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Podcast Question of the Week – Episode 171

You know so much about us, that we decided it’s time we learn a little bit about you!

We discussed in this episode the pros and cons of each of the three Hallows. You heard our answers, so now we want to get to know you as well as you know us: Which Hallow would you choose and why? Give us your reasoning behind your choice of the Wand, the Stone, or the Cloak.

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  • daveybjones999 .

    I would choose the invisibility cloak no question for a variety of reasons. First, the one object from the Harry Potter series that I want the most has always been Harry’s invisibility cloak. Ever since I read the first book just after it came out in America when I was 5 I’ve wanted that cloak, so when I read this chapter the day the final book came out I immediately made the connection between the cloak in the story and the cloak Harry has right before he realized it in the text that just made me want it even more. Another reason is that I really don’t have any use for a stone that would bring people back to life. I’m really sad when people I know have died in the past, but I’ve never thought about bringing them back to life because there hasn’t been a death in my life so far that I haven’t been able to accept. I also don’t have use for the elder wand because I don’t think I’m really all that into combat spells. I much prefer charms that seem fun and practical spells that would make things like cleaning my laundry, the dishes, cooking and other household chores that would normally take a long time happen almost instantly. Although I don’t doubt that the elder wand would make those spells more powerful and less likely to fail, that’s not really something that I want. However with the invisibility cloak I could do a lot of things. I could avoid people I don’t like by slipping on the cloak when I see them so I don’t have to talk with them, I could play pranks on my friends, plus I just think the novelty of being invisible would be something that’d give me much joy.

    There are also the downsides to each object to consider. If I could bring people back to life it’d be much harder, maybe even impossible, to accept other peoples death, and not only does the Tale of The Three Brothers show the downsides to it, but the Mirror of Erised scene from the first book also shows that it’s unhealthy to live like this and it would ultimately just make me miserable. The downside of the elder wand is that people would kill to get a wand like that. However, even if we follow Ron’s advise to just not advertise that we had the wand, people would eventually realize that I’m much better at magic than others and that could attract unwanted attention anyway. Plus it could also make me reckless and believe that I couldn’t be harmed and that also isn’t a healthy lifestyle choice. The invisibility cloak on the other hand doesn’t really have any downsides. Sure if you put it on in public not only would people notice you just disappeared they could also bump into you and if you wear it when crossing the street you could get hit by a car. However, those risks seem very insignificant when compared to the other hallows. Plus again I’ve always wanted the invisibility cloak so it would be a dream come true to own one that would never fade away.

  • Silverdoe25

    I believe my first choice would be the Wand, not because of its power, but because it would give me one more wand than I currently own. Secondly, I would choose the Stone, not to bring back people forever, as Cadmus tries to do, but to have another chance to talk to people I greatly miss, like my dad and my grandparents. I think the cloak would be my last choice. Although it might be a super fun item to own, I feel as though it’s all too easy to become ‘invisible’ to others in this world without a bit of magic involved.

  • Wokanshutaiduo

    I would choose the wand. I know we’re supposed to choose the cloak; but while the cloak is invaluable in Harry’s situation, I wouldn’t have any use for it at all. But an unbeatable all-powerful wand? I’m not interested in taking over the world or anything, but imagine what I could do in my little corner of the world if I had something like that. As for the stone, I don’t believe in an afterlife to begin with, so honestly I don’t believe that the apparitions the stone brings are truly your loved ones. But putting that aside and assuming the afterlife exists, I have no desire to drag people away from their new life just to satisfy my curiosity.

  • Lupinionated

    So it may just be the Ravenclaw in me, but I would definitely choose the stone. Imagine being able to speak to any person from any time period and to be able to hear first-hand accounts of any major world event ever. Imagine being able to solve mysteries that have puzzled us for centuries. It’s pretty much unlimited information and the thought of it is enough to make my eagle heart sing.

    • ISeeThestrals

      One of the few to choose the stone. I think one could have all that, but much of it might depend on how much time the passed person would have in our world. I had gotten the impression that those you recall can’t stick around for very long.

  • I Got Transfigured into a Rhubarb is temporarily using the wrong account. Oops!

    I would choose the cloak. My partner is away on business in another country right now. Me being a poor person (I’m not poor, just not got celebrity status) can’t afford to fly over each time I’ve got holiday. So I would use the cloak to become a stowaway to go and see him. It’s all in the name of love.

    • MartinMiggs

      but if you had an all powerful wand all you need is a little confundo and now the flight attendant believes they’ve already seen your ticket

  • Amber

    I wouldn’t choose the wand…1. I wouldn’t want to have to KILL (or defeat) someone-probably a powerful wizard- to own it, 2. the wand chooses the wizard- so i would prefer a wand that suits me, not changed to fit with my character, and 3. If I had the wand, I probably couldn’t keep my mouth shut and i would end up with my throat slit.

    I wouldn’t choose the stone… purely because I don’t want to become like the 2nd brother- dwelling on the death on a family member or friend and cursed to see but not to interact with my loved one.

    So I would choose the cloak- I could do whatever I wanted, whether it be stealing chocolate from the supermarket or capturing criminals because they can’t see me, or not being killed by death eaters (for the same reason as the former) it would be a dream come true…

  • MartinMiggs

    I would take the wand. The cloak is useless if you have a wand that can cast a disillusionment charm powerful enough to make you completely invisible and you don’t have to worry about a cloak not covering your feet or accidently stepping on it and the cloak slipping off, etc. I wouldn’t want the stone because I don’t want to disrupt the dead from their peace. It’s just something I wouldn’t want to mess around with. The wand may have a bloody history but you don’t have to use it for that purpose you could just as easily choose to use it to solve world hunger or anything else.

    • ISeeThestrals

      lol ‘Imagine bringing somebody back and they find out Donald Trump is the leading candidate for the Republican party…’

  • Page394

    In response to Hermione’s choice of the cloak, Ron mentions that the cloak is the Hallow one is “supposed” to choose based on the parable provided to us by Beedle, but if we are to take DH (and, arguably, the series as a whole) as a parable in its own right, I think that Jo would say that we shouldn’t even seek the Hallows at all. Ultimately, in the inner battle of Hallows or Horcruxes, Harry chooses to destroy the Horcruxes rather than seek power for himself via the Hallows. Near the end of DH, we see Harry give up both the Resurrection Stone and the Elder Wand, keeping only the cloak, which he notably inherited rather than sought out. That being said, and perhaps this small bit of Slytherin in me creeping out (even though I am a proud Badger #puffpride)– I would FOR SURE choose the wand. It’s not that I crave power necessarily, it’s just that you could do so much COOL STUFF– like, uh, mend a broken wand despite thousands of years of wandlore saying this feat should be impossible. I still think that Harry is kind of –well, dumb (to put it lightly) to give up the Elder wand rather than thinking he is noble even though we the readers are guided to believe the latter based on the rhetoric of the passage and portrait Dumbledore’s response to Harry’s actions. Would be curious to hear everyone else’s thoughts on this!

  • ThatTimeRemusWaddiwasiedVoldy

    I wouldn’t choose the wand because I really like the idea of a wand choosing me based on its materials being suited to me, then learning And growing in skill and power along with me. It is such a personal connection that I wouldn’t want to replace it. I wouldn’t necessarily want the allegiance of a wand that has gone from person to person and been used for the purposes of others whether great or terrible. This is why I really loved that Harry used the Elder Wand to repair his own wand, it is exactly what I would have done.

    I am somewhat torn between the stone and the cloak. I wouldn’t really want to bring back the dead but it could be really useful just to be able to use the stone as a way to gain information. For example, think of all the murder mysteries that could be solved just by being able to ask the deceased “who killed you?”. I think though, that an infallible invisibility cloak would be most useful to me. I am super introverted and a lot of times would prefer to just be a fly on the wall so to speak. Like at parties where I don’t know many people it would be great to be able to just move around unseen, observing and listening until I felt comfortable enough to be sociable. Also, teenage me would have loved to have the cloak everytime I started at a new school because sitting at lunch by myself before I made friends was miserable. I remember wishing I could be invisible then. Now, I’d love to have it for just walking down the street just to avoid being catcalled. Plus, if I saw a guy doing it to some other woman, I could just walk up and slap the guy, then back away and be amused at their utter confusion.

  • HowAmIGoingToTranslateThis

    If I had to choose, I’d take the cloak. As I interpret it, the other two Hallows mean power, but the cloak means protection. It is a magical object that can be used by anyone, not just witches or wizards. We see it being used when Harry and his friends sneak around to accomplish something, like helping Hagrid bring Norberta to a safe place, or get to Ravenclaw tower without being caught. Hiding from someone who wants to harm you may not be very Gryffindor, but it’s survival first.

    For me it’s not about free movies, but imagine how many kids would love to be invisible to those who bully and threaten them. You need something else to put an end to a bullying case for good, but in a threatening situation being invisible will help. If Harry had had the cloak in his first ten years at the Dursley’s, that time would have been way less hard for him.
    Of course using a wand you can have a great variety of protection, but only if you can use magic, and while I understand the importance of the Statue of Secrecy, helping out individual muggles with magic would totally something that I’d do.

  • Slyvenpuffdor

    If I am a wizard, I would take the elder wand. Reason being that it seems to be capable of magic that (seemingly) every other wand is not; thus, it could be used to explore entire new areas of magic!!! If I’m not a wizard, I take the cloak for it’s obvious utility. I wouldn’t want the stone on principle; what is done should not be undone in that way.

  • The Half Blood Princess

    I’d pick the cloak. Not because it’s the “right” answer, just because we never really get to see the power of the wand, so it’s just “this is an all powerful wand- just take my word for it.” I mean, we sort of see it through DD, but I just thought that DD was really powerful, so how much of the wand’s power is the wand’s, and how much is DD’s? We see it kill Voldie, but it seems like those were special circumstances. Oh, and people will try to kill you over it. Not worth it. And the stone killed DD.

  • Roonil Wazlib

    At first, I was like obviously I’d pick the cloak, then I could walk around in public and never have to talk to anyone or get harassed. Plus, I could steal from rich people and become like the next Robin Hood or something.
    What if having the Elder Wand would enable me to round up all the horrible people in the world and launch them into the sun?! The wand it is!

  • DreamGalleon88

    The cloak is a versatile, as well as a neutral Hallow. Unlike the Elder wand and the Resurrection Stone, the Invisibility Cloak can be used for either good or bad, depending on who wields it. As far as I know, no negative consequences have been associated with using the Cloak, unlike the other two Hallows which bring dead people to life who end up miserable, or create wizards who hunger for the power and greed linked with possessing the most powerful wand ever created. What most appeals to me is the fact that you don’t have to be a wizard, or even a magical being to use the Cloak. Sure, it could be used by muggles for ill-purposes, such as robbing banks or committing crimes. However, if used for good, the Cloak could do amazing acts of goodwill and make the world a better place. If you look at what’s occurring in the world today, I’d feel no regret if the Invisibility Cloak was used to help the refugees fleeing to Europe conceal themselves; or for women to sneak into abortion clinics without being attacked by protestors; or for anyone who feels discriminated against for their skin color to walk the streets in less fear because they know they can’t be seen. Maybe un till the world becomes a less violent place, we muggles should all hide under an Invisibility Cloak to feel safe.

  • SpinnersEnd

    Personally, I would choose the Cloak. Not because “it’s the one you’re supposed to choose”, but because it is the only one that isn’t inherently selfish. The Wand is a means of gaining power for yourself, the Stone is a way for you bring back people you want to see, to the detriment of the person you bring back. The Cloak, within the confines of the story, is used to hide oneself from Death. It’s not used to gain anything, in fact, Harry uses it to hide himself and Ron and Hermione in dangerous situations. It’s the only Hallow that does not directly, or indirectly, harm someone.

    • WhoDoYouKnowWho’sLostAButtock?

      Agreed. The Cloak is the only Hallow that is chosen simply to protect oneself and one’s family. It is the humble choice, the choice that doesn’t seek to take anything from anyone.

      Cloak. 100%, hands down, never had to think about it. To me, it’s the only one worth having.

  • lifeanddragons

    I’d pick the wand, because, I believe there is definitely some credence to it’s power. Maybe you can perform non verbal spells much more easily, and perhaps every spell you cast would be immensely powerful, and if not powerful maybe it allows you perfect spells with the least amount of practice. That said, being the person I am, my only fear is that the wand wouldn’t choose me in return. If the wand simply doesn’t find me powerful enough and swaps owners, I’d be devastated.

    So I guess that brings me to the cloak. The idea of someone coming back from death (even a loved one) scares me…

  • Mischief Managed

    I’d go for the cloak. Like several people have mentioned, it is the Hallow that gives protection for you and your loved ones…This aspect definitely speaks to my Hufflepuff side! I wouldn’t want the responsibility associated with the wand, to be honest…I put enough pressure on myself as it is without the added stress of being good enough to own the most powerful wand ever created. Plus, I’d be terrified people would be constantly attacking me and just generally fear for my life and well-being, so that probably would decrease my quality of life. The stone, I would not have a desire for because I have really not been touched by the death of a loved one (and am incredibly grateful for this). I’m very curious as to whether my answer might change once that inevitably does happen…although knowing the way that the stone works out in the Tale of the Three Brothers, I hope I could still be wise enough to realize that isn’t a great choice.

  • DoraNympha

    Definitely the Cloak. Just think, everything would be possible if you could become invisible sometimes. You could travel everywhere without worrying about money or danger, you could sneak onto a plane and into a lecture at the university of your dreams that you could never afford, or you could just not be limited in life in small things like not being able to go out at night alone. Imagine though, a whole world full of possibilities would be at your fingertip if you had the Cloak. I wouldn’t use it to steal or stalk people or anything, not even to cheat my way through life like checking exam questions before taking them, I’d just use it to get away from limitations set by people and to make things possible that I can’t do otherwise, like traveling. All those cool things you’re barred from or experience and knowledge that are restricted for no real reason would be possible. You’d never waste a day again!

    Plus, I’m like Harry, I would probably be more attached to my own wand. It’s mine and it chose me and we would have grown together, got attached to each other throughout the Hogwarts years an on. However, if we’re talking about reality, in which we’re all Muggles but could use the Elder Wand as if we were magical, then obviously I’d choose the wand too (who wouldn’t?) but if we’re talking about the scenario in which any wand would work then I don’t think the Elder Wand is that special because it’s still not 100% infallible, you can still lose a duel with it and like I said I’d prefer my own wand. Plus, I think a wand, even the Elder Wand, is as good as its owner. I bet many wizards who had the Elder Wand went kinda lazy, thinking the wand will do all the work for them from now on – a big mistake.

    I wouldn’t get much use out of the Stone because I don’t have many close people to begin with, let alone lost ones. The only one I could think of who’d come back is my maternal grandpa, he used to teach me chess and was really cool, but died when I was 8 so I didn’t have a chance to know him properly, as an adult. But I don’t see much point in dragging the dead back to Earth anyway, and you can only really use the Stone with people you’ve loved, right? So there’s no question of calling back Shakespeare to ask if he really did author everything we attribute to him or call back Napoleon to check whether he really was short or not or Emily Dickinson to tell her that her poems are taught at schools now.

    (Okay reading back, yup, that’s why I’m a Ravenclaw, I’d use the Hallows to sneak into Oxford lectures and talk to dead historical figures and would reject the wand thinking it makes you lazy.)

  • Yo Rufus On Fire

    Great question!

    Thinking about the wand, I really think it’s an enticing item to want because you can basically do whatever you want with it and that’s really cool. Who wouldn’t want that? But also, how could you not bag about it? I mean it’s like holding onto a secret that no one else knows except you, a secret that would make everyone in the world jealous! You may just tell one friend in confidence, but really how well does that work? They will most likely tell someone else in confidence and then the secret would get out, and there would be plenty of people who would kill for it. I am very interested in the wand, but I wouldn’t be able to keep that secret in. It’s one wand that rules all!

    Okay, then there is the stone. This one is also very enticing. All of us have lost loved ones that we wish we could speak to again. I have one person that I have lost that I would give anything to see them again. But if you see them again then you also loose them again. Because they do not belong in this world, then they will depart again back to the world they do belong in. I know that as much as I would give to see my lost loved ones, I do not want to mourn over loosing them again. I can’t imagine having to feel the suffering and pain and weeks upon weeks of crying and mourning and having to do that over again would make it feel ten times worse. And you know that you’re loved one would not want you to suffer anymore so it would hurt them too. You’re loved ones will always be there watching over you.

    So, in conclusion, I would pick the Cloak. The cloak, to me, isn’t more of a serious item that I would use in my daily life as it is more of something fun. You can’t kill anyone with the cloak and you can’t resurrect anyone from the dead, but you can make you or your friends invisible which is fun. In the context of the story, yes it was a item that help him escape death which is serious. But, in this case of the question you could do more fun things with it. However, if you do happen to be a criminal this could help you escape the police, LOL. For me, and my personally use, like Michael and Alison I would use it to get into places so I wouldn’t have to pay because let’s face it – it’s expensive to live.
    I would love to get into concerts that are sold out or get on a plane and fly somewhere cool that I have never been to. There are definitely ways that you could use it maliciously, like petty theft. But, for me, I would love to just have fun with it and go places.

    (If you want to get into movies for free, come work at my company. When we work on a toy line for a movie, they send us to a showing the day the movie comes out. XD)

  • grangerdanger

    I would choose the invisibility cloak. Growing up reading the Potter series I had always wanted the cloak out of the three Hallows. After becoming a little older, the resurrection stone became something I thought about more deeply. It would be very moving to speak to a family member or friend who has passed on, but I think in the end it would be too difficult to let go. I think letting those souls find peace on their own, and the mystery of when you would see them again is more satisfying. In Harry’s situation, I think it worked out for the better that he was able to use the stone, since he needed their presence to provide a calm for his decision. However, he had them with him all along throughout the books, but in different ways: stories, pictures, objects (like the cloak). Now, for why I would choose the cloak: one, let’s not kid ourselves, it would be a ton of fun to get to sneak off to places you would normally never be able to go. Two, in line with the first point, you could literally go anywhere, but not be seen…whether that would be used for traveling to far off places, traveling short distances, or merely viewing the world for what it is when you are not noticed – I find that fascinating! Finally, who doesn’t want to replicate the floating head scene from the movie? LOL

  • Mythrandier

    I would pick the cloak because of all of the places you could go and the conversations you could hear. You could slip on planes and go anywhere in the world. You could sit in on the Justices of the Supreme Court as they discuss and vote on each case, oh wait, that’s just me. You get my point, though. Imagine what you could learn! My Ravenclaw is showing.

  • DisKid

    I don’t like the idea of the wand. Even if I never told anybody I had the most powerful wand, somebody may be able to figure that out on their own in some way. If you have a powerful wand, people are going to try to beat you once they realize you’re a little too good at dueling. Sure I might not duel often with it as that’s not my style, but I have a feeling somebody would figure out (watching you do spells) that you are too good.

    I like the idea of the stone as there are plenty of people I would love to see beyond the grave. But I have a feeling that stone would bring about depression with them not really being “here”. I would worry about my mental state if I were to choose the stone.

    I would go with the cloak. The cloak has a lot of usefulness behind it. A disadvantage is, like the elder wand, somebody may figure out you have a very good cloak and try to steal it. But I imagine you can hide the cloak better than the wand as you probably wouldn’t be using it as often. That’d be a secret easier to hide.

  • PenelopeClearwater

    I would choose the cloak. The idea of free movies and sporting events delights me. That would make me pretty dishonest for a Hufflepuff though…
    It would also be great for when I want to read or Netflix without being bothered.

  • TheBobOgdenAppreciationSociety

    I would probably have chosen the cloak. Not to get free stuff by simply arriving invisible, but because you could do many things with the cloak, that would help you to battle with your enemies. The cloak allows you to be undetectable and you could therefore creep upon your enemies and hex them without them knowing anything. Of course, it would mean no frontal attacks and duels; you would end up being just a sort of silent spy figure. The stone in anybody’s hands would bring short term joy, but could turn you morbid. However, if it was not someone you loved you wanted to bring back, perhaps seeking advice or discovering historical stories. In the right hands and used in moderation, it could be very useful. Personally, I do not think the wand is a good idea. But in movie canon it has ended up at the bottom of large trench near Hogwarts, so there we are.