Podcast Question of the Week – Episode 63

The Podcast Question of the Week for this episode is a giant WHAT IF? – because you know we love those What If questions. We can’t wait to hear what you think this time around!

We have this great scene where a lot is going on, an egg ringing, Filch and his cat near the stairs, and then Snape comes in. This scene is such a mess! What would’ve happened if Moody hadn’t come to Harry’s rescue and Snape had discovered Harry on the stairs? What would have befalled Harry? How would the story have been changed from this point forward?

Leave us your response below & we just might read them on the next episode of Alohomora!

  • Elvis Gaunt

    Snape would have knocked fifty points off Gryffindor and/or put Harry in detention.

    Little Crouch wouldn’t have got hold of the Marauders Map. However, Voldemort would have still informed Little Crouch about his fathers escape. Little Crouch’s job wouldn’t have been so easy but he would have still managed to find his father and kill him.

    The greatest loss would have been to us, the readers. We would have missed this brilliant piece of writing. We are intrigued while reading it because, as discussed in the episode it is full of half-information. However, its impact is also felt later in the book when Little Crouch is under the Veritaserum-induced fit. We feel a lot of loose ends tying up (who was stealing potion ingredients, how was Mr. Crouch able to come to Hogwarts if he was so sick etc: things we would have never known, so they wouldn’t be loose ends). Also, Harry wouldn’t have mentioned Crouch to Sirius in Hogsmeade and wouldn’t have known that much about Crouch. And of course, it takes on whole new dimension when we are reading it for a second time.
    I feel the chapter, “The Madness of Mr. Crouch” is there in the books for a similar reason. The plot wouldn’t have changed in anyway if all that action had taken place behind the scenes. Little Crouch could have simply said that he killed his father (it need not even be at Hogwarts) during his truth session. It just adds to the mystery of the book and the makes Crouch’s story seem more fast paced with comprehension after comprehension dawning on us.

  • Jake Potter

    I don’t think the story would have changed much besides Harry keeping the map. Snape would go through his usual motions. He would have sneered like he always does and take Harry straight to Dumbledore’s office. He would have thought he had enough evidence to get Harry expelled and when he told Dumbledore he would have tried to make it seem even worse than it was, maybe tried to blame Harry for what happened to his office.

    I think Dumbledore would have then asked for Harry’s side of the story. The egg would have come into question and Harry would have explained that he was trying to figure out his clue, which is the truth, but I think, though he isn’t a big fan of Cedric’s, he wouldn’t have sold him out by telling Dumbledore that he told him about the Prefect’s bathroom. Maybe he would have told them he was in Myrtle’s bathroom trying to figure out the clue? He could have used Myrtle as an alibi and she would have gladly told them she was with Harry while trying to figure out the clue, which again is the truth, though he might have had the brains to not mention the Prefect’s bathroom.

    This could all have been chalked up to Harry working on his clue and Dumbledore, though he might suspect more, would have believed him because it would make sense and it would be ridiculous to think that past Triwizard Champions haven’t done similar things. He might still have taken points from Gryffindor or given him detention for being out after hours, but Snape would now be aware of the cloak, though he would again be disappointed and be even nastier to Harry the next day at Potions just like he always does because he had missed out on another opportunity to get Harry expelled. I think this would put the score at about Potter- 3 Snape- 0

    • Dan Sharp

      Snape already knows about the cloak. He was wearing it when he busted in on the Trio, Lupin and Sirius in the Shrieking Shack the previous year.

      • Elvis Gaunt

        True, Snape even says Potter is in his invisibility cloak.

        • iProudHufflePuff1

          Yeah I thought about that after I posted lol

  • Harrison

    I think the story would have changed a lot. Not for this part of the book, but Harry never would have thought of an auror job, and maybe Harry would not be so keen to fulfill the prophecy. I think that the scene on the stairs isn’t the important point, the important thing is the end as Michael read.

    • Elvis Gaunt

      Wait, it just occurred to me that if Harry did not want to be an Auror, he wouldn’t have taken up Potions in his sixth year. So, we would never know about Levi Corpus, Sectumsempra and Half-Blood Prince. Harry would not have needed to hide Snape’s old Potions textbook. So, he would have never gone into the Room of Hidden Things and never have seen Ravenclaw’s Diadem. Interesting…

  • froggyhpmb3

    Snape would have tried to get Harry expelled and Dumbledore would have tried to get him out of it. Madam Maxime and Karkaroff would have wanted to kick him out of the tournament. Neither expulsion or his disqualification from the tournament are possible for Harry so I think Harry would have gotten a detention or two out of being caught by Snape.

  • RoseLumos

    I think one of the biggest consequences of Harry being caught would be Moody/Crouch’s inability to get the Marauder’s Map. I don’t think Snape would have destroyed it so Harry would probably still have it in his position after this scene. We know that Harry, Ron, and Hermione do some more sneaking out at night to help Harry practice for the other task so they might have seen Crouch on the map while looking out for Filtch. Imagine if Harry actually did realize Moody and Crouch were the same person? Do you think Moody/Crouch would kill him on the spot since everything would unravel before the final task? Harry could actually die.

    P.S. – How mad would Sirius get if he found out that a Death Eater was using the map to help plot his godson’s death?!

    P.S.S. – This is why I love Jo. Every scene, every character, and every line has significance. Brilliant! As a writer she has taught me more about constructing a story than my minor in English.

    • Elvis Gaunt

      Or what if Snape had confiscated it? Snape knows someone is breaking into his office and he would try find out who it is using the map. He would then certainly discover fake Moody’s true identity. Dumbledore would have taken action as he sees fit. Harry would have still participated in the rest of the tournament (but then Harry would not know about Gillyweed, so don’t know what he would have done for the second task). The Cup would not be a portkey (without Moody clearing Harry’s way, some other Champion may have won as well) and Voldemort would not have come back at that point. What would he do then? Hatch another plot to get Harry’s blood or would he listen to Wormtail and use someone else’s blood?

      • PixieDragon137

        Oh my. If deatheater Moody had been discovered and Voldemort had to use someone else’s blood instead, then the Order wouldn’t have known that Voldemort had come back to full power. Because Harry would not have been there to see it happen. And Voldemort wouldn’t have used the dark mark to call upon his deatheaters because it would have alerted Karakroff and most importantly, Snape, who he then believed had abandoned him.

        • Elvis Gaunt

          According to Voldemort’s plan, Harry shouldn’t have survived to tell the tale. He still chose to reveal himself to the Death-Eaters, in spite of the deserters. But the impact he would make by returning after killing the Boy-Who-Lived would be different from just revealing that he now has a body again. So dunno, he may or may not have chosen to tell the wizarding community of his return.
          If he had chosen to remain hidden, combined with my earlier point about how Harry would not know about the whereabouts of the Diadem, both Harry and the Order would have been woefully under prepared when Voldemort does unleash himself. Or wait, would Harry have seen Voldemort through his “dreams” and told Dumbledore. The possibilities seem endless.
          However, one thing is for sure. The ministry would behave the same way even if Voldemort called the Death-Eaters. Fudge and Co. chose to pretend it did not happen in spite of Cedric’s death and Harry’s eye-witness account. They would certainly not believe if the only proof available was Snape’s Tattoo.

  • l.g.

    Without Moody, I doubt the scene would’ve been nearly as eventful. Moody comes in just as Snape is trying to convince Filch to aid him in investigating his office’s intruder. Without the interruption, I imagine Snape and Filch would have a small back-and-forth argument about whose problem was more important, until a snide Squib comment would force Argus into sumbission. Perhaps while searching Snape’s office, they would discover Moody searching, posing a whole new problem since it seems he has already searched under the premise of an Auror. If they didn’t happen upon Moody Crouch, then perhaps Filch would absentmindedly forget the egg in Snape’s stores, and the trio would have to steal it back without being caught. The simplest outcome would be that they find no evidence as to who is stealing from Snape and Filch gives the egg to Dumbledore, who asks which of the champions has lost their clue and subsequently returns it to Harry.

  • Olivia Underwood

    I honestly don’t think much would change. What could Snape really do? He would obviously think that Harry had stolen potions, but given that there is no evidence, all he could really do is threaten Harry, like he did in the movie in his potions closet. Like in the beginning of CoS, Snape doesn’t actually have much power over Harry, so it would be down to McGonagall to sort out the suitable punishment. He sees the map, perhaps he would take it away, but given that Harry clearly can’t work out that Moody is Crouch Jr, even with the map staring right at him in the face, it would make very little difference. Most likely is that Snape would give it to Filch, or perhaps burn it, due to past grudges against the Marauders. Now what would happen if Snape didn’t do any of those things and coincidentally saw the name Crouch AFTER Crouch Senior had died? Well, that’s anyone’s guess……