Episode 98 – OotP 20: The Little Spoon

We finally see the return of our groundskeeper this week! Join hosts Noah, Kat, Caleb, and guest host Harrison as they hear about a dangerous journey in Chapter 20, “Hagrid’s Tale”!

On Episode 98 we discuss…

→ Episode 97 Recap: Is it bullying?; Harry’s happiness; Power vs Right; Foreshadowing or coincidence?
→ PQOTW Responses
→ Does Hagrid trust the trio? Or did he just give in?
→ Did humans & giants ever live peacefully?
→ Who actually sent Macnair?
Question of the Week
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→ Another tribute

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  • loony_lauren

    First off, Noah I am going to miss you and your crazy theories so much!!

    Second of all, I had a comment about the chapter, a small detail that was not mentioned in the podcast. Hagrid is using a large piece of dragon meat that drips green-tinted dragon blood. He states that the slab of meat is used to help with the stinging. Since it is covered in the dragon blood, could it be one of the twelve uses of dragon blood that Dumbledore himself helped discover, and it is the blood rather than the meat itself that is helping with the injury?

    • Socks & Slugs

      Awesome thought about 12 uses of dragon blood!

  • Hufflepug

    1. Noahhh! :( ok, no hosts are allowed to leave next week. Just kidding – but good luck Noah! I will miss your theories.

    2. I just wanted to explore an alternate timeline for Hagrid. What if he had graduated from Hogwarts and had never become the gamekeeper? Do you think it’s likely that he would have worked in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures and lobbied for separate spaces for giants to live (if he still went on this journey in that timeline, of course)? Because it’s a pretty awful idea to keep warring groups in such close proximity and Hagrid seems like one of the only people in the wizarding world to care about giants as we see later with Grawp. It seems likely because of his personality, but I don’t think it would be very successful because most people would oppose any of Hagrid’s ideas that involve dangerous creatures.

    • thegiantsquid

      I wonder if the Ministry would have wanted Hagrid to work for them? For as much as we love him, his vast knowledge seems to be limited to just magical creatures, though I suppose a full magical education would have helped with that. He doesn’t strike me as a very politically savvy person though, and I think a Ministry job might have bored him. Hagrid likes to be out in the field and getting his hands dirty, so I think it’s fairly likely that he would have ended back up at Hogwarts as a gamekeeper, or perhaps have gone the Charlie Weasley route. He may have done some lobbying, but then again, had he gotten a full magical education he would have retained his wand and been a regular wizard instead of an apparently wand-less half giant. This acceptance might have led him to focus away from his past to make a name for himself in other ways.

      • Hufflepug

        Very good point! I wonder if the magical creatures department requires you to be politically savvy or if it’s broad enough to include more hands-on work. I really do love the idea of him going the Charlie Weasley route :)

  • Socks & Slugs

    They say bad things happen in three’s: 1. Laura 2. Noah 3 no please not another!!!!!!! Noah thanks for igniting Alohomora and best of luck in your new venture.

  • To the giest this week. Are you on here?
    I live in Japan. If you msg me on here I can see if I can locate the audio for you.

    • Shelly

      I also want to know where I can get the Japanese audio! I have Kenja no Ishi in paperback, but I just don’t know/ remember enough kanji to get through in a reasonable amount of time :(

      • It’s tricky. I’m still looking. I’ll let you know as soon as I find it.

        • Shelly

          Thank you for checking for us! :)

          • I’ve managed to find one link. I’m looking for more, I think I’ve found them. I have a twitter @Girl_InBigJapan
            If anyone would like the links to the sites please tweet me and I’ll send it to you.

          • I have some links. If anyone would like the links to the Japanese audio books please tweet me @Girl_InBigJapan

  • It’s sad to hear hosts listening.
    Good luck Noah!
    Good luck Laura!

    I think you need a new host! I really, really enjoyed listening to your guest this week. I would love to hear him on a more regular basis!

    • Kat

      This is so kind! Thank you so much for your words. We can assure you, no other hosts are leaving. It was pure coincidence that Laura & Noah had to go at the same time. We have no plans to bring on any new hosts at this time, but, never say never :) Thank you again for listening!! Fabulous username :)

  • AccioPotassium!

    In this chapter, we were introduced to one of the more sizzling enchantments that we have come across in the seven novels . Gubraithian Fire has some very peculiar chemical properties compared to most forms of matter. For one, it’s able to continually undergo a combustion reaction* without ending. In the muggle world, this is simply impossible. A combustion reaction needs two kinds of fuel, which happens to be a steady supply of oxygen and some kind of organic matter. Without both of these types of fuel, a combustion reaction cannot take place in the muggle world. If we could use the same combustion rules as in the muggle world, Gubraithian fire would have to self-generate its own organic matter to burn for this reaction to take place. Oxygen shouldn’t be a problem because it’s readily available throughout Earth, but oxygen does raise a particular question involving this every lasting fire. Could Gubraithian fire still be able to burn inside a vacuum? In the muggle universe, fire cannot be started within a vacuum because there is no available oxygen. However, in novel one of our beloved books series, we see Hermione Granger use her classic blue fire inside a glass jar. This gives evidence that magical fire is not only self-generating its own organic matter, but also producing its own oxygen. Hermione’s fire jar also infers that the magic use in a combustion reaction is recycling or removing its own products while burning. If my stated information holds true, Gubraithian Fire is in fact, everlasting.

    *A normal combustion reaction. organic matter + oxygen –> water + carbon dioxide

  • Elvis Gaunt

    I have a few questions. Hagrid says they had to pretend to travel like muggles because he shouldn’t be using magic. But the trio had cleared his name why is he still banned from owning a wand or doing magic.

    At what point did Hagrid meet Grawp and convince him to leave the mountains. My guess is he was one of the giants being beaten up by Golgomath’s lot. Hagrid met him when he and Madame Maxime were poking around the caves. Hagrid probably convinced his brother that he had very low chances of survival among the other giants since he was “small”.

    How the hell did Hagrid bring Grawp to Britain all theway from Russia without breaking the Statute of Secrecy a million times. Didn’t Madame Maxime know what Hagrid was upto, so why didn’t she tell the Order about Hagrid bringing back Grawp. Or did she tell Dumbledore and he preferred to keep it a secret. Even if she did not tell anyone, Dumbledore would have surely enquired Hagrid about his late return. I don’t think Hagrid would lie to Dumbledore. So what was reaction on learning that there a giant in the forest now.

    • loony_lauren

      My guess about Hagrid having to travel like a muggle is that the ministry never got around to giving him back ownership of his wand, so he technically could not do magic. They are looking for any way of arresting them so they had to be very careful on their journey

    • Hufflepug

      Maybe since Hagrid only had three years of formal magical education, the Ministry decided it was too dangerous for him to use magic. I think your theory about when Hagrid met Grawp is spot on, but I’m also clueless as to how he could transport a giant that far without using magic to cover him up. Maybe Maxime could have cast some disillusionment charm – she could use magic even though Hagrid couldn’t, right? Still, I’m picturing an invisible Grawp stomping through the streets of London and pushing random passerby into walls…

    • thegiantsquid

      I wonder mostly HOW Hagrid found out that Grawp was his brother. When prompted by Hermione, Hagrid admits that he asked about his mother, and that seems like the most likely time that this would be brought up, but this seems like too sophisticated a conversation for giants.
      Hagrid: “Is Fridwulfa still alive? She was my mother.”
      Giant: “No. She died. But that guy over there is your brother.”
      Hagrid: “Wait what?”
      I mean, even that seems too complex. It seemed like the giants wouldn’t want to give away that much information, and even with Hagrid being half-giant, wouldn’t be too inclined to trust him. What do you think?

      • Elvis Gaunt

        I guessed that if the gaints could understand Dumbledore’s message, they would be able to tell Hagrid that Grawp is his half-brother. But, maybe those who understood are the more intelligent ones. Probably when Hagrid asked them about his mother, they couldn’t comprehend what he was saying but caught the word “Fridwulfa” and grunted “Fridwulfa dead, there Fridwulfa son” and Hagrid understood the rest. I wonder how Hagrid explained to Grawp that they were half-brothers.

        • thegiantsquid

          That does make sense, actually. They would be able to catch the word.

          I’m not sure about how Hagrid communicated the brotherhood to Grawp. Maybe Grawp didn’t understand exactly and that’s one of the reasons he fought Hagrid so hard on the way back to Hogwarts.

          Oh my god, did Hagrid kidnap Grawp? And that’s why Madame Maxime wouldn’t hang around? O_O

          • thegiantsquid

            Not that I think Hagrid was acting maliciously. I firmly believe he had the best of intentions.

      • ChocolateFrogRavenclaw

        totally agree that it would be too complex for them to understand. I always assumed that they just associated Grawp with Fridwulfa (and all children with their mothers), so (similarly to Elvis Gaunt) when Hagrid asked about her, they pointed him in Grawp’s direction.

        • thegiantsquid

          That definitely makes sense.

    • Snatch The Snitch

      I believe, like Hufflepug stated, that the Ministry wouldn’t want Hagrid performing magic with such a minimal amount of magical education. I think for his own safety it’d be better if Hagrid didn’t use magic (unless it involves a pig tail). I’m not sure if this was mentioned either, but using magic on the journey also could’ve attracted unwanted attention from the Ministry or Voldemort.

      Good question about Grawp; I’m still trying to figure out how Hagrid got to the island in the Sorcerer’s Stone. The only thing I can say is if Hagrid is good at one thing it’s smuggling gigantic or dangerous animals. Aragog, Fluffy, baby dragons who the hell knows what else! Maybe he just stuck to the wilderness? Maybe the Ford Anglia went and picked them up, but I’d just hope Hagrid could perform an Undetectable Extension Charm.

    • ChocolateFrogRavenclaw

      I always assumed you needed a sort of diploma to be able to carry a wand. To compare to the muggle world, I think that people like Harry, Ron, and Hagrid would have to get the equivalent of a GED (for Harry and Ron that was probably a combination of OWLs and fighting Voldemort). But Hagrid never took the OWLs so there is really no “official” document or test to grant him magical wand use.

  • Elvis Gaunt

    The Conjunctivitis Curse seems to be the signature defence spell of Madame Maxime. Fleur uses this spell on the dragon in the fast task of the Triwizard Tournament. Presumably it was she who adviced her student to use it. And now she has used it against the giants. A useful little spell.

    • AccioPotassium!

      You’re mistaking Fleur Delacour with the now world cup champion Viktor Krum. Vicky was the one who used the conjunctivitis curse on the dragon’s eyes during the first task. While Fleur try to charm the dragon into a trance to acquire the dragon’s egg.

      • Elvis Gaunt

        Yep. You are right. I stand corrected :)

  • AccioPotassium!

    I just have to thank Noah for all of his great strange & insightful commentary throughout his time on Alohomora, and for creating such a wonderful podcast in the process. I will surly miss Noah and Laura as the podcast progresses into the upcoming novels, and I hope they could appear as guest hosts in the future. Good luck to both you!

  • Laura Albert

    Guys, ‘Galbraith’ (as a mispronunciation of “Gubraithian Fire”) is JKR’s alter ego, Robert Galbraith.

  • Ellen Dawn

    Noah, you will be missed! Good luck with your new company and I hope to hear you and your mad theories back on the show every once and a while!

    When I was listening to this week’s Podcast, I had a bit of a weird comparison emerge in my mind that I had never seen before. The hosts were talking about whether they thought that Hagrid was horrible at keeping secrets, or if the trio was just very good at pulling the information out of him. During this scene, I see Harry and Hermione cleverly working together to push the conversation in the direction they wish in order to obtain the information they want. Hermione quietly brings up their prediction in a manner that seems as if they already know, starting Hagrid on the topic. Then Harry plays on Hagrid’s curiosity to know more about the dementor attack in order to get him talking. They know him well and exploit his weaknesses in order to
    learn what he was up to.

    At this point my mind couldn’t help but flash to Tom Riddle as he cleverly played to Slughorns weaknesses in order to get information out of him regarding Horcruxes. I very much like this comparison, because to me it shows that the trio is developing very similar skills that Voldemort was perfecting at their age, but in their case they end up eventually using them for good rather than evil. I see this comparison highlighting a common theme throughout the series that demonstrates that a person’s choices are what define them.

    Finally, I would like to comment quickly on the name of the gurg, Golgomath. This sounds very similar to the Aramaic word Golgotha, which means ‘place of the skull’. This name seems to perfectly match the brutality of the new gurg, since he literally just decapitated the previous gurg and left his head lying at the bottom of the lake.

    • ChocolateFrogRavenclaw

      That’s a really great comparison… Never saw it before, but it definitely makes sense. It just goes to show that the same traits and characteristics can be channeled into many different paths and that it is, truly, choices that make the difference. I wonder if Dumbledore notices this, too. I like to think that Dumbledore paid attention to everything Harry did (but I tend to forget that he also has a school to run and a wizarding world to calm down), and if so, he would totally see the connections (hence helping him discover that Harry is a horcrux).

  • Celestina Is My Homegirl

    Noah! I’m so sad to see (hear?) you go! I only found out about this podcast midway through June so I’ve been listening to old episodes at work trying to catch up and there have been a few times where my coworkers have given me funny looks because I’ve laughed out loud at one of your crazy theories or jokes. All the best for your new venture!

    That said, since I’ve been binge-listening, I thought the name of this episode looked familiar and that’s because Episode 66, where you talk about Chapter 27 of Goblet of Fire, is also called “The Little Spoon”. It’s not really a problem, I just found it funny. :)

    • Kat

      Sometimes the best is stuff is worth repeating 😉

      Thanks for listening! So glad you’re enjoying the show!

  • DisKid

    I disagree with the “scrawny, skinny” comment lol. I am very scrawny and skinny, I am always told by the doctor how I am too thin, and I am able to suck my gut in quite far. In fact, I did it right after that comment was made. Unless you are starving to death it’s not that hard to do. So yeah I don’t think that was saying Harry has started to beef out. Wearing Dudley’s old clothes could be Dudley’s old clothes from when he was 11.

    • thegiantsquid

      Also, Harry is rich in the Wizarding world. Movie canon puts them in hip Muggle clothes at Hogwarts, but really, I bet he just orders (or Hermione orders for him) some nice regular Wizarding wear and gets rid of Dudley’s crap.

  • Geez I come back from vacation to find the show has lost 2 hosts…I’m sad now. :( Best of luck to both Noah & Laura. You will be missed.

    On a side note I had to do a double take on the episode title. I thought I accidentally downloaded GoF chapter 27. LOL

    Fantastic guest! He was exactly the kind of guest I enjoy. His information about other translations of the books was very interesting.

  • Snatch The Snitch

    Farewell to Noah! I hope he can return as a guest at times, same for Laura as well. If the show is looking for more hosts to replace them I’d like to suggest Micah. Or really any of the other 3 hosts from Game of Owns because they also put out an amazing podcast. Defintely Micah or Kate would be awesome. Pull some strings Mr. Skull!!!!

  • GinnyWeasley002

    See, at first I was here all psyched “NOAH’S FINALLY BACK!!!!! HAPPY DANCE!!!”

    And then you just crush all of my hopes and dreams. You will be very missed, Noah! Please come back!

  • Yes Harry is scrawny and skinny. We all know he’s underfed at the Dursley’s house. So much so that when he gets to Hogwarts he develops a gut from eating so well…I doubt it.
    My brother is scrawny and skinny. He eats like a horse, with nothing to show for it but can suck in his guts with no issues.

  • spellephant

    You and your theories will be greatly missed, Noah! Please guest host often!

  • phew I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t had a chance to listen to this week’s podcast until now, and then I hear Noah’s leaving too?? Aw man! The podcast won’t be the same without you.

    Farewell, father of deskpig.

    Ellen Dawn, I had exactly the same thought about Golgomath/Golgotha! ^_^

    Also the -math part might come from the same root as mathematics, which is Greek máthēma, ‘science, knowledge.’ In other words (if the Golgotha part symbolises death) ‘Golgomath’ would be ‘one who knows how to kill.’ Or decapitate. Very apt. :-S

    And another point of etymology: I don’t think anyone mentioned it, but it seems the name of Gubraithian or Everlasting Fire seems to be the phrase, Alba gu bràth, or ‘Scotland forever.’ The gu bràth bit literally means ‘until Judgement,’ (as in Judgement Day, i.e. the end of the world). Implying that Gubraithian Fire, too, will last at least as long as there is a planet to keep it on! ^_^

  • Catching up from last week – first off, good luck to Noah in his new endeavors! I’ll be sure to stalk your new company and see how you’re doing. Second, I so much enjoyed Harrison’s contributions to the show – about audio books, and about how aspects of the books have been represented in different languages. He really adds something to the discussion. I think Harrison is a podcast natural, and if you ever ARE looking to add a host, he’s the one :)

  • Marissa

    OOTP is killing off the hosts!! Just kidding!! But Siriusly, both voices will be missed by my ears.

    Okay, so, two more comments that actually are relevant to the chapter discussed.

    1) Let’s assume that Hagrid not using magic has to do with him not legally being allowed to because he didn’t finish school. Here in the States if you do not finish high school you can take the GRE (General Educational Development) test as an equivalent high school credential. So why couldn’t Hagrid take a similar test? He can get his MOKE (Magical Obligatory Knowledge Exams) to prove that he is competent enough to wield a wand and preform everyday magic. This fits with JKR’s other animal-named exams (OWLs an NEWTs). Go look up “moke” in your Fantastic Beasts textbook.

    2) Does the phrase “Gubraithian Fire” remind anyone else of Galbraith? As in Robert Galbraith? Also, Golgomath kind of sounds like Gilgamesh to me. I don’t see much comparison here other than Gilgamesh was a great ruler. Maybe if JKR was going for the foreshadowing with Karkus/Carcass maybe she was foreshadowing that Golgomath would take over the colony. And I realize that theory is stretched like spandex.