Question of the Week

Podcast Question of the Week – Episode 104

This week, we’re asking you to consider Umbridge’s motivations on sacking Trelawney, in that final dramatic scene of the chapter.

In this chapter, we see Umbridge try to sack Professor Trelawney. Now, both she and Hagrid are on probation, the result of Umbridge’s evaluations. So why Trelawney? Was it based purely on performance, or was Umbridge working on the orders of someone else – Lord Voldemort, perhaps? Trelawney is, as we later learn, important to his current mission of trying to recover the prophecy. We have suspected Umbridge was working for/with Lord Voldemort before. Is this just another coincidence, or is she indeed working for the Dark Lord?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and tune in next week to see if your ideas are discussed on the show!