Podcast Question of the Week – Episode 62

This weeks Podcast Question of the Week is a bit…well, let’s just say that we need you to use your (G-rated) imagination.

In this chapter we learn a lot about Hagrid, his backstory, and even his parents. Now, we have all likely had this conversation with friends, but we want to expand on this a bit. We are wondering how Hagrid’s parents came together. What attracted them to each other? How did they meet? Did they fall in love? And, of course, how did Hagrid come to be?

Please keep this week’s comments PG! This is a family show after all!

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  • Olivia Underwood

    Very interesting question! No one knows about Hagrid’s parents, only Jo really has the answers! However, we do have Lupin’s backstory on Pottermore, and that is a real eye-opener which could give us some clues. I like to think that it was similar to Lupin’s parents, although we don’t know much about them to be sure. Perhaps Hagrid’s father was saved by Fridwulfa from some centaurs in a dense forest somewhere and she refused to let him leave without repaying her….. 😮 (oh dear) Perhaps she secretly liked gentle, subtle things and hated being stereotyped as a rough, insensitive giant with no feelings. Perhaps the giant community was a rough place at the time, just as dismissive about interbreeding as the wizarding world and she knew that if they found out about Hagrid or his father they would kill them so she pretended to hate them in order to make them leave. (rather melodramatic but there it is).

    Giants are classed as beasts (according to Fantastic Beasts), but werewolves have constantly been tossed between human and beast classification. So is Ted Tonks a half-breed, just as Rita Skeeter classed Hagrid? I think the reason why Jo doesn’t elaborate in technical terms about how Hagrid came to be or why Ted isn’t a werewolf is because in her mind, it simply doesn’t matter. We could talk about how Hermione came to be, and why she was born a witch to normal humans beings, but that would defeat the whole purpose of this week’s chapter, and indeed the books in general. They are who they are, and that’s all there is to it. Jo doesn’t seem to be fussed, otherwise she would have put it in the books. And to be honest, I don’t think we should be either.

    • DolphinPatronus

      I reread Fantastic Beast recently & don’t recall anything about giants. Did I miss that part? I remember trolls being classified as beasts but I can’t recall any mention of giants.

      • Olivia Underwood

        This is true and it was wrong of me to presume giants were beasts, however on wiki they are not classed as either beast or being, which I think is a very similar dilemma as to the classification of werewolves. In “Fantastic Beasts” Newt talks about how one goes about defining creatures, and I think because both werewolves and giants are within a grey area, a crack in the ministry’s system if you will, rather than confronting the problem, the wizarding community chose to resent them and degrade them. Hence Ron’s shock and Skeeter’s article. Again this is Jo criticizing racial issues in society. I think Hagrid and Lupin have a lot in common, and this is why I am guessing their parents do too.

        • DolphinPatronus

          Ok I feel better for a second I thought I was losing my mind. lol
          As far as Hagrid & Lupin’s parents having a lot in common I’d agree as long as Hagrid’s mother is not included in this. We know from Pottermore that Lupin’s parents were very caring & did their best by him. Hagrid has said similar about his father but he also said his mother left him & his half brother.

  • WatchSky181

    I like the idea that Olivia Underwood mentions about taking inspiration from Lupin’s back story. I think it’s possible given Hagrid’s affinity for magical creatures that his Dad might have shared this (like Remus and Lyall). Perhaps his Dad worked for the Ministry of Magic in some capacity as a sort of envoy to the Giants (who, correct me if I’m wrong, would still have been living in the Uk – weren’t they only banished/driven into hiding in the fall out after Voldemort’s first uprising?), potentially in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures.

    That would give the two the chance to meet, though quite how and why they fell in love (?), I have no idea.

    On an not so PG note, can we just be glad that it wasn’t the father who was the giant in this coupling…

  • Elvis Gaunt

    I always felt it was on the lines of Donkey and Dragon’s romance in Shrek. The male is not the strongest, the bravest or the sharpest but witty enough for the female, who is perceived to be dangerous but really soft at heart and likes to be appreciated.

    • PixieDragon137

      I was kind of thinking along the same lines. But I viewed their relationship as being more like (feel free to crack up here) King Kong and Ann Darrow.

      Perhaps as WatchSky181 said, Hagrid inherited his father’s passion for dangerous creatures, and this might have ignited his father’s interest in Fridwulfa when they met. Maybe he found the same majestic beauty in her as Hagrid finds in the most dangerous creatures. And as for how they fell in love, I believe that initially Fridwulfa must’ve been attracted to Hagrid’s father because he’s a wizard, and because giant’s love a bit of magic. And perhaps over time, as they got closer, they learned to live with each other as couple.

      And as to how Hagrid came to be, I believe that his father used an engorgement charm upon himself. Honestly, I can’t think of anything else that could’ve worked in this situation…at least nothing PG enough!

      • Elvis Gaunt

        You mean Fridwulfa abducted Hagrid Sr.?

        Lol, loved the engorgement charm bit :)

  • ArchdukeSeverus

    We are told by Hagrid himself that his father was a very kind man. Because of this he would have been more likely than other wizarding folk to accept giants for what they are. Also Hagrid’s mother was involved with Voldemort so would have associated with wizards. One possible way that they could have met up is if Hagrid’s father was a death eater but this is unlikely. They could have also met if Hagrid’s father was about to be a victim and Fridwulfa could have noticed that he may not been acting like the rest and been curious about who he was and taken him away to eventually fall in love with him. Another possible way of meeting is if Hagrid’s father was a bit like Newt Scamander and he would go off on adventures to observe magical creatures or just giants. This way he could have gone to study giants and Fridwulfa could have fallen in love with him. Maybe Hagrid’s father even works for Newt and we might see him in the upcoming movie.
    Whatever happened I think that it was Fridwulfa that initiated the relationship.

  • Subjective Unicorn

    I was wondering about Madame Maxime’s back story. It is quite obvious that she is also half giant (unless she did drank a skele-gro when she was young 😉 ), of course we do not know much about the character and her background. Assuming and it is quite probable that her story is similar to Hagrid’s, then her interest in going to look for giants with Hagrid is also quite personal. It is quite possible that she wanted to know what had happened to one of her parents as well. If they are so similar in their giant roots, how come they did not get together? It is probably quite rare for them to meet another half giant, i think they should have taken this chance. It is also possible that Madame Maxime might still be in denial and would like to have a partner who does not remind her of her giant roots, the roots which are quite hard to overlook

    • Elvis Gaunt

      Hagrid and Madame Maxime had a lot of chances to get together, in Hogwats and when they go to meet the giants. They had even dated a bit. I guess it just did not work out between them…

  • WhatTheGrace

    I think that Hagrid’s father had a personal interest in giants and magical creatures and one day whilst looking to learn more about giants (despite their reputation) came by Fridwulfa, who (like Grawp is described) was slightly smaller than regular giants. which led her to be bullied and made an outcast by the other bigger giants. She may have then, upon crossing paths with Hagrid’s father, ends up forming a friendship with him which eventually leads to love as a result of him showing her kindness and viewing her as an equal. I’m sure along the way he taught her english and other human mannerisms – as Hagrid tried to teach Grawp

    As to how Hagrid came about, maybe a spell (or potion) was used to shrink Fridwiufa or vice versa, Hagrid’s father may have used a spell similar to or perhaps even, ‘engorgio’ on himself, or maybe just in that ‘area down below’ to be compatible with Fridwulfa.
    Fridwulfa may have abandoned them in order to try and fit in again with the giants after finding that life with a human/wizard wasn’t what she thought it’d be.