Question of the Week

Podcast Question of the Week – Episode 57

It’s time for another great Question of the Week! This week, we’re focusing on the somewhat questionable actions of the Hogwarts gamekeeper.

In Chapter 19, Hagrid shows the dragons for the First Task to both Harry and Madame Maxime. He shows Harry to help him succeed in the First Task, and he shows Maxime to help his wooing efforts, which in turn helps Fleur gain knowledge of the dragons. But we want to know – for whom is Hagrid doing this more? Is he most motivated to help Harry, or is he primarily focused on Madame Maxime and just sees a chance to also help Harry in the process?

Let us know what you think, either below or by sending in an audio clip (use the record button just to the right! –> ) and you might hear your response on next week’s episode!