Podcast Question of the Week – Episode 73

Lord Voldemort has returned to his body – but our question this week is about the spare, Cedric Diggory.

Let’s say by some miracle Diggory had hidden properly, or was somehow spared and survived the whole ordeal, and portkeyed back with Harry alive rather than dead. How would this scene have played out differently? Would Cedric be as famous as Harry moving forward in the story? Would Moody still have been caught without the whole trauma aspect of the event? Would they have believed them if there weren’t a dead body as proof?

Leave us your response below & we just might read them on the next episode of Alohomora!

  • Laura

    I am a huge Cedric fan. I think, had he lived, he would have been a huge benefit to Dumbledore’s Army. He would have probably been able to help pass on defensive spells he knew, because of his age difference, and he probably would have been able to pass wisdom onto Harry. Barty Crouch Jr would have still been found, and most likely nobody would have questioned Voldemort’s return. Cedric would have confirmed what Harry was saying and people would have believed him, being Cedric an honest Hufflepuff. In the end I think he would want to help Harry and he would have become a loyal friend and possibly a future Auror himself.

    I actually have a lot more on his character that I think, being that I for some reason found a great interest in him. With that interest I went deeper into him as a character. To add to that if you need more cool stuff on Fenrir, I have that too!

    • Hadas

      I wonder whether people would believe him. They might think he was a “dumb Hufflepuff” and that he was hoodwinked by Harry. I just wrote on the forums, without first checking here, about why Cedric died so I’m really excited to read the comments on this PWOTW. 🙂

  • WatchSky181

    Harry would still get all the attention as he always does. Harry would have been the hero who saved Cedric or something. This time he might actually make the line at the bottom of Rita’s article, but his name would probably be spelled wrong (or maybe wrongly identified as a vampire…). I see no reason that Moody wouldn’t have been caught. Without the trauma, people would be thinking clearer and he’d have probably been caught the moment they arrived back. As to whether they would be believed, well the body didn’t actually seem to convince many people anyway. Having the son of a Ministry official and respected prefect corroborating Harry’s version of events would probably made it harder to ignore in all honesty.

  • Elvis Gaunt

    Harry wouldn’t have kissed Cho…

  • LeslieLovegood

    Cedric would have become a celebrity within Hogwarts, but would never have been on the level as “The Boy Who Lived”. I see Cedric as such a good person, and he would have honestly told every one that it was Harry who faced Voldemort straight on, and allowed them to escape. He is not the type to try and steal part of the spot light. I think he would have become a valuable member of the Order in the future because he would be very keen on ending Voldemort’s death after seeing and hearing his evil first hand. I think Little Crouch would have still been caught, he would have still tried to get Harry alone and would have slipped up with the Veritaserum. I think having Cedric as an eye witness, may be able to sway more people into believing Voldemort’s return, although those like Fudge would still have remained stubborn and pig-headed.

    …regardless, someone write this fanfic!

  • HedwigsTheme

    Thinking about the long-term effects, Harry would not be able to see the thestrals in the following book and would probably not have made as deep of a connection with Luna as a result.

    As for the short-term consequences, I think little Crouch would still have been caught. Harry would be thinking more clearly and would have told Dumbledore that there was a death eater at Hogwarts. Little Crouch was caught up in the excitement of the night and one way or another would have forgotten to keep his “Moody” composure. Dumbledore would have figured out who it was and there would probably have been a more public capture of little Crouch since he would not have had the opportunity to take Harry away into his office.

    I agree with the other comments on the idea that Cedric’s word would have made LV’s return more believable.

  • Gi

    Interesting question.

    (I don’t think Cedric would have hidden somewhere to escape the Deatheaters.
    I mean, he’s the boy who five minutes earlier decides to give up the dream he’s been chasing for a whole year for Harry. I can’t really see him in the graveyard with his head in his knees, shaking and too scared to help Harry.)

    “How would this scene have played out differently?”
    Well, the absence of a corpse actually “betters” the whole situation, but both Harry and Cedric just escaped from Voldemort and a bunch of Deatheaters.
    Whatever happened in the graveyard, it surely wasn’t pleasant. They would have shown signs of shock, and someone (Dumbledore/teachers/..) would have noticed that something was wrong with them.
    Dumbledore’s office, explanation of everything that happened, confrontation with Fudge, hospital wing.
    (For the moment, at least, we don’t get to know that Moody is Crouch. Later I’ll explain why)

    Anyway, we shouldn’t take for granted that Cedric would have been that willing to confess everything: Cedric’s father works in the Ministry.
    In the mind of a 17 year-old boy who faced that kind of traumatic experience, keeping on insisting about what happened in the graveyard, or being part of the DA, might be a threat not only for his parent’s position, but also to his family’s own safety.
    Most of the Deatheaters in the graveyard were people who worked/had contacts with the Ministry.
    Being recognized probably means, for Cedric, putting his family in great danger.
    Now, we all know that Cedric is “loyal”, but in this kind of situation, who would he have been loyal to?

    Second, I don’t think Cedric would have become popular in the same way as Harry.
    Cedric is popular like a homecoming king could be: he’s handsome, skilled in Quidditch and seems to get along well with most of his school mates, even from other Houses.
    He “earned” his popularity, while Harry is famous mostly because he’s The Boy Who Lived and because of all the gossips that each year spread all around him (wow, he saved the Sorcerer’s Stone! Wow, he might be the heir of Slytherin! Wow, Sirius Black is his godfather! Wow, the fourth Triwizard Champion!).
    If one day he’s seen as a good and quiet boy, the other one most of the school is ready to suspect him as a “murderer” or a cheater.
    Harry simply doesn’t have that kind of “authority” that Cedric had, something that would have helped both of them if Cedric had decided to support Harry: just take someone as Zacharias Smith: I think his skepticism, in front of Cedric wouldn’t have been that strong.

    Talking about the Ministry…mmh.
    They shut Harry’s mouth by saying that he was mental, they would have done something similar to Cedric, maybe by saying that he was only thirsty for attentions he didn’t receive during the Tournament?

    Well…what about Moody?
    It depends on how long Harry and Cedric would have stayed in the graveyard.
    Hypotehis 1: Cedric and Harry see that Pettigrew is trying to kill Cedric. Cedric grabs Harry’s arm and Disapparate somewhere near Hogwarts. Voldemort doesn’t have the time to say that one of his Deatheaters is in Hogwarts. Moody/Crouch is safe.
    Hypothesis 2: Cedric is actually hit by a curse, but only passes out, giving Voldemort the time to rise again and to say that one of his supporters is in the castle. Later, Cedric comes to and manages escaping with Harry. They now know that someone in Hogwarts is a Deatheater in desguise and tell Dumbledore everything, but the absence of the commotion that followed Cedric’s death (which gave Moody/Crouch the chance to take Harry without being noticed and which made Dumbledore realize that something was wrong with him) makes everything slower and more difficult. It might take days/weeks to understand who the Bad Guy is, and maybe during that period of time Moody would have found the chance to escape.

  • Leah McCurdy

    Yes, that scene would have been different! The chaos when Harry came back was very much about Cedric’s dead body and Harry’s obvious distress about that and the ordeal he just went through. IceBender07 on the comments of the main page mentioned that they thought the cup was always a portkey meant to take the winner back to the start of the maze and the audience (and that Little Crouch
    only had to bewitch it for a first journey to the graveyard). INDEED! This is an awesome thought! And so if Harry and Cedric (alive) are portkeyed back to this point after the graveyard business, it would look as if they had just both touched the cup at the same time in the maze (as they actually did). Harry
    would be more bruised and battered obviously but to the onlookers, it would only be remarkable because they are both there. I think this would have inspired a lot less chaos than seeing Cedric’s dead body.

    In terms of Cedric’s fame had he lived, I think there would still be a distinction for Harry because he is the one Voldemort “marked as his equal.” But Cedric would certainly be a hero I think. For one, he would share the glory of “winning” the Triwizard Tournament. … And unfortunately for Fred and George, would have shared in the prize winnings. Perhaps with only half the winners’ sum to the joke shop venture, they would not have been able to get it off the ground as they did? Is Fred and George’s success in Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes due to Cedric’s death and his murderer – Pettigrew? Crazy to think about it that way!

    In terms of catching Little Crouch, the main reason that Little Crouch is able to sneak off with Harry is because Dumbledore is busy dealing with Cedric and his parents. If Harry and Cedric had arrived together (alive), I don’t think there would be as much chance for Harry to be separated from Dumbledore,
    at least in that way. Perhaps, Little Crouch’s revelations and “info dumping” would have come at a later point? Or since he had not been taking the polyjuice as religiously like Dumbledore says, perhaps he would have transformed in front of the whole group. Everyone would have seen a man who is supposed to be dead and a known death eater impersonating an auror and having been so close to Harry all year… I think this might have smoothed the way for people believing that Voldemort was back. In the next chapter, we see that Fudge lets the dementors “kiss” Little Crouch without hearing his story so his connection to
    Voldemort and the plan is only preserved in Dumbledore, Snape, and Harry from the veriaserum info dump. But if he transforms in front of other witnesses, it would have been much more difficult for Fudge to deny Voldemort’s rebirth and what Harry went through.

  • madame_lestrange

    Assuming that everything else went according to Voldy’s plan in terms of the rebirth, I think that Cedric coming back with Harry would have the main effect of corroborating Harry’s story. In this way, it wouldn’t just be the ramblings of crazy-Harry that claims that Voldemort is back but Cedric would be able to say that he saw it, too. I don’t think that it would change Fudge’s view (because he would always be in denial) but I do think that the rest of the Wizarding World would be on board faster and not view Harry and Dumbledore as such lunatics.

  • ArchdukeSeverus

    If Cedric had survived I think that the main difference would be that a lot more people at Hogwarts would believe Harry about Voldemort rising as Cedric would be talking about it as well. The ministries stance on the matter I feel would not have changed because they would still want to deny the rise of Voldemort. Because of this it is likely that Cedric may get the same bullying by the media as Harry did, but not as significant bullying as Harry was resulted too as Cedric isn’t as famous as Harry. He wouldn’t become as famous as Harry because if Cedric had survived it would probably be because he did nothing. If he had tried to help harry fight Voldemort then he would have died. Also there is no way that Harry would have taken the cup without Cedric unless Cedric was far behind. In this case Harry would probably go through the same experiences in OOTP except he wouldn’t keep reliving Cedric’s death or be able to see the Thestrals. Because of this it is unlikely that Harry would have been able to make it to the ministry and Sirius wouldn’t have died and Voldemort wouldn’t have been revealed yet and so on (I think someone said something like this on one of the earlier episodes of the podcast).

  • Mysterium Scriptor

    If Cedric had survived, it would have given credibility to Harry’s story and maybe Fudge would have believed sooner that that Dark Lord had returned. Fudge or anyone has no reason to believe that Cedric would lie for Dumbledore or Harry. He would be famous for winning the tournament and I think Harry would have found another strong supporter in Dumbledore’s army and in the second war.
    However, Harry might not give away his winnings to the Weasley twins – as the main reason he gave it away was that they were associated with Cedric’s death. This might have meant the Joke shop would not have started until much later (as I do think the twins would have found some other way to make it work) or they would have to start with only half of Harry’s winnings (if he gave those to them anyway).
    Regarding, whether this would have led to Crouch Jr being caught – unless Crouch-Moody tried to to take Harry away the same way in this alternative timeline, he would figure out that the plan failed and tried to escape quietly. In the relief that would follow the safe return of both Hogwarts champion this would be quite easy. They would have find the real moody in the trunk eventually and find out that it was Barty Crouch who had been inpersonating him – and the info dump we got at the end of the chapter would have come in bits and pieces through the next book or HBP.
    I think the significant difference in this alternate timeline would be at the end of book 5 – a lot of Harry’s actions in the of OotP were due to the trauma of Cedric’s death – him rushing to Sirius’s rescue without thinking it through calmly being one of it. I think Harry would have still gone to his rescue and been anxious – but the panic he had about losing another person so soon after Cedric would not be there and it might have meant Sirius might not have died.

  • JesKalina

    Although I adore the character that Cedric represents(honest, honor, intelligent, humble, kind etc.). I think that this was a crucial moment in the story. First off his death surprised everyone, putting the audience in shock. Although some say that his death wasn’t nessassary it was in a way a flashback to when Voldemort was in power helping establish the fact that once again the wizarding world was going into a dark time. Even with Cedric alive, people may not believe the both of them. Maybe because they believe one bewitched the other. Although that sounds like a harsh accusation the minister Fudge may think of some crazy scenario simialar to it. I believe that he may or may not have become famous depending on the public’s reaction. Cedric has the pedigree and looks to make him favored but what he’s missing is a tradegy which the public always loves to hear. Moody/Barty Crouch Jr. probably would have been caught because he was out of polyjuice potion, unless of course he hid himself. With Cedric alive a lot could have changed throughout the book. Cho might have gone for Cedric and Harry might have found love with another girl, or Ginny earlier. The prize winnings may have been split between Harry and Cedric so the twins may not have had a chance to set up their jokeshop. You must see the big picture here to understand that this moment is crucial and nessasary.

  • Olivia Underwood

    Cedric’s death was a real landmark so it’s hard to tell what other purpose (sorry to be brash) he would have been given by Rowling if she decided to let him live. If he had survived, I’m certain he would have been used as a symbol of casualty later, as that was what he was conceived to be. Perhaps he would have been under the imperius curse, put there somehow by one of the deatheaters while Harry was distracted by Voldemort during the graveyard scene, and used as a mole in OotP. Either way, I think Cedric would have had to die at some point, probably during the Battle at the Ministry. The image of the innocent, noble soldiers of WW1 were the inspiration for this character, so the only way really to justify that would be to have him killed in battle. Either way he’s the symbol of the death of innocence.

  • HallowsMaster97

    I believe Cedric’s death had a huge impact on Harry’s attitude later on. This death truly reinforced the brutality of the last war;it reminded us of how cruel Voldemort really was. Cedric was not important to Voldemort, so he was murdered.
    I think Cedric’s death was a big reason as to why Harry agreed to start DA in the next book, Cedric’s death was a reminder that the second battle against Voldemort needed to be won.
    So if Cedric hadn’t died, Harry wouldn’t be the character we see in the next book, he certainly wouldn’t be as strong or rebellious.

  • Bill White

    I read the last two chapters of GOF and based on the way cedric’s parents react to harrry’s “interview” I would think that if cedric had lived A) the prize money would have been split between them and the twins probably wouldn’t have been able to start the joke shop in OOTP B) Krum with the presumption that he is cleared with BCJR’s testimony may or may not be questioned as to Karkaroff’s curriculum. C) We don’t know if Amos joined the OOTP but seeing the kind of man he is in GOF I would guess that he would join if Cedric Lived because he would feel it a way to one up “The Boy Who Lived”