t know how Lavender ended up being attacked by Fenrir Greyback, we do know that “…Dolohov attempted to retaliate and Parvati shot a Body-Bind Curse at him.” (US edition, pg 645). She’s also face-to-face with the Death Eater Travers a page earlier, fighting like hell and being super fierce while she does.

    • Subjective Unicorn

      I agree with your comment and would like to add that golden trio also has a chance to show themselves more often, as they end up in dangerous situations quite frequently. At the time of the 4th book, Parvati’s and Lavender’s world is quite safe at school and
      she did not have a need to face a dangerous situation yet. It is also the case with many other students, Voldemort is not after them or their friends, so they are less likely to end up in a life threatening situation. Whereas Parvati only has a chance to show her courage at the battle of Hogwarts, which she does very well. Starting from the 5th book the characters of other students are more clear, especially those who decided to join the DA, therefore I think that in the 4th book it is too early to judge anyone’s personality.

      • Guest

        Lets not forget that Parvati reduced a desk full of Sneakoscopes to dust in one of the DA classes :)

        • Subjective Unicorn

          that is when she showed her potential :)

    • Cassandra1447

      I think you’re absolutely right. Parvati shows herself to be a strong character, willing to stand up for what’s right, in the next three books. In OotP, she joins the DA. In HBP, she and her twin refuse to leave Hogwarts although their parents want to remove them thus remaining in solidarity with their fellow students. In DH, Parvati endures a year under the Carrows & Snape and is clearly still part of the DA (which causes me to believe she didn’t give into the Carrows and continued to try to do the right thing) and she fights, quite well I might add, in the Battle of Hogwarts.

      Unfortunately, our culture has an association between traditional masculine traits/interests and being strong while traditionally feminine traits and interests are associated with being weak. Ginny, who is athletic and very assertive and seems mostly uninterested in ‘girly’ things, is perceived as being strong. Hermione, whose calm rationality and intellectualism is a traditional masculine trait and who also doesn’t exhibit interest in ‘girly’ activities, is also perceived as strong. Now, both Ginny and Hermione are strong, but not because they aren’t girly. They are strong because, in difficult and dangerous situations, they choose to do what is right.

      On the other hand, Parvati Patil likes flirting and dancing. Her favorite subject is Divination, which is very emotional and gut-feelings driven, and therefore is more stereotypically feminine. She prefers unicorns to any other animal Hagrid has used. So, yes, I would say that Parvati is more ‘girly’ than Ginny or Hermione. As her actions in future books demonstrate, Parvati consistently does the right thing just as Hermione and Ginny and Ron and Harry do.True strength of character has nothing to do with how ‘girly’ or how ‘manly’ you are.

      One of the arguments made against Parvati was that she was prepared to prefer Firenze (because he was handsome) over Trelawney until Firenze made it clear he would not give her any preferential treatment. Parvati’s support of Trelawney was also held against her. May I point out that Harry and Ron support Hagrid over a better teacher (Grubbly-Plank who does not treat them any different than any other student) because Hagrid gives them special attention and treats them as friends rather than students? Trelawney treats Parvati and Lavender in much the same way as Hagrid treats the Trio. I argue that the reasons the Trio supports Hagrid and the reasons Lavender and Parvati support Trelawney are strikingly similar.

      • the head girl

        This. This so very hard. Thank you for saying everything that I was mad about in a much more eloquent and awesome way than I could.

      • Elvis Gaunt

        Ginny has “girly” traits too. She wears floral perfumes and has a cute, cuddly pygmypuff for pet…

        • Cassandra1447

          Ginny does have ‘girly’ traits too, as does Hermione. However, I think of them as being significantly less ‘girly’ than Parvati or Lavender.

          • Elvis Gaunt

            I was just adding to your point. Ginny, and as you say Hermione, too have girly traits. They do not make them weak. If anything they only make their characters more 3D.

      • Cassandra1447

        Sorry – thought of more stuff…

        I’ve realized I also have a problem with the use of ‘girly’ and ‘manly’ as descriptors for traits/characteristics/interests. Because that implies those traits/interests are assigned to one gender or the other. As if a man couldn’t make emotion-driven rather than logic-driven decisions. As if a woman couldn’t enjoy sports instead of fashion.

        I contend that the very use of these terms is restrictive and creates gender boundaries. I’ve used them here because the original commentator used them, and because it’s easier to type ‘girly’ rather than ‘stereotypically feminine.’ But, in the end, shouldn’t traits and interests be gender-neutral?

        A boy who likes ballet, and who identifies himself as male, should not be thought to be less-male because of his interest. A girl who likes race cars, and who identifies herself as female, should not be thought to be less-female because of her interest.

        And we’re all on a spectrum when it comes to personality traits. Where we fall on the spectrum doesn’t make us more male or more female. There are men who are very quiet and non-aggressive just as there are women who are the same. Then, on the other side of the spectrum, there are men and women who are loud and very aggressive.