Episode 217: Lupin is James, and Other Such Fun Oldskool Theories

Break out the Time Turners, because Alohomora’s going back! Back to the days where canon was open and anything was possible! Where detailed fan theories remained as-yet unproven and not disproved. How do these old school theories hold up today, how did they inspire us Then, and where did it all net out? This episode is a special look back at the boundless ingenuity of inspired minds of Harry Potter fans.

ep 190

Episode 190: DH2 Movie Watch: Wizarding War Movie

For our very last movie watch of the global re-read, we decided to pull out all the stops! Hosts Michael, Kat, Rosie, Alison, Kristen, and Eric take listener calls as they discuss Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part Two! Special guest John Richardson, Special Effects Supervisor for the ENTIRE Harry Potter series, joins us halfway through and takes your calls LIVE on the air.

ep 187

Episode 187: DH, 36 – Anything For The Snog

Seven book, four years, many feelings, and we’re finally here: the last numbered chapter. Harry’s final confrontation with Voldemort. The close of this hero’s journey. Join hosts Rosie, Kat, and Alison, along with this week’s guest host, MuggleNet’s own Claire, as they fight their way (much like Hermione, Luna, Ginny, and Molly!) through the end of the battle and chapter 36, “The Flaw in the Plan.”