pqotw 164

Podcast Question of the Week – Episode 164

Thump, thump. Thump, thump. Is that a tiny metallic heart we hear, or something else?

The Trio finally gets their hands on the Locket Horcrux, yet, as per the last time they held it, cannot open it. Looking forward, when they do finally get the locket open, we see what the portion of VoldySoul has become; growing, learning, and reacting to the innermost thoughts and fears of the three. If the locket were to open now, so soon after their retrieving it from Umbridge, what would appear? Would they see visions of Umbridge, and what the soul has “learned” from her? Would the soul manifest itself in the same way, with figures made of smoke? Or would there be a tiny, metallic ‘beating heart’ like Harry guesses?

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  • Mischief Managed

    I think the way the different horcruxes act is actually incredibly fascinating. The diary is a special case, able to completely possess someone. The ring curses Dumbledore’s hand when he wears it, but does not seem to affect the mind (from what we can see). The locket is definitely an ill presence that affects those who wear it mentally. We never get to see the cup be destroyed, or what it can do (if anything), and the diadem simply dies in the fiendfyre, we don’t get a chance to see what might have happened if someone tried to wear it. Nagini is living, so has her own special set of circumstances…

    It seems as if each horcrux behaves differently. Could this have to do with how big a piece of Voldemort’s soul went into each? The ones he made early (Diary, locket, ring) seem to have more power to “fight back” and affect people than those he made later. Nagini is the exception, being a snake she already has plenty of natural defense mechanisms…but they don’t seem to be horcrux related (unless you count the Voldemort possession thing).

    Back to a bit more of the actual question here…I think the locket would have still fought back like we see, but not quite as effectively. I think even in short moments it can glean something, but the longer it is held the stronger its connection to those it is trying to affect gets. So it would probably go after Harry the most–since he is also a horcrux, maybe it can connect with him more easily and be able to find those deep dark secrets a bit more than the other two? So we would see visions of Harry’s loved ones dead, or maybe a Dementor…Or perhaps, instead of being able to bring up specific fears (such as Ron’s fear that Harry and Hermione are falling in love) since it has not been with the trio long enough to learn these, it would have tried to show some more generalized fears or taken the form of Voldemort himself to try to scare whoever attempted to destroy it. I think it would have manifested in the same way we see with the smoke figures, whatever it attempted to do.

    • WhoDoYouKnowWho’sLostAButtock?

      I also think it’s fair to consider that the items Voldemort turned into Horcruxes probably had their own magical properties before he ‘defiled’ them by making them Horcruxes. It’s been suggested in previous podcasts that the locket, being Slytherin’s, probably had some sort of powers, perhaps the ability to influence the wearer or sense things about the wearer. And it’s not as though Voldemort chose pedestrian objects. We’re looking at Helga Hufflepuff’s cup, which according to Hepzibah was rumored to have all sorts of magical properties. We’re looking at the Resurrection Stone, which — honestly, we have no idea what effect turning a Hallow into a Horcrux really had on that item. Dumbledore handled it and the curse cost him his life; that’s all we know.

      The part of Voldemort in the Horcrux would always fight back and try to defend itself, but the properties of the item it was encased in would likely affect HOW that particular fragment of soul affected the wearer/bearer and how it fought back against possible destruction.

      • Olivia Underwood

        I really wonder what magical properties specifically Helga Hufflepuff’s cup had. Imagine if it was like the holy grail or something, turning water into an elixir of life. Since it’s Hufflepuff, it probs had something to do with health and healing properties. Harry destroys the curse of the elder wand but also destroys other formidable sources of power in this book, which in the wrong hands could have done serious damage. So in a way, Voldemort shot himself in the foot by turning these sources of power into targets to be destroyed – it’s possible that they could have helped him survive if he had just kept them and not turned them into horcruxes. Unfortunately, he valued the power of immortality over all other forms of power, including intelligence, healing powers, etc…

    • That’s not a virus or anything, by the way.

      • Mischief Managed

        Yeah I know all the alohomora listeners are awesome but not gonna lie I was a bit hesitant to click it. What’s it linking to?

        • A horcrux diagram, it’s okay though, YoRufusOnFire did one out in text below if you’re still reluctant.

  • I have seen your heart and it is mine… Just as I have seen your PQOTW and think it is interesting.
    I think that to imagine the Voldeform at this point in time, we need to think about it’s experiences before this.
    First, before Dolores (sadistic and cruel in the pinkest way possible), we had the “smelly sneak thief” Mundungus Fletcher, a crook who had no problem with looting the House of Black after Sirius died. Preceding him, Kreacher, whose effect on the Horcrux (or indeed vice versa) is debatable, and the Black family, in particular Walpurga, who was descending into madness with the death of Regulus. I think it would have been very well tuned to ‘normal’ human minds, but not the specific intricacies of those of the trio.

  • SlytherinKnight

    Question: Why did the Trio keep wearing the Locket around their necks?!?!! Why couldn’t Harry just keep the Locket in the moleskin pouch that Hagrid had given him for his birthday? He kept the Snitch that Dumbledore gave him, and in time the pieces of his wand after it is broken. It’s still kept on Harry and in a safe place, but not physically on them!!!

    • Horcrux-mind works as an aura so that wouldn’t have worked 100percent, but probably would’ve been three times better for them.

    • Buckbeak is my spirit animal

      I think it’s also more likely that the pouch could get ripped off Harry’s neck than the locket.

    • Yo Rufus On Fire

      YES! I ask that question EVERY TIME! The pouch and only be opened by the owner so no one else would be able to get into it. I wonder if because the object was so dark that the pouch might reject it? Or! OMG, could it be that because Voldemort’s soul is in the locket that the Pouch is rejecting it because it’s not Harry? Yes Harry does have a piece of Voldemort in him, but a small sliver, the locket has much more of Voldemort’s soul.

      • OOOOOOH. I love magical theory. But only by Alohomora… not Albert Waffling.

      • SlytherinKnight

        Or it could just that the Golden Trio doesn’t have much common sense when handling a Dark and dangerous artifact. You would think that after seeing/learning what the diary did to Ginny, that they would NOT KEEP IT ON THEIR PERSONS!!!! If they put it in the moleskin pouch, as you pointed it out, only Harry could reach it, but they could still pass the pouch around so that if the locket still did have an affect, it wouldn’t only focus on one person. Also, Ron probably wouldn’t have ran off if they had put the locket in the pouch.

    • IamHuffeldorhearmeroar

      I think that the thinking on this decision was that the hot tux needed to be kept in sight at all times. It’s one thing to put momentos or even a final gift from a loved one in the pouch. It’s another to put the horrid in the pouch. If that pouch is lost so would the horcrux. Plus they didn’t know just how affected the horcrux would be. All they knew was how important it was and that after all the trouble they went through to get it the shouldtake every precaution they could to make sure it stayed with them i.e. Wearing it on their person at all times and in plain view.

  • I’m wondering what would have happened if Umbridge had tried to open it (not sure why she would or how she learned parseltongue all the sudden but go with it…). Would it show her her fears or since she feels an affinity with the locket and actual pride in “owning” it, would the Voldesoul attempt to “imperius” or just manipulate her actions. If she opened it up (akin to Ginny becoming attached to the diary) could Umbridge become the mouthpiece/physical arm of the locket like Ginny did? Or is it different because Ginny could “communicate” with that piece of soul? Also I’m curious about someone like Bellatrix opening the locket and how it would act differently than it does with its enemies in Ron and Harry.
    Another interesting question, say circumstances had it that the trio (or maybe just Harry) wore the locket for a much longer time, years even, would it eventually corrupt them/him? If your exposure to it was so prolonged, could it change you or does it just enhance what you already feel?

    • If Bellatrix opened the locket, well… all I think she would become the very best, the best there ever was…. heh, Pokécrux.

    • On a more serious note, I do agree with your last point – maybe the locket contributed to the madness of Mrs. Black and Kreacher’s state of mind.

  • caput-malfoynis

    I find myself drawing comparisons between Voldemort’s Horcruxes and Sauron’s One Ring. The Ring has a mind of its own, and does whatever it can to get back to its master, such as the manipulation of feelings (drawing up emotions of paranoia, jealousy, etc), just like the Horcrux (specifically the locket) does. As its main goal is to get back to its master (the Ring shows this by escaping Gollum on its own and the Horcrux shows this by trying to kill Harry in the lake),
    I don’t think it would show something that could potentially give an advantage to the bearer, such as showing the fears of an enemy like Umbridge, just like the Ring would not do so.

    • Except Horcruxes are a defensive magical failsafe. The Ring was (correct me if I’m wrong) meant for breaking things and making the wearer more powerful.

  • pure-muggle

    I think the horcrux has a “will to live” just as Voldemort does
    (or maybe a fear of death?). It does what it can to survive.

    When Harry found the diary he was drawn to it and kept
    paging through it. The diary manipulated whoever found it into getting close to
    it. I think the locket – in its own way – does the same. When they found it in
    Grimmauld Place they tried to open it and then threw it away. I believe the
    locket wanted to leave that house, it could sense the inner desires of each
    person that holds it and it perhaps knew that it was in the most dangerous
    place it could be. Similarly, I don’t think it was a coincidence that Umbridge
    took a liking to it. It charmed her (like Riddle charmed so many) and knew that
    she could give it some safety and a place it could thrive off of her special
    kind of evil.

    I think the journey of the locket shows us just how charming
    and manipulative it can be. So what would happen if they opened it now? It
    would appear to be a weak, innocent victim – for two reasons, firstly, it wants
    to appeal to the kind and hero natures of Harry (and Ron and Hermione who
    suffer from the same “saving people thing”) – this is perhaps its only chance
    of surviving. Secondly, it’s just spent time with Umbridge and no-one can pull
    off sickeningly sweet as well as she can!

  • Hagrid’s Missing Intellect

    Since the soul fragment in the locket is part of Voldemort, I think it’s possible that it could perform legilimency on the trio in order to find out their worst fears. After all, the Diary Riddle retained the same memories and abilities of the 16-year-old Riddle, so it would not be unreasonable to assume that the portion of Voldemort’s soul residing in the locket would be able to glean information from the trio’s minds. Maybe this is yet another reason Dumbledore wanted Harry to practice occlumency; he might have known more about the capabilities of horcruxes than we realize.

    • Olivia Underwood

      Lol, just read your comment after I wrote mine! I agree and yes, it’s possible Dumbledore wanted to know the capability of a horcrux and what skills it could use (omg, just called Harry ‘it’, not good haha, but that’s one of many problems people have with Dumbledore). What I find fascinating is the difference between the bare horcruxes we see in the books (e.g. Tom Riddle memory, the locket Voldemort etc) compared to the very last one in King’s Cross. Like how Voldemort couldn’t bare to go into Harry’s mind, it’s interesting to see that the horcrux in Harry is virtually powerless and a baby compared to the other horcruxes. Harry’s soul affected it so much that it’s practically dying, which is true by the King’s Cross scene pops around because it’s been hit by the killing curse, but I also think it’s because it was in such close proximity to Harry’s own, whole soul. A whole soul it going to be a lot more powerful than any horcrux. At least, that’s what I get out of it.

      • Ohh god, just wondered if Dumbledore every called Harry ‘it’ in his head… after all, was he not a tool to be honed, but never trusted, ever confided in… I don’t know why that quote sticks in my head. But it does.

        • SlytherinKnight

          He probably did, I mean it would have been an ‘easy’ way to disassociate Harry from being an actual person, knowing that Harry would have to ‘die’ in order for the Horcrux to be destroyed, trying to ease his own guilt at sacrificing Harry by ‘tricking’ himself into believing that Harry wasn’t a person, a human, he was the Horcrux first. We all know that Dumbledore cared more for the destruction of Voldemort than Harry’s well-being, no matter what Dumbledore might have said.

          I wonder what Dumbledore would have done if Voldemort hadn’t used Harry’s blood in the potion in GoF, since I believe that is the only reason that Harry survived the Forest, because Harry had his own pseudo-Horcrux in Voldemort.

          • True. Though I kinda meant unconsciously, not as a psychological technique to distance himself from him.

  • MoodyHorcrux

    I think it would still depend on who opens the locket.
    I understand that it has been very close to Umbridge till now, but I think the locket would have already adapted to its new prey so to speak, aka the trio. When Ron originally opens the locket, I always felt that that part of VoldySoul was reading Rons heart and his deepest fears and secrets because Ron was the one who opened the locket and was standing right in front of it fully exposed to whatever was to come from opening it. The trio takes turns wearing the locket; I think they all wore it around the same amount (till Ron leaves that is..) … I don’t think the locket was necessarily studying the three of them and adding up its intel with each turn he had on their chests …. and even so, I believe that once the locket finally opens, its whomever is standing directly in front of the locket who is read and completely exposed and taunted.
    (I can’t remember if it’s just movie cannon, but when Ron strikes the locket with the sword, it cracks open and an eye from inside opens and looks right at him before Voldie’s voice starts to talk and all the taunting smoke figures appear, I think thats when it looked into his soul and found his weaknesses)
    That being said! … I think if they got the locket opened now (Dumbledore wtf man..) It would depend on who opened it, and if it was still Ron who opened it, It wouldn’t show Harry and Hermione naked, kissing and saying that they were better off without him … It would probably be showing Ron his whole family being tortured and brutally murdered in front of him because he left them to die and how it’s his fault.

    I know that wearing the locket makes that person feel pretty horrible, and act horrible too, because it’s you know, VoldaSouled… but I think it’s a different situation when you get it to open. For instance if Umbridge was wearing it that whole time and then she lost it while going to the bathroom… and someone found it and busted it open with the Sword of Gryffindor, I don’t think the locket would go on and on about Umbridge’s fears to some poor witch who doesn’t care about what Umbridge is scared of, how would that be torture to this said random witch? So in short, I don’t believe that if the trio opened it now, they would see Umbridge’s fears and sad story. It would see the fears of who ever was seen by the locket aka standing in front of it when its opened.

  • Casey L.

    I’m guessing the piece of soul would have detected the most emotionally-vulnerable of the three of them and manifested itself pretty much the same as we later see. At this point, though, I don’t think that’s Ron – it’s too soon after they started. He’s physically unwell but still pretty strong emotionally. It could be Harry, but Hermione seems most likely to me. Maybe she sees Harry and Ron dead or her parents, and I’m not sure she could have destroyed it in those circumstances. I’d imagine Harry or Ron might have had to step in. If the horcrux did to her what it did to Ron, though, showing him with another girl . . . well, that’s a completely different story.

    I don’t think the locket would have picked much on the others who had it before the trio. It seems safe to say Regulus, Kreacher and Mundungus never would have worn it. Clearly Umbridge did, but she wore it like a piece of jewelry, and it seems likely she would have taken it off regularly. A lot of the time when the trio wears it, it seems they put it under their clothes, so it’s closer to their skin and especially their hearts, and it seems that would make it easier for the horcrux to pick up on their vulnerabilities.

    • Gryffindork

      I agree, in the story the locket attacks Ron as he is seen as the most susceptible to emotional manipulation. At this point in the book that person is definitely Hermione. She just witnessed the muggleborn trials which as its purpose is to remove muggleborns from wizarding society would be Hermione “…Or worse expelled” Granger’s biggest fear as evidenced by her weak attempts at a patronus.
      If they managed to open it now I think the locket would play on Hermione’s fears of being caught and removed from the Trio, maybe even being obliviated like her parents so that she doesnt even remember she’s a witch.

  • HowAmIGoingToTranslateThis

    The locket has been in the Gaunt family for centuries. All Slytherins, descendants of Salazar himself. Only someone who can speak (or mimic) Parseltongue can open it. Maybe there was a family tradition about what was to be kept in the locket or which family member got it. Salazar probably charmed it with some interesting properties, and others may have added or removed charms and curses. When Merope had to sell it, the locket left the hands of the family, and maybe it had been charmed to influence it’s own fate to return to the next generation of Slytherin heirs. Of course, it wasn’t unlikely that Tom Riddle Jr. Found it anyway, because he had an interest in magical objects related to powerful wizards. But if
    someone else than Hepzibah Smith had bought it, maybe they would have put it in a Gringotts vault and left it there.

    Anyway, after Voldemort made it into a horcrux, the history of the locket became less important. He cursed it to act in certain ways when worn, opened or otherwise handled. The defense mechanisms had to become more powerful the closer someone would get to destroying the locket. When opened by someone who was not holding the sword of Gryffindor, the locket-Riddle would have reacted less spectacular, I think. More subtle, less “panicked” to avoid its impending death. The figures of smoke may be a default, or depend on the person who is attacking the horcrux. I think the beating heart is not real, but rather how a person interprets the locket’s form of being “alive”. Being in close contact to Umbridge who regards the locket only as a piece of jewelery would not affect the horcrux. If she opened it (which she can’t, because she doesn’t know how), there would be nothing special in there, maybe faded velvet, remnants of a photograph or a lock of hair or something else that disguises the true nature of the object.

    What would appear if the trio opened it right after retrieving it? I believe the locket reacts less aggressive if there is no immediate threat. The trio doesn’t have any means to harm it, and if the horcrux can detect that (or rather the absence of a presence like the sword or a basilisk fang) it would maybe just pretend to be harmless. Or stay closed! It can fight against someone wielding a sword by influencing the attacker’s mind with the shadow-figure-theatre, but only if open. If there’s no threat like the sword to be fought, maybe it wouldn’t even bother to put up a fight.

    • Buckbeak is my spirit animal

      I like the idea that it wouldn’t put up a fight without sensing any threat. That’s a cool idea.

      I’m not sure I agree that if Umbridge had somehow opened it nothing would have happened. I kind of think it probably has some method of truly possessing the wearer, so if she opened it, or the Trio opened it without the means to destroy it, they might just get possessed.

    • I doubt that the Locrux (ha, wordplay) would be so easily passive. I feel like it might try to be a little more demonic apparition/genie in a lamp; I will grant you a wish, ect. this could build up a positive relationship between the owner and the locket, allowing it to possess it’s possessor, just like with Ginny and indeed Harry. The diary probably could’ve shattered Harry or Ginny’s mind, but it chose to lay off them to build up their trust to gain information/a ‘host’ (which creature did I get that term from… the Remnants from Skullduggery Pleasant?) at a later date.

  • SnugglesWithNifflers

    Considering how the diary was able to learn about Harry through Ginny, I would think the locket would be able to do something similar through Umbridge. From all the “Undesirable Number One” posters, we know that she has been fixated on Harry for much of the time she has been using the locket as a pureblood ruse. Although the locket doesn’t have the same back-and-forth mechanism as the diary, we know it can read thoughts from what ends up happening with Ron. If Harry were to open it now, the locket would probably already know about him, through Umbridge. Since Umbridge was always able to get under Harry’s skin, I have a feeling that the locket would be able to exploit Harry’s weaknesses, just as Umbridge could. Umbridge knew about Harry’s close relationship with Sirius, so I wonder if Harry would have seen a perverted version of Sirius, one that blamed him for his death. Alternatively, with all the press that Dumbledore’s relationship with Harry is getting, it’s also possible that he could have seen an evil Dumbledore who would prey on Harry’s insecurities about leading the group.

  • DumbleDwarf

    I don’t think that a version of Umbridge would appear. We know that with important magical objects ownership is an important concept, as we see with wands. So the locket would have transferred ownership from Umbridge to the trio and it would now focus on learning about and exploiting it’s new owners. If the locket were to be opened at this time when the same smoke-soul manifestations would probably occur. However they would be a lot less dangerous. The locket learns about the wearer and their insecurities and uses this information. If they opened it now, the figures would be powerless, with no or little knowledge to exploit. So, at this point in the book of they opened the locket it would be a lot easier to kill.

    • Yo Rufus On Fire

      I don’t think that the locket would be easier to kill if they opened it now. It still is going to protect itself no matter what to stay alive. I think it would find another way to kill or injure the trio so it could keep itself safe. Maybe perform Legilimens like some of the other comments posted or something else entirely. it would come out and immediately as it’s interacting with the trio it could be learning and evolving. It’s not going to come out and just stand there waiting for the someone to strike it down.

    • I get what you’re saying and like the idea, but honestly I think that that the Horcrux would preform some quick Legilimency – it wouldn’t be as accurate or indeed as psychologically petrifying, but still something to be afraid of. It would be less cutting and concise, more brutal in it’s methods.

  • Olivia Underwood

    I think I’ve said it before, but the concept of the horcrux reminds me so much of the Picture of Dorian Gray. The picture over time develops from a simple portrait to a monstrous mirror with almost a soul of it’s own. Of course, it’s actually a mirror image of the actual Dorian Gray. Since the part of Voldemort’s soul, which is in the locket, is from when he was young, I think it actually acts slightly differently to the actual Voldemort, just as the soul in Riddle’s Diary acts slightly differently. However since Voldemort never developed or changed mentally after the age at which his soul was first split, one can argue there is little change. It’s a fragment that has been stuck in time, like Dorian Gray, and, like the portrait of Dorian Gray, it forces it’s opponent to face their greatest fears and weaknesses within themselves.

    Answering the question however, I think the locket would react in the same way at this stage, but perhaps target different weaknesses to the ones it does later. The Ron and Hermione thing is further cemented in the next chapters, especially after Ron leaves, so at this point in the book, it would probably address slightly different points (esp when you take into account what the reader knows and doesn’t know at this stage). Given it’s part of Voldemort’s soul and the fact that he is a brilliant legilimens, it’s fair to say that the locket would be able to read into it’s attackers mind quite easily (so it would know of Ron’s fear of spiders, his fear of being a disappointment to his family). One could argue not, since legilimency is to do with the mind and since the horcrux is a soul and not actually Voldemort’s mind, it would be impossible to do this, but in Harry’s case, as Dumbledore says to Snape in ch 33,

    “Souls? We were talking of minds!”

    “In the case of Harry and Lord Voldemort, to speak of one is to speak of the other.”

    So perhaps, in Harry’s case, since he too is horcrux, it doesn’t matter if the horcrux was in contact with him for a short amount of time or a long amount of time, because the connection was always there. Perhaps through Harry, the horcrux can see what Harry sees, and is therefore able to dissect into Ron’s mind. So it’s a mixture of horcrux power and legilimency. This, I think, is also valid for the canon as well, but this is all just speculation.

  • I don’t believe there would be anything like a metallic beating heart inside. Harry only comes to that conclusion due to the locket being metal and the presence of a heartbeat.

  • Why is it that the diary produces the shadow of young Tom Riddle who becomes more and more solid and physical as Ginny grows weaker and weaker? When the diary is opened, it’s a gateway between 2 minds; the writer and Riddle. The more emotion poured into the diary, the more strength Riddle gained.

    The more emotion poured into the locket, the more power it gains? Would this, or does this, work in the same way? Is the soul in the locket more powerful when it is finally opened than when it was first taken from Umbridge? I think it would be. So opening it first thing after retrieving it would have revealed simply something sinister and evil rather than something rooted in emotion. The locket has to learn just like the diary did and without the time to learn, it couldn’t possibly emit an emotional weapon.

    Also, a diary retains thoughts, memories. A locket retains emotions. Perhaps Voldee had some emotion locked away in the locket. Love? A love scene is revealed when the locket is opened. Would there be some sort of love associated image emitted?

  • Jaye Dozier

    I think it’s pretty fascinating to think about the connection of the horcrux in Harry to the one in the locket. What if Harry was the only one who COULD open it (aside from Voldy)? What if it wasn’t just someone who knew Parseltongue, but that the locket recognized its maker (hidden within Harry), and only opened like it would for Voldemort because it thought it was him calling it open? I always assumed this was its greatest protection, staying shut so that only Voldemort could open it if he wanted to, thus protecting itself forever from harm.

    I agree with a lot of the comments that the locket would perform a sort of legilimens on whoever was able to open it that wasn’t Voldemort. Once it realized it was opened for someone other than its “master”, it would fight back by either broadcasting their fears to the point that they were debilitated, or possess them. I also think it’s interesting to consider the object of the locket itself – as something worn to keep a memory or loved one close, it makes so much sense that the locket would prey upon the relational connection of whoever it is attacking (such as Ron). While the diary preyed upon the personal emotions and thoughts of Ginny (since a diary is a personal place to explore and release emotions), the locket would focus its attention on the connection to others, and attack from that sensitive spot.

    • Actually, yeah, this is true. I’m sure that there’s some sort of magic out there that can make it so that only the caster of the spell can open the enchanted object – almost certain, in fact.

  • Yo Rufus On Fire

    okay, I could be so off base here, but I’m going to give it a shot.

    What I find interesting about the Locket is that you open it to reveal it’s “heart”, and the only other horcrux that is like that is the diary. Both of these item try to protect themselves. We see the diary try to bring itself back to life and then the locket tries to protect itself from Ron all the while feeding the fears of the wearer or writer (in the diary’s case). The other items don’t do this. None of them can be read or opened. Would the other Horcruxes have the same affect? Putting the Diadem on your head, yes that would make you feel crumby, but it can’t speak like the locket or diary, right? the only time the other items react is when they’re actually hit by the sword/basilisk fang. All though, the ring did hurt Dumbledore’s had once he put it on…

    Let’s check this out. If we divide in half each time for each horcrux in the order that they were created, it will give us theoretically what portion of the soul is within each horcrux.

    Diary – 50%
    Ring – 25%
    Locket – 12.5%
    Cup – 6.25%
    Diadem – 3.12%
    Harry – 1.56%
    Nagini – .78%

    Now, my next question is because the diary was approximately 50% of Voldemort, it put up a huge fight to keep itself “alive”, do you think that in order of how much of Voldemort’s soul is in each item correlates with how much defense they put up for themselves. The only outlier is Nagini because she is a snake and can fend for herself, but she is a snake and can fend for herself.

    I think what would come out of the Locket would be Voldemort at the age that he created this horcrux. I think that he would try to kill the trio because if you can open up the locket then you are a threat to the horcrux because you have something that can defeat it regardless if it was just found verses sitting on the trio’s necks for a while.

    Oh man, what would happen if the horcruxes gathered all together with Harry? Hypothetically of course – some are already destroyed. What if Harry wore the necklace, diadem, and ring, read from the diary while drinking out of the cup, and then had Nagini hung around his shoulders? Harry would be so weighed down, mentally and physically. Do you think that they would communicate with each other?Thank god they were never brought together. But It’s an interesting thought.

    • Maybe Harry would just… poof?

    • Really though, this made me think, and I agree with you; neither Ravenclaw’s Diadem and Hufflepuff’s Cup put up any resistance, though honestly we can’t know about the cup, Ron and Hermione destroy it in the Chamber of Secrets, away from Harry. And of course, the Diadem went down to fiendfyre, didn’t it? So maybe it’s defences were useless…

  • ThatTimeRemusWaddiwasiedVoldy

    I see the Voldething [loved this Kat, totally using it] as functioning very similarly to a boggart by becoming a manifestation of one’s fear. The boggart uses its victim’s biggest fear to frighten them witless. The Voldething however seems to use not neccessarily one’s biggest fear, but all those insecurities, worries, and doubts that lie below the surface. Not the big, obvious fears but the small, irrational anxeties we all struggle with in the back of our mind from time to time; the kinds of things we don’t like to admit to feeling even though they are quite natural feelings- jealousy, selfish desire, grudges, lack of confidence, etc. Volething seeks to use all these feelings against its victims in order to cast doubt and confusion, tricking them into questioning themselves and those they trust. It attacks mental weakness in order to lure one into serving its own goals rather than their own.

    At this moment, the horcrux hasn’t been with the trio long enough to absorb too much info on them but it may be reading their most present fears in regard to their current situation. They feel helpless, not knowing what to do next. They are facing the being truly alone in this now and being on the run. They are also each fewling a fair amount of personalblame for things going wrong. I can see the Voldething trying to convince them that they aren’t up to the task. It would also seek to turn their sense of blame onto eachother.

    Maybe since Harry noticed how Hermione was looking at Ron, feeling like an outsider, the locket might do to Harry what it does to Ron later- a distorted Ron and Hermione telling him they resent him and would be h happier, safer, without him. For Hermione it would use her insecurities with her magical abilities. I can see it trying to convince Ron that he is too weak and fearful to be of use.

  • Slyvenpuffdor

    I always saw it as the locket immediately reacting to whomever opened it, instead of the locket learning while it was closed. So, I think if they would have opened it any earlier the outcome could have been devastating considering they had no way to destroy it before the sword. I would hate to know what would happen if they “Voldeform” was left unchallenged; I would imagine it would drive the opener mad with hatred and whatever the most proportionately negative emotion would be for them.

  • DreamGalleon88

    Since the locket only opened by the force of Gryffindor’s sword, a dangerous
    magical artifact would have to be used to unlock it during the trio’s escape at
    the Ministry of Magic. I suspect that the locket only ever opens when under
    threat, such as being smashed by the sword. Such a defense mechanism would be
    useful in preventing people, like Umbridge, from realizing the true identity
    behind such an object of dark magic as the horocrux locket. Therefore Voldemort
    could prevent it from being recognized and purposefully destroyed. If the locket
    were somehow to open directly after the trio escapes from the Ministry, I think
    it would have similar dark thoughts and voices surrounding it such as it does
    later on when opened and destroyed. Umbridge’s dark thoughts and soul are nearly
    as awful as Voldemort’s, if not worse. Perhaps the figures of smoke would
    persuade the trio to extinguish all muggle-borns, as Umbridge believes them to
    be a threat to her regime. It couldn’t be a beating heart to come out of the locket, because
    Umbridge doesn’t possess one.

  • IamHuffeldorhearmeroar

    As much as I would love to see a tiny beating metallic heart inside of the locket, I am under the impression that The locket did not seem to influence Umbridge in any way. If anything it probably was just sitting back and enjoying the ride as it watched the horrible atrocities that Umbridge thrives on inflicting on others. I truly believe that if someone is capable of forcing others to carve words into their hands and writing in their own blood could not or would not need to be influenced by Voldemort in any way. Umbridge was more than happy with the new regime and was happy to go along with it. I doubt that their was much that the locket would be interested in pulling from her mind or heart other than the progress that his counter part was achieving. Most likely what they would have found is a fractured piece of Voldemort Heart (in the spiritual sense). I think that when he created this particular horcrux he gave up a piece of his heart. That is why the horcrux was able to influence others on an emotional level. Ron being the most emotional in the trio, I think that the reason that it went after Ron because he was the most at risk for influence because of his personality and how he chooses to react to situations. That is why we would most likely see something that would cause Ron to feel horror or fear.