Podcast Question of the Week – Episode 167

It’s time to look into some darker magic…

How exactly does the magic surrounding Nagini work? Is she consciously controlling Bathilda’s body or is this some kind of pre-programming from Voldemort? Is this magic possible because she is a horcrux? Nagini is able to sense or see Harry and Hermione under the Invisibility Cloak, a Deathly Hallow, and she knows it is them despite their disguises. Is this because of a spell cast on her, because she can smell them, because she is a horcrux, or something else entirely?

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  • In “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” when Harry and Ron are using the Cloak of Invisibility together to see the Mirror of Erised, they come across Mrs. Norris, and Rowling writes that they both wonder if the Cloak works on cats (This question comes up again when Harry tries to investigate the Triwizard egg’s clue in the fourth novel). It’s an issue because Mrs. Norris isn’t a human being, and since the Cloak was made by humans with human knowledge of how magic works, it stands to reason that Mrs. Norris could have seen them (Obviously, she only sensed the person using the Cloak, otherwise Harry and Ron would have been caught). So I think that Nagini, who was Bathilda Bagshot in disguise, *can* see through the Cloak. Perhaps there are some sort of magical properties to a snake’s eyes that Rowling has never discussed. It could also be that Nagini is a Horcrux, but I think that a snake’s eyes have some sort of magical property to them. Remember that the basilisk’s stare kills, and while we usually just attribute that to other literature, it could be simply because it’s such an evolved form of reptile that the eyes have fatal magic within them. As for the magic used to create this form of Bathilda/Nagini, I think it’s a simple matter of Voldemort killing Bathilda, making her into an Inferius, and then Transfiguring Nagini into the Inferius. I can’t be certain, obviously, but that’s the only explanation I could possibly come up with.

    • I have a head-canon that Nagiani is a special breed of mini-basilisk, which has been enchanted several times over so that it is like it’s master, so mutated beyond what is normal.

  • I think that Nagiani is what Voldemort wanted Harry to become. Complete mental control when prompted, but otherwise a devout servant working of it’s own initiative.

    • Eileen_Prince/Jones

      I like the thought about the mental control while also being able to have own initiative…but I think Voldee just wants Harry dead, not working for him.

      • Sorry, yeah, I was thinking from OotP, I’m listening to the podcast and the hosts are all talking about the times that V might have been pushing gentle control or is it just Harry’s angst…


    Maybe as a snake she was able to smell Harry even through the cloak, since she was at the grave yard during voldy’s rebirth she could have picked up Harry’s scent. Later when he was hunting for the Trio Nagini told Voldy that she could identify Harry by smell, and he sent her to Godric’s Hollow to wait for him. Just a speculation of course!

    • Eileen_Prince/Jones

      You’d think Polyjuice potion would change your scent too, though, right? It changes everything else.
      I’m not saying nagini couldn’t smell harry, but maybe that she could smell someone who was hiding, and she thought that it was a good chance it was harry. Cause she confirms it is him before calling Voldee.


        It is possible ,but as that potion is meant to fool wizards an not animals the creator of it may not have considered that part necessary.


        Possible; but as the potion was meant to fool human wizards, and not creatures the it’s creator may not have consider that part necessary.

      • Voldemort Fangirl

        I agree that the polyjuice potion would probably change your scent too (because your scent comes from your body’s chemistry, right? and if your body is completely another person’s, it makes sense to me that your scent would match that person’s as well).

        I think she did probably smell someone under the invisibility cloak, but she suspected it was Harry because of the horcrux connection. If you’ll remember, the locket horcrux seems to awaken and come alive during Harry’s encounter with “Bathilda.” Harry’s scar also prickles and he gets flashes of Voldemort. If Harry was experiencing all this due to his proximity to Nagini (another horcrux), I think it’s reasonable to assume that she was feeling something similar. Still, she couldn’t be completely sure, since he looked and probably smelled like a different person, so it’s not until after she can get him to say he’s Harry that she calls Voldemort.


          I had not considered it from that point of view.

  • Quote_the_Ravenclaw

    Given that Voldemort had a lake of Inferi in the last book I don’t think it would be a stretch to assume that Bathilda is now something similar. Perhaps a hybrid between an Inferi and something else. Nagini also seems to be a smarter than your average garder variety snake (pun intended). It may also have to do with the Horcrux having and its influence on her. The diary was able to do quite a bit of harm and it was just a book. Voldemort’s soul could give her a decent amount of sentience.
    Nagini is able to see Harry and Hermione under the cloak because, being a snake, she is able to see normally with her eyes and using her infrared heat sensors. Snakes are able to use these both simultaneously so she would see them through her infrared but they wouldn’t be there in her normal vision. This could tell her there is something there that is invisible (like hiding under an invisibility cloak). Voldemort knows that Harry has one (info from Snape) and Nagini could deduce that this invisible thing could be Harry and whomever is with him. If it turns out it isn’t, Nagini could just kill them and eat them without remorse. Naginishot did ask Harry if he was Potter in her house before she attached him.

    • Yeah, when the hosts were describing her it made me think of the new HBP cover by Johnny Duddle.

  • I was thinking along the lines of programming listening to the discussion. I was wondering whether Voldemort may have “coded” Nagini via magic to respond to specific situations in particular ways, sort of as @Quote_the_Ravenclaw mentions. Much of programming and video game coding, for example, is based on if/then setups of actions that the programmer anticipates happening. So if the player comes to the area of the map with the river, a water running sound should play. What if Voldemort used similar magic to “program” Nagini to carry out a specific set of actions as responses to Harry’s “input”? As others have said, this programming may have been all the more easy in these circumstances as Nagini Horcrux may be an extension of Voldemort’s mind.
    So what would have been programmed?
    1. If your animal/snakey eyes sense concealed individuals (as other commentors have mentioned) AND/OR if you hear the sound of apparition AND/OR if people linger overlong at the Potter House Ruins, then you approach them and “beckon” to the individual(s) (as she does on page 334). This “beckoning” instruction would be on loop, continuous beckon until they approach or follow.
    2. (At any point and repeatedly as she responds to his questions multiple times), If you hear a question regarding Bathilda Bagshot, then respond in the affirmative (I.e. Move your head in a nodding gesture – perhaps you would have to program a snake to produce this motion as a set of physical movements, head slightly back then forward until your chin/upper neck crinkles, and repeat if necessary)
    3. If you hear or smell movement toward you (in the case that the invisibility is still in play), turn towards the house and walk so they will follow you (perhaps you would also have to program walking motion? Or would that come along with placing her in Bathilda’s body?? I liked @Joel Copling’s thought that the process would be similar to making an Inferius)
    4. Once you reach the door of the house, then remove the key from your pocket, insert it, turn it in a specific direction, and turn the knob, etc… But she has some trouble (perhaps because of distinct types of dexterity) as it mentions she “fumbled for a moment with the key”
    5. When in the house, sense whether the individual is Harry Potter (perhaps he would code some scents to smell for or she seems to focus on Harry’s eyes so perhaps he implanted an image of Lily’s or Harry’s eyes in Nagini’s mind and she was instructed to look for those but Harry is the polyjuiced Old man so perhaps she did rely on scent or the attractive pull of the Horcrux in Harry? Although V. Didn’t know about that one and would not expect him to have the locket… But later on it’s his voice that gets her attention so perhaps V. had some recollection of Harry’s voice that he could share with Nagini as a stimulus)
    6. When inspection is satisfactory, then move into sitting room and light the candles in the room (perhaps again providing instructions on the motor skills or logistics of how to do this – though perhaps not warning about the risk of burning oneself as she is “in constant danger of catching [her cuff on] fire.”
    7. If the individual does not follow into the room, speak “Come” until they appear in your sight.
    8. If at any point, the individual attempts to help you, not charge to attack but just approach to assist you, allow them to do so.
    9. After the candles are lit, then use the logs to build a fire (again this would be something complex to program – unless somehow he demonstrated for her and just said remember this and copy me but I have a hard time seeing V. Pretend to make a fire manually – maybe it’s something more like implanting images of what to do in her mind.)
    10. If it appears that the individual (with this specific scent or voice) is not alone, if you hear unfamiliar voices, then do the following to separate the individual from the others (pointing gestures to go upstairs) and refuse to allow anyone else (nodding gesture but from side to side … 🙂
    11. Upon assent from the individual (I.e. Do not force him until necessary), walk out of the room and upstairs. It seems that Nagini is not efficient at manipulating Bathilda’s body as she wheezes up the stairs (or is this a sign of Bathilda’s poor health before death?) but really interesting to think about how a snake would have to use their intuitive knowledge of movement to move a completely different type of body – perhaps the training involved conditioning?)
    12. When you reach the bedroom, close the door and ask the individual these words “You are Potter.”
    13. If you hear an affirmative, nod (like we practiced before…) and contact me (perform legilimense?) to let me know that you have him
    14. Await my command. (He says “Hold him”) and unless I command otherwise, distract the target by pointing to an opposite corner of the room and then dispose of the body container.
    15. Based on the command and perhaps prior instructions about holding until I arrive, contain / or incapacitate the target using your snakely instincts (coil around your prey just to the point of containment rather than suffocation). But do not kill.
    16. If you are attacked, strike to wound, not kill (unless other parties are present and it’s ok to kill them). Perhaps she wouldn’t need any instruction here, she just becomes a defensive snake after Hermione magically attacks.

    I know this is going WAY too far but i just thought it would be interesting to think about what would go into the magic if he did have to “prpgram” it in this way. Maybe Voldemort would not have had to give such detailed instructions. Perhaps Nagini would be intuitive enough to figure out what to do without the “programming.” Or perhaps she is so magical that she can take this amount of instruction at once without the need for him to actually “program” steps but we have only seen her respond to single commands, not do this and then if this happens do this, then do this, etc. So perhaps there would have had to be more of an “instruction manual” for this task. It may have taken some prep time on his part to get ready. I think sometimes we underestimate the complexity of magic because we just don’t know all the facts to understand how it works but things like this (to enchant a dead corpse with a live and magical snake) and stuff that Dumbledore does, for example, these would have taken extraordinary skill and probably complex magic. Admittedly, technological explanations like computer programming may simplify the situation as well, as emotion may play a big role in how V. Communicates these things to Nagini (I.e. She gets some sense of how much effort she should put into “holding him” based on the fervor she feels from V.) but these are nice analogies to consider how it might work on our terms.

    • Voldemort Fangirl

      Wow! You sure put a lot of thought into this theory!
      I do really like it, but mostly because it seems like a good explanation for how inferi might work (mostly I’m thinking about the inferi in the lake in the 6th book). I always wondered how they they were controlled if the person who reanimated them (Voldemort) wasn’t around to give them direction. So some sort of pre-programming makes sense for that.

      However, it seems a bit of a stretch to me to apply that to Nagini, who is a snake and a horcrux, but not an inferius.

      But maybe if “Bathilda” here were at least PART inferi (the other part, of course, being Nagini), perhaps she WAS programmed to do certain things. But then that makes me wonder, why plant Nagini inside her at all? Why not just have an inferius ambush Harry?

      So I looked up Inferi on Pottermore to see what I could figure out. First of all, I think there’s a good chance Bathilda IS an inferius because in the book, Harry noted that “her eyes were thick with cataracts.” She was very old, so cataracts may be right, but on Pottermore J.K. Rowling says, “The most obvious sign that one is facing an Inferius rather than a living human are the white and cloudy eyes.” So maybe they WEREN’T cataracts at all? (Besides, wouldn’t wizards have a cure for cataracts? Muggles kind of do, so I would think wizards would as well.) I guess the only thing that would point to her not really being in inferius is that neither Harry nor Hermione suspect it, and they’ve already learned about inferi in sixth year, AND Harry’s even come across them in person before. But to be fair, they may have just not suspected because she wasn’t being violent in any way (such as they may have expected an inferius to be), and they had no reason to think Bathilda Bagshot was dead.

      But back Pottermore’s entry on Inferi. It says: “The Inferius may be cursed to respond lethally if disturbed, to kill indiscriminately, and to undertake perilous jobs for its master. Its limitations are, however, obvious; it has no will and no brain of its own, and will not be able to think its way out of unforeseen trouble. As a warrior or guardian with no regard for its own safety, however, it has many uses.”

      So again, that points to programming, like you suggested. It can do what it has already been directed to do, but if something unexpected happens, it can’t come up with a new plan. Perhaps this is why Voldemort also left Nagini there.

      1. He couldn’t trust a single inferius (which I assume can’t even do magic, correct?) to be able to take on Harry and whomever he might have had with him.
      2. An inferius possibly also wouldn’t be able to judge how far to go to incapacitate Harry but not kill him.
      3. Nagini, because she has part of Voldemort’s soul, has a long-distance connection to him and would be able to easily alert him when Harry has arrived.
      4. Voldemort seems to also be able to control Nagini’s will/enter her mind.

      So Nagini would be able to take over once Bathilda’s body was no longer necessary.

  • HowAmIGoingToTranslateThis

    Assuming the part of Voldemort’s soul in Nagini is as capable of independent thinking and acting as the one in the diary, I believe it’s capable of controlling _both_ the snake and Bathilda’s dead body, which must have become an inferius or something similar (Like Lupin said, it’s magic never before encountered or imagined). When Voldemort brought Nagini to the house (he certainly has no problem with apparating right into someone’s living room) he could have done the enchantments on the poor old woman’s body, so that the soul-part in Nagini could take the details from there. A programming like Hufflepuffskein described seems to be too much attention to detail, I don’t think Voldemort would dedicate the time and energy to it. An inferius may remember enough of human movements and gestures to act like a living person doing everyday things, not just blindly attack.
    Nagini’s senses rely much less on vision than human senses, she can smell if it’s Harry, and the cloak does not hide anyone in the infrared light spectrum, which some snakes use to hunt.

  • Yo Rufus On Fire

    I agree with a few comments below about turning Bathilda’s body into an Inferi. I do think the pre-programming is a little much. You can’t program every second of Nagini’s moves and except it go exactly that way. There is going to be something that happens that wasn’t factored into the original plan. How would Nagini deal with it if she was only programmed to do what was one her list?

    As for how Nagini can sense them. I LOVE Joel Copling’s comment, however I have a more out there theory. I think Nagini could sense the horcrux in Harry and the horcrux around his neck. She probably does not understand the horcrux, but it allows her to sense when others are around. Harry notices that the locket “wakes up” when Bathilda shows up. He thinks it’s because the locket knows that something is ready to destroy it, but I more think that it senses other horcruxes close by. I think this theory works if Harry’s horcrux is more of a sleeper agent and Nagini is an active horcux.

    I also wonder if she could smell them? An invisibility cloak only makes you invisible. Is doesn’t hide anything else right? if you spoke under it, the people around could hear you. So I think, if you wore perfume, and someone was right next to you then they could smell it.

  • Sofia Malik

    I think Bathilda’s body is an inferius who Voldemort has enchanted or “programmed” to respond to Nagini’s thoughts or control. So it’s both concious control from Nagini as well as some pre-programming from Voldemort. We’ve seen before that animals as well as dementors aren’t fooled by the cloak. They can still smell or sense the people under it so it makes sense that Nagini wouldn’t be fooled by the cloak or even the polyjuice potion.

    • Hey, maybe Bathilda is a Inferus possessed by Nagiani! What fun.

  • Animals have some sort of heightened senses. They smell things and hear things we humans don’t! Like Mrs Norris, Nagini surely could have smelled or sensed them. Not to mention the luring power TWO Horcruxes might have had on Nagini, the 3rd Horcrux in the situation.

    As for how Nagini was in control of Bagshot… Well, it makes sense for her to have been able to act human-like. When Harry chats to the Boa in book 1, the Boa chats back In a very human and conversational way. But how she controlled Bagshot is sill tricky. We have to remember what “terrible but great” magic Ol’Voldee can do. He can fly on a cloud without broom or thestral! He actually doesn’t even walk, but glides across the ground! It would be nice to be able to explain the magic used here with “known magic,” but the magic being used here is probably far from known. It sounds like Nagini was inside the remains of a body, with all the insides still inside. The inferi angle seems to fit best here.

  • IamHuffeldorhearmeroar

    So Nagini is a type of snake. The cloak of invisibility is primarily to sheild people from seeing the wearer. Snakes have several senses that people do not have such as heat vision, picking up chemecal information in the air by taste with their tongue and sensing vibration. She is also a horcrux. Harry has been demonstrating that he is able to sense horcruxes. It makes sense to me that she would be able to sense Harry even through the cloak, probability why she was sent instead of a death eater in polyjuice potion. I have always seen Nagini as an extension of Voldemort more than any horcrux. She is a living being that was made a horcrux, like Harry. Yet unlike Harry, Voldemort was fully aware of making her. I am thinking he may have infused her with more of himself than any of the objects. He put a level of trust in this creature and to survive more that any of the objects that he hid a piece of his soul in. So when Nagini pops out of poor Bathilda I see her as being Voldemort’s hand essentially.She may have been capable of creating some spells to some degree. She was able to instantly alert Voldy to Harry’s presence. I also am struck by Harry’s absent mindedness surrounding this instant trust of Bathilda. Maybe there is an added level of hypnosis going on which Harry is the only one effected? Perhaps this is all part of the trap to draw harry in. This is the only explanation that makes sense to me.

  • thequeerweasleycousin

    Although I see how Bathilda is similar to an Inferi, I still don’t get how Nagini can be inside her… Inferi are just dead bodies with a rather simple task (attack), but Bathilda’s body is luring two invisible people to her house, seperating them from each other, talking to them. Obviously she can only speak Parsel, otherwise English would have been much more convenient. If she were more an Inferi, I don’t think she would be as clumsy, this is Nagini trying to make sense of a human body and human movements. So the mind is all Nagini, she only uses Bathilda’s dead body.
    What I imagine is that Voldemort went to Godric’s Hollow and either found the dead Bathilda or killed her himself. Then, he magiced Nagini into Bathilda’s dead body, connecting her with the neurological structures so she could steer the body. Because he’d need the body to be as intact as possible, I think he probably killed her himself. Nagini would have to practice moving the body, like you do when you get artificial limbs. What we have then is Nagini inside Bathilda’s body, controlling it, but still able to break out of her neck and attack when Harry shows up.
    This is disgusting.

    • HowAmIGoingToTranslateThis

      Disgusting, indeed. Nagini as a snake would have trouble controlling a human body, but Nagini as the vessel for Voldemort’s latest horcrux can do the movements more precisely. Remember how the diary horcrux controlled Ginny? Was she carrying the diary with her all the time when she acted on Voldemort’s orders and couldn’t stop herself from doing so? Or could the diary memory give her orders and she did them independently?

    • Voldemort Fangirl

      Very interesting theory!
      I also don’t really understand how Nagini could have been inside of Bathilda. I do find it really interesting that she somehow comes out of Bathilda in her full snake form, through her neck.
      Because I really don’t see how a snake as huge as Nagini could naturally have fit and been concealed inside of an old lady as small as Bathilda was described as being. Maybe Nagini was transfigured in some way while inside of her? Or… maybe an undetectable extension charm was placed on Bathilda? Gruesome, I know, but how else do you fit Nagini inside Bathilda?

      • HowAmIGoingToTranslateThis

        transfiguration must play a part here, and later when Bathilda’s body is found, it’s clear that dark magic was used on her. That could be the assumed inferius-curse that controlled her, but also some “how to place your living horcrux vessel inside a deceased human”-magic.

  • DreamGalleon88

    I assume the magic surrounding Nagini to be similar to that controlling Harry as a horocrux. It’s been explained in the series that usually inanimate objects are chosen as horocruxes, if a horocrux is created at all, while rarely living beings are used. This makes sense, as living beings would have autonomous thoughts difficult for a dark wizard to constantly control. Animals might be easier to control than humans in this respect, but I believe that it would be a constant struggle for Voldemort to maintain his magical hold over Nagini and persuade her to do his bidding. Now and again I’m sure she would resist Voldemort’s magic, but of course in the end she can’t withstand not following his orders for long.
    For Bathilda, I’m sure special horocrux magic has to do with Nagini taking over her dead body. After all, I don’t know many normal snakes that can possess a human corpse. Throughout the book series, it is implied that Voldemort gives Nagini telepathic orders and we as readers just see her as carrying them out. I imagine the same thing to be going on here, that Nagini is taking unheard instructions from Voldemort in her mind and, since she has a part of Voldemort’s soul in her, that assists her in carrying out human functions (walking and attempting to light the candles for example).
    I think Nagini’s sense of smell has something to do with her perceiving Hermione and Harry under the invisibility cloak. However, I doubt that made her realize who they were specifically. Maybe she does realize who they are because Harry is also a horocrux, along with herself, and that creates a way for them to identify each other. After all, Harry realized later that Bathilda’s corpse had been speaking parseltongue

  • As far as NaginiBathilda being able to see through what is supposed to be the all-mighty, impenetrable, deathly-hallow Cloak…

    We already have evidence from Order of the Phoenix of Nagini being able to see through invisibility cloaks. On the night Mr. Weasley was attacked by Nagini she saw him sitting in front of the ‘plain black door’ that leads into the Dept. of Mysteries even though he is described as having a ‘silvery cloak…’

    The passage from chapter 21, The Eye of The Snake, reads thus:
    “He was flat against the floor, sliding along on his belly…It was dark, yet he could see objects around him shimmering in strange, vibrant colors…He was turning his head…At first glance, the corridor was empty…but no…a man was sitting on the floor ahead, his chin drooping onto his chest, his outline gleaming in the dark…Harry put out his tongue…He tasted the man’s scent on the air…He was alive but drowsing…sitting in front of a door at the end of the corridor…Harry longed to bite the man…but he must master the impulse…He had more important work to do…But the man was stirring…a silvery cloak fell from his legs as he jumped to his feet; and Harry saw his vibrant, blurred outline towering above him, saw a wand withdrawn from a belt…”

    Nagini is a snake and therefore sees in infrared (a heat map). She’s not necessarily seeing through the cloak, she is just seeing as she normally does which surely shows two people standing outside of Harry’s old house…moreover the same two people that she was almost assuredly watching set a wreath at Harry’s parent’s grave moments before. So in addition to her highly advanced reptilian sense of smell, she also happens to possess the perfect eyes for this situation. For once, there’s no magic, it’s just plain old biology at work.

    EDIT: just fact-checking myself…unknown to me until about three minutes ago, in a leaky cauldron chat on July 30 2007 with our beloved JKR, Jo responded to this exact question (how did Nagini see under that darn Cloak when H & H were under it in Godric’s Hollow?!) She says: “Snakes’ sense are very different from human ones. They can detect heat and movement in a way that we can’t.”

  • RedPhoenix

    I guess that Voldemort could work out his intentions through Nagini (and Bathilda) by applying this special magic that he alone had developed through his crazy-passionate desire for going farther in dark magic than anyone before.
    Nagini was not an ordinary Snake either. Did he “find” her? Did he CREATE her byTRANSFIGURATION? It seems so, because a snake is a reptile and cannot feed milk like a mammal (Obviously Voldemort drank Naginis milk to stay alive before his resurrection).
    Voldemort could obviously “control” his Locket-Horcrux also by endowing it with some intelligence: otherwise how did Voldemort know beforehand that RON would destroy the locket (The Tom Riddle in the locket spoke to Ron)?

  • Aureo Potts

    I agree with what other posted before me that Bathilda is an Inferi and controlled by magic. I don’t think Nagini herself controls Bathilda, after all she once was a plain snake but having a part of Voldemort’s soul attached to her he can control her easily. As in means of possession. Dumbledore says in HBP that he suspects Nagini being a horcrux just of the sheer control Voldemort seems to have over her. So I do think he keeps sending Nagini on jobs whilst possessing her to make sure he gets what he needs. So Voldemort is controlling Nagini and with her he is also controlling the Inferi as long as he needs the body shell.
    As for seeing Harry and Hermione underneath the invisibility cloak. That cloak has raised so many questions like just how is it possible to see people on the Maurauders Map using it? But as for Nagini – she is possible smelling them because snakes largely rely on smelling as it is there major sense if I am not completely mistaken here. Same goes for Mrs. Norris being able to tell that people are around. Since she is a cat it is possible more the hearing that trigger her off but I’d say it is just the animals better senses that help them here. Because after all the cloak only makes you invisible – nothing more nothing less. So you can be heard, smelled and touched if people ran into you.

  • Jaye Dozier

    Let’s not forget that Voldemort himself has extensive experience of living in and controlling someone from inside their own body (cue Professor Quirrel and the worst split personality complex ever) – since Voldemort has gone further with dark magic than anyone else has before, it’s no surprise that he has learned how to not only fuse his bodiless self onto others, but how to fuse a snake into a corpse and use her in a similar fashion (makes she shudder to think what the process of creating a horcrux is in light of this, since Jo was completely comfortable sharing this awful process and refuses to even mention that one). But then I think of Nagini wearing the old woman’s body almost like Voldemort wearing a mascot uniform, and I want to chuckle until I realize how horrifying that actually is..sorry about that.

    I imagine that since Nagini was a horcrux, Voldy’s mind is therefore connected to hers in a way, which explains how he knew to come to the house in the first place (seeing as she couldn’t press a dark mark or anything). I imagine he must not have been completely in her mind controlling her thoughts as he would’ve just Apparated there and finished the job himself, but I’m sure he communicated to her the basics of what she needed to accomplish should Harry show up, and then to call him once she had him cornered. How creepy that this snake-woman was just watching others from inside her room, waiting for the right person to show up…*shudder*

  • Eileen_Prince/Jones

    I’ve never really thought of this before: do you think Bathilda was already dead when Voldee brought Nagini to be lookout for harry, or do you think Voldee murdered her? I can see it going either way…

    • HowAmIGoingToTranslateThis

      do we know since when Nagini was there? If she was there soon after Rita visited Bathilda, the chance is high that Bathilda was still alive. But even if she was not murdered, we can’t assume her death was peaceful.

    • Yo Rufus On Fire

      I have a very strong feeling that she was killing by Voldemort.

    • If I remember correctly Bathilda was the murder that made Nagini a horcrux. I may be wrong but I think I remember seeing that somewhere

      • Eileen_Prince/Jones

        I think bertha jorkins was the murder that made nagini a horcrux…because dumbledore starts to think nagini is the horcrux in book 5 when harry dreams from her perspective when mr weasley is attacked.

        • You’re right, for some reason I thought nagini was made a horcrux from bathilda but bathilda is dead because of nagini and she takes over bathilda’s body to set a trap for Harry and Hermione

  • It is possible that Nagini had consciouse control of Bathilda the entire time but I doubt Voldy would allow Nagini to be out on her own while she is a horcrux, although Voldy knew that Harry would want to visit Godric’s Hollow so Voldy could possibly pop into Harry’s mind to get idea of when he might visit and then send Nagini to trap Harry and Hermione

    • Yo Rufus On Fire

      I don’t think Voldemort minds putting Nagini on a mission that has her stray from Voldemort because 1. He thinks that no one knows she a horcrux and 2. He thinks that no one knows how to kill a horcrux. So Nagini is not in “danger” of dying. He thinks that he is so safe, so he has no problem sending her out. Once he does find out that his horcruxes are being destroyed he never lets Nagini leave his side.