Episode 229: HBP 11 Revisit – Hermione Does Not Approve

It’s the day of the Quidditch tryouts, but despite all of the excitement in the air, even breakfast isn’t fun anymore as Voldemort quietly returns to power. Don’t worry, though! Hermione’s got everything covered. Join hosts Alison, Beth, Michael and guest host Rita, as they get some much needed assistance from “Hermione’s Helping Hand,” chapter 11 of Half-Blood Prince.

Episode 136: HBP 18 – Woman Up!

Love. Disgust. Deliberation. Cross-dressing. Those are just a few of the topics that are discussed on this week’s analysis of Chapter 18 of Half-Blood Prince, “Birthday Surprises.” Join Kat, Eric, Michael, along with Aussie fan host Em as they discuss the ever present Snape, and exactly how hard it truly is to learn to disappear at will.