Podcast Question of the Week – Episode 57

It’s time for another great Question of the Week! This week, we’re focusing on the somewhat questionable actions of the Hogwarts gamekeeper.

In Chapter 19, Hagrid shows the dragons for the First Task to both Harry and Madame Maxime. He shows Harry to help him succeed in the First Task, and he shows Maxime to help his wooing efforts, which in turn helps Fleur gain knowledge of the dragons. But we want to know – for whom is Hagrid doing this more? Is he most motivated to help Harry, or is he primarily focused on Madame Maxime and just sees a chance to also help Harry in the process?

Let us know what you think, either below or by sending in an audio clip (use the record button just to the right! –> ) and you might hear your response on next week’s episode!

  • Kaitlin Richeson

    Well I definitely think that Little Crouch had something to do with Hagrid showing Harry the dragons. I’m going to side with the idea that Hagrid is mostly doing it for Harry, but saw and excellent chance to impress Madame Maxime. In my mind I see Hagrid and Little Crouch/Mad-Eye having a conversation about the first task and Harry that ended with Little Crouch telling Hagrid it would be fine to show Harry…after all cheating is a big part of the tournament, right? I think Hagrid then took it one step further and decided that if he can show one person, he can show another person too! I’m curious if Hagrid even realized that Madame Maxime would of course tell her champion or if he was truly blinded with infatuation for his new love interest.

    • DolphinPatronus

      I tend to agree with your thoughts that Jr was involved in pusing Hagrid to tell Harry. (in fact if I recall he says something along those lines while he’s interogated) As for Hagrid being blinded by infatuation & not realizing Maxime would tell Fleur I think that is pretty spot on. Hagrid can be a bit oblivious.

  • Amanda Curry

    I think that Hagrid was doing it to help harry primarily based on the fact that he thought that the help wouldn’t really make a difference in Fluers performance in the task. She tends to be more emotionally strong then physically or intellecually strong. I think that Hagrid took a calculated risk because he knew that Harry was at a disadvantage where his knowledge and experience was concerned and wanted to give him the chance to catch up to the others in a sense.

  • froggyhpmb3

    I think that Hagrid is more motivated to help Harry than Madame Maxim. We know that Hagrid as a character is motivated mainly by loyalty and love. I feel that he wanted to help Harry most of all because he already loves and is loyal to him. Madame Maxim is more of a secondary reason because he hasn’t really gotten to know her yet.

  • Aradan

    I’m guessing Hagrids first reaction to the dragons is just a good old “Where can I get one.” He’s obsessed with them, in fact Charlie tells him flat-out that the eggs are counted so he can’t steal one.
    When it comes to Madame Maxine and Harry, I think his thought process would depend on what he had last been thinking about, i.e. if he was just taking care of the pegasi that were pulling beauxbatons carriage, his first thought would probably have been that he could really impress MM with the dragons. On the other hand, if he had gone to see the dragons with a mentality of ‘this is the first thing Harry has to beat’ then upon seeing them he would’ve probably immediately decided to tell Harry.
    When it comes down to it, I don’t think Hagrid is doing this for one more than the other, it’s just a really convenient way to kill two birds with one stone.
    On one hand he can warn Harry, but he can mutually impress MM, giving him a win-win situation.

  • DolphinPatronus

    I tend to feel the same as Kaitlin Richeson. I think Jr planted the idea in Hagrid’s mind but it was an opportunity to not only help Harry but impress Maxime.

  • ArchdukeSeverus

    I think that Hagrid wasn’t really going there with the purpose of showing Harry or Maxime as his main motivation. He is just going there for personal interest and is bringing Harry and Maxime along because he thinks that they will be interested.

    • Amanda McKnight

      Agreed. Hagrid’s first concern is just about the dragons. Since he doesn’t seem inclined to cheating, impressing Maxime was probably his second concern. I think Hagrid can be nieve sometimes and probably didn’t consider that Maxime would tell Fleur.

      Little Crouch tells Harry that he convinced Hagrid to show him the dragons after Harry comes back from the grave yard. I imagine that this is what Moody Crouch and Hagrid were discussing in the three broomsticks immediately before Hagrid gives Harry the invite. Also since Hagrid didn’t invite Harry until the day of the excursion it seems a bit last minute. Hagrid must have known about the dragons months in advance.

  • Pigwidgeon

    I’m fairly certain Jr told Hagrid about the dragons, but how Hagrid took that information was entirely up to himself. It’d be kind of funny to think that Jr told Hagrid that “wouldn’t it be romantic to take Maxime to see those dragons?”. So I think Jr, knowing Hagrids fascination with the dangerous and deadly, told him knowing that he would tell Harry. I do think Hagrid first thought about Maxime because hey, dragons are cool and might be a good way to impress a lady. He’d then tell her HE once had a dragon, trying to show off that he can control a giant dangerous beast like a dragon (sure to impress) but Hagrid probably remembered this was for the task and it would probably be a good idea to let Harry see the dragons since this kid is way in over his head and will need all the help he can get and Harry has helped him so much over the three and a half years he’s known him so it would only be fair. And if he’s letting the competition get a heads up Harry ought to know as well. As much as Hagrid cares about Harry, when someone is infatuated with another person that person is mainly at the front of their thought process, so I think unfortunately he thought of Maxime first.

  • Knight GryffinPuff

    Hello! Very excited to finally join in the conversation. I found Alohomora a couple of months ago and have been getting caught up.

    Can we discuss future information? Spoilers coming for anyone who hasn’t already read the books.

    On page 676 of the American version, after Harry returns from the graveyard, but before Dumbledore arrives to save the day, Little Crouch spills the beans about helping Hagrid decide to inform Harry about the dragons. I think Hagrid would have been amenable to the suggestion because he cares about Harry and doesn’t want to see him get hurt. The text implies that Little Crouch did have to nudge Hagrid into doing it, so Hagrid actually does hesitate, which is a little surprising. Is this Hagrid showing his Gryffindor nature? Implying that at least for a moment he thinks that Harry should face this challenge with nothing but his wits and courage? You would think that he would care more about Harry than the fairness of the contest.

    As far as Madame Maxine, I think Hagrid just decided that since he was heading out to show Harry anyway, he could invite her and impress her. Rule #1 of dating. Does he suspect she will tell her champion? I don’t think he gives it much thought.

  • suprememugwump

    Oh, Hagrid… I love the man (half-giant?), but really, I think his first thought on learning about the dragons (from Crouch Jr., as others have said) was “This’ll be such a great first date! Who wouldn’t be impressed by dragons?” At some point, he probably realized that he should tell Harry as well. Throughout the dragon scene, Hagrid completely ignores Harry. He and Mme Maxime stride off, leaving Harry to jog after them, and Hagrid doesn’t even really pay attention to Harry before they go off to pick Mme Maxime up. Throughout the scene, Harry is definitely an afterthought, and I don’t see why that wouldn’t be the case when he learned about the dragons too.

  • StoneHallows

    I’m not sure Hagrid would know the answer to this himself if asked this question. I don’t believe it was his idea, was it? At the end, when Crouch Jr. is Talking Under the Influence, I seem to remember him mentioning that he convinced Hargrid to show them both, and then sent Karkaroff after them, ensuring that Cedric was the only one who didn’t know and compelling Harry to tell him. To Hagrid it just seemed like such a great idea to help out both his friend and his…bigger friend, that he didn’t think about it too much. Yes, he seems to completely forget about Harry at the end, but if you think about it, he might be thinking this is his only shot at something of a normal (sized) relationship (though I suppose his parents wouldn’t have been considered “normal” and he might not have cared…) How many guys (particularly those who don’t get dates often) would be able to focus more on their friend rather than their date? Ultimately, what I’m saying is that I don’t believe Hagrid was “doing it more for” one rather than the other. A seemingly good idea was presented to him, and knowing what we do of Hagrid, it’s not a big stretch to think that he might have done it without much more consideration than that.

    • DolphinPatronus

      Actually I just looked ahead & he confesses to Harry prior to any of the other adults even being in the room but all he says about it is “Who nudged Hagrid into showing youthe dragons? I did.” So I think everyone else finding out just sort of happened.

      • StoneHallows

        Hmm… I could have SWORN that somewhere Crouch says he set it up so that Harry knew only Cedric was ignorant of the dragons so he felt compelled to tell him, then Cedric, being the moral person he was, would return the favor… maybe I’m thinking movie cannon, but I’m pretty sure that’s out there somewhere. I’m going to have to try and find it now!

        • DolphinPatronus

          I’ll have to watch the movie again because I don’t really remember but Jr does say a bit further down the page (676 of the US paperback) “Who told Cedric to open it underwater? I did. I trusted that he would pass the information on to you. Decent people are so east to manipulate, Potter. I was sure Cedric would want to repay you for telling him about the dragons, & so he did.”

          It seem like he just seized the opportunity of Harry telling Cedric as something to use in his favor.

  • Pig-desk

    For Hagrid’s motivation to primarily focus on Maxime his initial idea
    would have had to been him wanting to show Maxime the dragons, after the fact bring Harry alone. Since the idea was planted by Crouch to take Harry, it is safe to assume taking Maxime was his second thought but certainly a good motivator to be on time. Hagrid’s naiveté numbed him to the fact that he was helping two Triwizard Champions not one.

  • Subjective Unicorn

    I was wondering why did Karkaroff followed them? If he had seen them going to the forest, all he would see is Hagrid and Madame Maxime going together to the forest, why on earth would he follow someone who is having a date? Unless he glimpsed strange fiery explosions (when the dragons woke up) from his ship. Otherwise it would be strange just to follow two people who are having a midnight walk to the forest.

    • DolphinPatronus

      Karkaroff is a creeper lol

  • Olivia Underwood

    Hagrid always means well and although I’m sure he thought of Maxime and Harry, I bet his first thought was… ‘DRAGONS! I HAVE TO GO AND HAVE A LOOK. MERLIN’s BEARD, DRAGONS! (0v0)/ oh, but er, yeah, I should bring someone wit’ me, per’aps Maxime? Oh, yes she’d be pleased to see ’em and then per’aps she’d go out to dinner wit’ me. Oh, and Harry as well, it could help him a lot I guess, yeah why not? Oh, but I should arsk him te bring his cloak, yes we don’t wan’ him found out, oh and then there’s…..’ Something like that.

  • H Mir

    I’m so glad I finally have a few seconds to contribute to the PQOTW for once! I think Hargrid’s primary concern is Harry. We see him look out for him numerous times. The only way to properly describe Hagrid is use a phrase used on MuggleCast, which was ‘drunk uncle’. He cares deeply for Harry, like an uncle, but yes, he wants to impress Madame Maxime, not because he wants Fleur to win, but because he loves dragons or anything capable of killing you, and I can see him thinking that it would be a fantastic idea for a first date, hence ‘drunk uncle’.