Podcast Question of the Week – Episode 49

Here we are with another exciting Question of the Week! This week, we’re asking for your creativity to come up with something we never actually see happen, but is crucial to this book.

In this chapter we hear Amos talk to Arthur about the situation with Mad Eye Moody, the lead-up to less fortunate things for Mr. Moody. But we never find out what exactly happens between he and Barty Crouch, Jr. How was Crouch, Jr. (who was locked up in a basement for so long) able to subdue and incapacitate one of the greatest Aurors to ever live?

Post your answers here and they might be read on the show!

  • Dobbythefreeelf

    Well, everyone has been saying that Mad-Eye Moody, is well, mad, and he IS very old, and if Im right, it happened either very early morning or late night, so probably Barty Crouch Jr. woke him up and startled him and before he could truly wake up and attack him Barty Crouch Jr. must have trapped him. Just a simple “Incarceous” ties someone up, so I think if I was surprised in the middle of my sleep I wouldn’t be able to do much either.

  • DolphinPatronus

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Jr. didn’t simply stun Moody while he was sleeping & already essentially defenseless.

  • Maureen

    I agree that

  • Maureen

    I agree that Barty Crouch, Jr. probably overpowered Moody while he was asleep, but that doesn’t completely explain how he was able to get past the defenses ( other than the dustbins) that I assume Moody would have set up (after all, shouldn’t constant vigilance apply even while Mad-Eye is asleep)? My best explanation is that Barty Crouch, Jr. is a very powerful wizard in his own right. We only see him at his most vulnerable, but he was able to throw off the Imperius Curse and kill many people, including his own father.

  • Cormerdamus

    Number 1) Jr. was in voldemort’s leading clique with bella and the rest. Weak from Azkaban or not, he had to be a gifted wizard like Bellatrix, Lucious, etc, in order to achieve such a feat.

    Number 2) He didn’t skip off to Mad Eye’s house straight from prison. He had been taken home and nursed by Winky for weeks or possibly even months. If something so simple as a bar of chocolate can instantly fix what 10 dementors do to you excluding the kiss, surely a bar a day would fix what ever the dozens did in Azkaban in not much time.

    Finally, as already stated, it was early in the morning and he’s old. He probably wasn’t even awake until it was too late. Voldemort was the strongest wizard in modern wizarding times, and he was killed by a 17 year old boy. I’m sure an averagely gifted wizard could be over powered by another averagely gifted wizard.

  • Daniel Sharp

    For those thinking that Barty Jr must have been a talented wizard we have this quote from the chapter The Madness of Mr Crouch when Sr was talking to the tree. “Yes, my son has recently gained twelve O.W.Ls, most satisfactory, yes, thank you, yes, very proud indeed.” So, clearly, Jr was indeed talented. I sometimes think it’s easy to forget just what Jr managed to do over the year. He throw off his father’s Imperious curse, overpowered one of the Ministry’s greatest Aurors, hoodwinked the Goblet of Fire and remained undetected under Dumbledore’s nose while nobody suspected he was helping Harry get to that final portkey. I think it’s fair to say that Barty Crouch Jr was an exceptional wizard.

    • AurorPhoenix

      I agree with your post Daniel.

      You have two exceptionally powerful wizards. One as an auror. The other in the Dark Arts. Barty showed he was very capable and knowledgeable as we saw with the examples you pointed out of fooling the Goblet, only being detected by one of the greatest wizards because of a slip up, putting together the elaborate plan to get Harry to the graveyard, etc.

      I believe Moody and Crouch were on equal footing. Both exceptional yet both deteriorating into madness. Crouch merely got the drop on Moody. That is not to say that Moody would not be able to do the same.

  • One other thing worth mentioning; Barty Crouch, Jr. was not alone when he attacked Moody. According to Crouch’s own testimony in GOF35 (‘Veritaserum’), Wormtail was with him. So it was two on one and still ‘Moody put up a struggle. There was a commotion. We managed to subdue him just in time’.

  • RuneRiver94

    I have to agree with everyone’s comments. Moody is old and it was in the middle of the night. Crouch, Jr couldn’t have slipped him a subduing potion because of Moody’s paranoia about food and drink. I also believe in the talent of Crouch, Jr. Just another way his life parallels Voldemorts ūüôā

  • StoneHallows

    There are several things that could account for the fact that Jr was about to overpower Mad Eye. First of all, he is close with the most powerful and dangerous wizard in the modern magical world. I’m sure that between working for Voldemort and teaming up with ruthless Death Eaters such as Bellatrix, he has learned a few tricks. Not only that, but we learn from his father that he received 12 OWLS, which means he was already very powerful in his own right. We can see this in everything that he did while at Hogwarts – overthrowing the Imperious curse, taking away some of the obstacles in front of Harry in the maze, the portkey, turning his father into a bone, making the Poly juice Potion, plus everything that he shows them in class, including the Unforgivable Curses. He is no longer weak from prison, having been faithfully nursed back to health, and in his own words, strong enough to set out on his own after his master.

  • dayren medina

    Although Mad Eye (a great Auror) was always in “constant vigilance” Voldy had a plan and Barty Crouch Jr. carried it out. We also have to take into consideration that because Mad Eye had gained this reputation of so to say crying wolf no one was taking him “Sirius-ly” anymore. Jr. had an advantage when he went for Mad Eye, and besides he was working on Voldy’s orders. Yes Mad Eye was a great Auror but Voldy was a very talented evil wizard.

  • Christy Lou

    Just because Barty Crouch Jr. has been in Azkaban and in hiding doesn’t mean his skils were lacking. Voldemort values power and how other people can service him. Crouch Jr. must have been very crafty and fairly powerful. The time Crouch Jr. spent in his father’s house must have been spent researching and figuring out exactly how he was going to overpower Moody and get past the defenses at Moody’s home.

  • Pigwidgeon

    Jr. was apart of Voldemort’s elite so it’s not like he was the Wormtail of the lot or anything. Yeah he was kept hidden for a couple of months but he was fed well and I’m sure he was allowed to walk around the house and gain some of his strength back. He obviously does because how else did he manage to escape the curse and actually get away? Moody isn’t invincible either. He’s old and not all there. Even with his magical eye he still has the chance of being caught off guard. I mean he gets killed in book seven so he’s got weaknesses. Being the son of a Ministry official probably gave Jr. a lot of information about Moody so he could devise a plan to get at him properly. It may have even simply been brute force. An intense battle obviously took place for all the banging in the house, so it may simply have been an intense duel and Moody got stunned. Honestly it’s hard to think of a way Moody got kidnapped when he’s described as one of the greatest aurors that has ever lived. Kind of seems like a messup on Jo’s part since she’s never mentioned how he managed to get napped. It might be something we learn in Pottermore though!

  • HallowsMaster97

    I agree with most of the comments here, while Moody is a great auror, he is quite powerless while sleeping.
    Moody probably just got a warning from one of his defenses when Crouch Jr. had him cornered.
    And let’s not forget that Crouch Jr. is no ordinary man. He is a death eater, a death eater who was hand picked by voldemort to accomplish this task. He has skills with the dark arts and he might have learnt a few tricks from his master.
    A sleepy moody could be considered an easy target for Barty Crouch Jr.

  • suprememugwump

    I don’t think that being locked up in a basement had any detrimental effects on Crouch. His father, though cruel to him, would definitely have given him enough to eat, and he had nothing to do all day but sit around. He is fully recovered from whatever effects Azkaban had on him, and he’s been growing stronger physically and mentally (it just occurred to me that it’s Crouch Jr. and not Mad-Eye who tells Harry that it requires great mental strength to throw off the Imperius Curse. He’d know about that, wouldn’t he!).
    As for how Barty Crouch and Peter managed to subdue Mad-Eye, I think they could have got past his traps. Just like there are spells to detect magic (like Dumbledore uses in Half-Blood Prince), there are probably spells to detect magical traps. A talented wizard like Crouch Jr. could probably have evaded/disabled enough of Mad-Eye’s traps to give him the advantage of surprise.
    A question for you: does Moody’s magical eye ever “go to sleep?” Unlike in the movie, he’d have to actually pop it out of its socket to get rid of it, so do you think he takes it out every night like dentures? Does he take off his wooden leg, too? If so, an eyeless, legless, sleepy Mad-Eye would actually be quite easy to subdue.

  • Moscambilhas

    In regard to this question, I think is good not to forget that Barty was not alone. He went to Moody¬īs house with Wormtail, which is a testament to the power and reputation that Moody has, even when people think that Moody is now half crazy. Voldemort respects him so much (or at least his power) to go as far as send his only two available Death Eaters (at the time) to deal with Mad-Eye. This gains greater relevance if one thinks that at the time Voldemort is very weak and in desperate need of constant atention to maintain is rudimentar baby body. That being said, I think the element of surprise played a big role here. In my mind, the fact that Wormtail is an Animagus, and the fact that Moody didn¬īt know that (or even that he was alive for that matter) was crucial in the defeat of the great Auror. Probably Wormtail just appear behind Alastor (in rat form) while Crouch Jr. attacked him. Then transform itself and them attack Mad-Eye from the back. Even knowing how powerfull Alastor was, it¬īs not a surprise that he was defeated. It was after all 2 to 1, and one of his enemies as so many of you point out already was a very powerfull wizard (the debate on Wormtail still stands), after all he was one of the responsibles for the capture and torture Neville’s parents, which are always described as very powerfull and respected wizards (with Frank being an Auror himself).

    • Maureen

      The idea of Wormtail using his animagus form to attack Moody makes me wonder why Dumbledore didn’t warn him that Wormtail was alive. I feel like if anyone would take that seriously, it would be Moody.

      • Moscambilhas

        I don¬īt know either, it would made sense to tell Moody.
        But, at this stage nothing unusual happened besides the cases of Bertha, Frank Bryce and the World Cup. I must say, that putting things this way it sounds a lot of unusual things, but they didn¬īt seem at the time connected. We know that Dumbledore was alert and that he was connecting the dots, but even him wasn¬īt sure.
        And even if he suspect anything, well he doesn¬īt have any prove to link all this thing to Voldemort¬īs returning and Wormtail¬īs escape. And the suspicion about Voldemort is not a suspicion you want to suggest lightly. And I think that, being the case that there where not enough dots o be connected at the time, if Dumbledore just thought that Wormtail was gone but would not be part of Voldemort return in short time (but just in short time because we know that he knows about Trelawney prediction), it would not represent a danger therefore not a subject worthy of mentioning, with this already paranoic Ex-Auror.

  • Guest

    I am sure there are plenty of spells and charms that Crouch could have used to see what tricks Moody had step up in his house. After dodging those it would be simple for him to get to Moody,

  • Pig-desk

    I read the comments about Jr catching Moody off guard and have to agree with the comment about him being a bit older, a little off his game and Jr jinxing him while asleep.

  • Usman Asaf

    I agree with most of what the previous comments have suggested about Jr. being a very powerful wizard in own right as revealed by his father later in the book and that moody was very old and caught off guard. id just like to add that Jr. was very cunning when it came to getting the wishes of his masters completed as he displays throughout the book by indirectly helping harry in his tasks and not to mention that he was able to fool Dumbledore (which is no small feat). so i expect that he used the same ability to overpower moody. wormtail was accompanying Jr. to moodys house, i can easily imagine that Jr. left wormtail on his own (easily imaginable that wormtail set off the dustbins) and simply out flanked moody while he was dealing with the wormtail. i think with moody being distracted, it wouldve been pretty easy for Jr. to subdue. that would explain y moody was able to be subdued so quickly and Jr. was able to take his place before the police men and ministry officials arrived

  • Tarah

    I think that Barty Crouch Jr. was able to overcome Moody for a number of reasons. It’s mentioned later in the book that he is a very powerful wizard and he had help. Wormtail could have easily snuck around Moody’s house as a rat and might have been able to tell what kind of protections were around the property or at least get an idea of what they might be dealing with. He also would have been able to get a sense of what Moody’s daily routine was like so they could pick an ideal time to come back, while Moody was sleeping or just waking up and would then have a better chance of catching him off-guard. It’s mentioned that Moody puts up a fight but he was outnumbered and likely a bit disoriented.

  • froggyhpmb3

    Perhaps as a death eater, Barty Crouch Jr. was able to learn something about being able to go undetected by the charms and devices he has set up around his property. It must be an immensely hard thing to do. He has his magic eye (that I doubt goes to sleep) that can see through invisibility cloaks. Maybe he ignores what it sees at night therefore leaving him vulnerable to Barty Crouch Jr. Perhaps it was rather easy after all; after his years of being an auror, maybe he just wants his peace!