Question of the Week

Podcast Question of the Week – Episode 39

Chapter two of Goblet of Fire may be filled with a lot of recap, but Eric still has a really interesting question for the fans this week…

Following a very disturbing ‘dream,’ and a searing scar, Harry struggles to think of “someone like a parent: an adult wizard whose advice he could ask without feeling stupid, someone who cared about him, who had experience with Dark Magic.” Harry eventually settles on Sirius, after ruling out Hermione, Ron and the Weasleys, Dumbledore and of course the Dursleys. But the question is:

Why doesn’t Harry write Lupin? Lupin was the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Clearly he cares for Harry and has just as much claim to care about Harry as Sirius, really, since they were both his father’s friends. Would writing Lupin have produced a better result? Wouldn’t writing both of them have helped most? 

Let us know your thoughts below and they just might be read out on the next episode of Alohomora!